MUD\WTR Review – Can This Replace Your Coffee?

How do you take your coffee? Brewed, espresso-based, cold? At the drive-through, a café, restaurant, or at home? Regardless, if you drink coffee, you’re in the majority. And, more people are joining the coffee ranks every day, according to the National Coffee Association’s Coffee Drinking Trends Report.

That said, we’ll concur with Shane Heath, founder of MUD\WTR that we’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m working on getting more coffee into my life.”

We have heard people complain about the jitters that come from coffee consumption. The coffee ritual can be habit-forming, and, for some people, it can make getting a good night’s sleep almost impossible. 

Although Shane Heath liked the smell of coffee, the taste, and the ritual, he decided it was time to eliminate the negative aspects of his morning brew. He opted to replace coffee with something that delivered the following:

– Induced alertness, not dependency

– Improved mental capacity and function

– Improved physical stamina and performance

– Improved immunity and overall health

And, it had to taste good enough to drink every day.

In this review, we’ll discuss his solution, MUD\WTR. We’ll explain the key ingredients in his brew, how much to drink, the benefits it delivers, how much it costs per serving, and where to buy it. We’ll cite consumer reviews for their take on the product, check for any potential side effects, and finally provide our perspective on its efficacy and value. 


So, What is MUD\WTR

MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients known by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, MUD\WTR gives you natural energy, enhanced focus, and more without the jitters and crash.

MUD\WTR’s Key Ingredient 

In place of coffee and its potential for dependency, the makers of MUD\WTR created a blend of tasty, healthy ingredients, designed to address the following list of benefits:

  • Organic Cacao – the seeds which make chocolate, cocoa, and cocoanut butter are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties, for supporting blood sugar levels and blood pressure 
  • Organic Masala Chai Tea Blend – comprised of black tea, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper – chai tea is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Organic Turmeric – turmeric has gained tremendous popularity of late and is used to address a plethora of issues, such as inflammation, joint health, weight control, and blood pressure
  • Sea Salt – a healthier alternative to regular salt
  • Organic Cinnamon – for digestive health and balancing blood sugar 
  • Organic Chaga Mushrooms – in addition to providing an energy boost these mushrooms are an antioxidant and support the immune system
  • Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms – for energy production and endurance
  • Organic Reishi Mushrooms – known for their anti-inflammatory properties, used frequently in cognition products, and for stress relief
  • Organic Lions Mane Mushrooms – for memory, focus, mood, clarity, and creativity

The objective, a great tasting alternative, with health benefits for mind, body, and soul, providing energy and alertness sans the jitters. 

MUDWTR Ingredients

MUD\WTR Dosage

On their website, MUD\WTR recommends a single tablespoon added to hot water, served to your taste with creamer, honey, or bulletproof. Each tablespoon contains about 17mg of caffeine, about 1/7th that of coffee. 

MUDWTR Nutrition

Benefits of MUD\WTR

The product, designed as a replacement for coffee, provides energy, enhanced cognition, memory, focus, and stamina without the jitters or interrupting sleep cycles. There is no crash after consumption. 

Additional benefits promised by the company:

  • Alertness, without the dependency
  • Improved mental capacity and function
  • Improved physical stamina and performance
  • Improved immunity and overall health

Who Needs MUD\WTR

MUD\WTR will appeal to anyone who enjoys the “pick me up” from coffee but doesn’t want the potential of becoming dependent on or addicted to caffeine. Some people who experience jitters, a post-beverage crash, or difficulty sleeping may wish to try MUD\WTR as an alternative.

Does MUD\WTR Perform – the Claims versus the Reality

MUD\WTR has some 500 reviews on their site, with a 5 Star rating. Most reviewers appreciated the taste, the improved energy, better focus, and no jitters. The lack of jitters was the single most often cited benefit of the product. 

On independent sites, there were several reviewers that either were disenchanted with the flavor or felt little to no energy or improved mental focus. 

Potential Side Effects of MUD\WTR

With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, there should be limited if any side effects. One reviewer noted that exceeding two cups in one day made him feel anxious and agitated. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon, so perhaps double dosing is best left until one builds up a tolerance. 

Best Places to Buy MUD\WTR

At this point in time, the only way to purchase your MUD\WTR is from their website. Pricing below.

MUD\WTR Pricing

On the MUD website, they feature a Trial Kit, 30 Servings of MUD\WTR and a “free frother” for $40.00. 

Most people online quoted the standard price of $30.00 per 15 servings making the per cup cost $2.00 versus a standard cup of Joe at about $.10. Several product reviews suggested they might try to reverse engineer the product to bring the cost down.

In Summary

How can we not recommend a product developed to replace a habit-forming ritual with a healthier alternative? We endorse the ingredients Shane Heath blended for his MUD\WTR. The organic mushroom blend features ingredients used in many popular cognition products today. And, who can find fault with an Organic Cinnamon, or Turmeric? The Chai Tea blend is known for its energy and focus, without the jitters. 

We’ll pardon the marketing and endorse this product for anyone looking to cut down on the caffeine in their daily regimen. 

  • Efficacy
  • Value


Looking for something that will give you that coffee energy boost but might actually be good for your health? You may have come across MUDWTR. This coffee alternative has many talking, but is it legit or a scam? Read our review to learn the truth about MUDWTR.

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