Primal Immune Defense Review – Is This Supplement Right For You?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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primal immune defense review

You’ve made it to my Primal Immune Defense review. Here, I’ll take a look at this Primal Harvest supplement and see how it may work for immunity, energy, and more.

There are many things you can do to support your immune system. And this includes getting in the right nutrients while also reducing stress and sleeping enough.

But sometimes, it can be beneficial to take an immune supplement during periods of sickness or as a preventive measure.

And in this Primal Immune Defense review, I’ll go over everything you need to know to see if this immune supplement is worth buying. So, keep reading if you want to know about the Primal Immune Defense ingredients, highlights, possible benefits, pricing, safety, and more.

About Primal Immune Defense

Primal Immune Defense is an immune support and general wellness supplement from a company called Primal Harvest.

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The Primal Harvest brand is centered around natural, simple wellness formulas for optimal health. They have produced numerous supplements for various needs, many of which we have reviewed.

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Their Primal Immune Defense supplement is advertised as an all-in-one immune support formula. It includes zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3, as well as some unique ingredients including probiotics, prebiotics, and reishi mushroom.

This doctor-formulated product is said to provide maximum benefits for a healthy immune system, general wellness, and stress management. 

Primal Immune Defense Benefits

The main claimed benefits of Primal Harvest Immune Defense are:

  • Immune Support
  • Improved Gut Health
  • Stress Support
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Immune Support

Colds, flu, and other illnesses can sideline you from what you want to do. That’s why it’s critical to keep your immune system running at full capacity, so you can keep away those annoying illnesses (which sometimes can even turn scary). 

Primal Immune Defense claims to provide all-in-one immune support with many key nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D3, and zinc. 

They also have probiotic ingredients to support the gut-immune connection and adaptogens to promote general wellness. Altogether, these are meant to get you feeling full of energy and health, every day.

Improved Gut Health

The gut is critical for immune health since around 70% of the immune cells are actually in the gut! But many people disrupt this critical gut-immune connection by eating processed foods, stressing out, and not getting enough fiber.

But Primal Immune Defense is marketed to improve gut health and optimize your gut-immune connection. This formula has prebiotics and probiotics (good bacteria) for enhanced gut health and total body wellness.

Stress Support

Stress from jobs, family, the media, and other sources can ultimately cause a decrease in immune functioning. And while you can reduce stress through lifestyle choices, sometimes you need more help.

This is where Primal Immune Defense may come in handy as it claims to support the body’s stress responses with key adaptogens, such as reishi and lion’s mane. 

They say this will lower your stress levels to not only keep you from feeling frazzled but also to help prevent impaired immune system function.

Is Primal Immune Defense Legit?

These are some important benefits. And Primal Immune Defense sounds legit. But is it actually an effective immune and wellness product?

You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Primal Immune Defense Ingredients

Primal Immune Defense is formulated with a mixture of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and medicinal mushrooms.

Listed below are all of the active Primal Immune Defense ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Reishi Mushroom 
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Black Pepper Extract
Primal Immune Defense Supplement Facts

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for immune system function. And I’m sure you’ve heard about this one by now!

It is involved in the production of many immune defense substances, and also has anti-inflammatory roles. But it’s unclear if really high doses actually reduce the risk of colds if you’re already getting enough.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the most bioactive form of vitamin D, which is an important nutrient for immunity. There is some evidence that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of colds and upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), especially in people who are deficient. 

Vitamin K2

One unique vitamin not in most immune formulas is vitamin K2. This is included likely because it works in tandem with vitamin D3 and may increase the usability of vitamin D.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a B-complex vitamin involved in energy metabolism, brain function, and many other things. It’s unlikely to have any major effect on immunity, however, unless you’re deficient.


Zinc is right up there with vitamin C in terms of popularity for immune support. This trace mineral is necessary for activating various immune cells and for supporting a healthy immune response. It also has anti-inflammatory effects. 

And there are studies showing possible benefits for reducing the duration of colds and URTIs. 

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. 

This mushroom has a number of bioactive components that seem to stimulate the immune system. And it may also protect the body from stress and inflammation, while also reducing anxiety and depression.

All of these effects are likely why it’s in dozens of wellness supplements today, such as Chill the F* Out and MUD WTR

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane is also a medicinal mushroom. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Plus, it seems to have particular benefits for brain health and cognitive function, helping to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and brain fog.

You’ll find it in many brain-boosting supplements, such as Staq Performer.


Galacto-oligosaccharides are a group of prebiotic fibers. They resist digestion and end up in the colon, where they eventually help increase the number of good bacteria. Galacto-oligosaccharides seem beneficial for gut health, immunity, and digestion. 

Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus

Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus are two of the most well-researched probiotic strains out there. 

These probiotic strains are able to improve the gut microbiome, which typically leads to improved digestion and reduced bloating or other gut symptoms. Plus, both of these probiotics have been shown to improve immune function, decrease, inflammation, and reduce the risk of infections and allergies.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper extract contains a compound called piperine, which increases the absorption of other ingredients. This may increase the effectiveness of the other ingredients in Primal Immune Defense.

Does Primal Immune Defense Work?

It seems likely that Primal Immune Defense will work as an immune and wellness supplement. 

Results may vary between individuals. But Primal Immune Defense contains a great mix of vitamins, minerals, mushrooms, probiotics, and prebiotics that support immune health and overall wellness. 

I also like the use of a fully transparent label, which allows me to see the doses for each ingredient. And they do have pretty high doses for some key ingredients, including all of the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Claims vs. Reality

Primal Immune Defense may very well work for boosting immune function, energy, and health. But keep in mind that it may not work very well for reducing symptoms or shortening the duration of an illness. Rather, it seems better for illness prevention and general immune support. 

This product may also improve your gut health, but this will likely take a few weeks before you really start to notice the full effects.

Lastly, you may get a reduction in stress and a boost in energy as they claim, but this will probably be more subtle rather than hugely noticeable (but still potentially worth it!).

You’ll also want to take this product consistently for maximum benefits. It’s not something you want to take solely when you’re sick, as that’s not what it’s designed for.

Who is Primal Immune Defense Best For?

Primal Immune Defense is best for people who want a product to support their immune system, energy, gut health, and overall wellness. It is possibly a good fit for people who want to take something consistently to reduce the risk of illnesses and infections and simply feel better on a day-to-day basis.

How to Take Primal Immune Defense

Primal Immune Defense comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage is two capsules daily. You should take it preferably with breakfast or lunch. And Primal Harvest suggests taking it at the same time each day to be more consistent.

Is Primal Immune Defense Safe?

All of the ingredients in Primal Immune Defense are generally safe and well-tolerated when consumed in the recommended dosages. But there are certainly possible side effects, such as:

  • Bloating, gas, nausea, and other digestive symptoms
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Itching
  • Rash

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplement. 

In relation to product quality, Primal Immune Defense is made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility. It also goes through third-party testing. 

And this product is gluten-free, soy-free, and gelatin-free, but it is made in a facility that process peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy. 

Where to Buy Primal Immune Defense

You can buy Primal Immune Defense on the official Primal Harvest website.

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There are 30 servings per bottle of Primal Immune Defense (60 capsules). It is available for purchase in sizes of 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles with savings for purchasing in bulk.

Primal Immune Defense Pricing

Primal Harvest Immune Defense is priced on the lower side and definitely within a reasonable range for an immune support product. This is especially true given the nice dosages used.

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Primal Immune Defense

  • Formula includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and medicinal mushrooms
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested
  • Benefits immune health, gut health, and stress

Verdict: Primal Immune Defense Review

That concludes this Primal Immune Defense review. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one immune support and wellness supplement, Primal Immune Defense is worth looking at. 

This product has high doses of key vitamins and minerals for immune support. And it also has additional well-researched ingredients, such as probiotics and adaptogens. These may provide benefits for not only immunity too but also gut health, energy, and stress reduction. 

Not to mention Primal Immune Defense is really fairly priced and likely suitable for most budgets. And that’s why I regard it as one of the better immune support supplements out there.

Overall Rating:
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