Night Shred Review – Can It Benefit Better Sleep And Fat Burning?

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Night Shred Review – Can It Benefit Better Sleep And Fat Burning?

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Innosupps is a company that believes nutrition should be clean, safe, accessible for all, innovative, and even delicious. They produce natural supplements using quality ingredients sourced from only the most reputable suppliers and are free of artificial sweeteners and other crap. 

This includes their Night Shred supplement that they claim will not only help you get a good night’s sleep, but also help your body burn fat all at the same time.

Does that sound too good to be true? That’s what we’re here to find out! We’ll take a closer look at this fat burner, its ingredients, its benefits, and more to determine whether or not it’s really worth the price. So, without anything further, let’s jump into this Night Shred review!

About Night Shred

Night Shred is made and produced by supplement company, Inno Supps. The same producers as Inno Cleanse, Inno Shred, and a variety of other well-known products, Inno Supps aims to provide a wide variety of options designed to promote whole-body health.

So, want to know what’s even better than getting a DEEP night’s sleep? Lighting up your fat stores while you’re at it, that’s what! At least, that’s what Innosupps tells us Night Shred will do with its combination of adaptogens, plant compounds, amino acids, and hormones all meant to get you snoozin’ and loozin’ all night long.

Sure, you could always use a fat burner like Hunter Burn to try and shed pounds and then toss in a sleep supplement such as Dream EZ to help get a goodnight’s rest, but why not combine the best of both into one? Night Shred aims to do just that; it helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as your metabolism burns the midnight oil, figuratively and literally. 

Night Shred by Innosupps

Night Shred Benefits

Helps You get a Quality Night’s Sleep

There’s a reason driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk, which is that without enough sleep, your facilities can’t recover enough to function well. This goes for our mental and physical health, both of which need enough sleep for full repair and resetting. 

Night Shred helps burn fats while sleeping

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And no, passing on sleep in the interest of getting more work done isn’t the way to go. In fact, just as hitting the next rest stop when you’re feeling too tired to drive is a great way to avoid causing an accident, stopping work on a project and hitting the hay rather than continuing into the wee hours is a great way to get the project done faster—and likely with fewer mistakes. 

But falling asleep isn’t always easy in our modern world, and stress hormones can also make staying asleep seem like a pipe dream. 

This is where the adaptogens, melatonin, and relaxing plant compounds of Night Shred come in. Melatonin signals that it’s time to nod, adaptogens command stress hormones to chill the hell out so you can stay asleep, and the relaxing plant compounds relax your muscles as if to add icing to the cake. 

Reduces Morning Hunger

You know how you’ve been told all your life that eating before bed makes you fat? It’s a bunch of B.S., since your metabolism continues to work whether you’re asleep or not. Remember that while you’re all comfy and snoozing away, your internal repair teams are all hard at work rebuilding things and getting you set to perform in the morning. This requires both energy and building materials, which your metabolism is needed to create. 

Eating too much at any time, on the other hand? That packs on the pounds, especially when it’s the simple carbs stress hormones cause you to crave. 

But the ashwagandha in Night Shred helps reduce sugar-loving stress hormones in favor of fat-burning androgens. Since fat takes longer for your body to utilize, you feel fuller longer while you burn it, which comes in handy when you wake without cravings that send you to the sugar bowl. 

Reduces Cravings

When your body runs on fat, it doesn’t crave sugar. That’s because reducing your stress response with adaptogens keeps sugar-loving hormones like cortisol in control so that it doesn’t control you or your desire for crappy processed foods. 

Ready to walk right past the office snack table time and time again without a flinch of temptation? It can happen with Night Shred. 

Night Shred Ingredients

Night Shred’s formula includes Magnesium, a Nighttime Recovery Complex, Ashwagandha Root, a PM Fat Burning Complex, a Mood Enhancement Complex, and Melatonin. below, we will take a closer look at each of these ingredients and the benefits they provide.

Night Shred by Innosupps-Supplement Facts

Magnesium 200 mg

Magnesium is referred to as “nature’s muscle relaxer” for a reason, which is that it’s responsible for helping your muscles release their contractions by blocking calcium, which causes them to contract. It also helps us stay asleep throughout the night without sudden waking episodes. 

But too often, we are depleted of this essential mineral through consumption of diuretics, poor diet, and even from hitting the gym for a good old sweat session. This leaves us too tense to fall asleep in the first place, and then gives us a poor night’s sleep with all the tossing, turning, and waking. 

But with about half your daily needs of magnesium in every dose, you’re on your way to more relaxed muscles and better sleep. Just remember that if you’ve been low on it for a while, it can have a laxative effect that quickly passes. Even so, before it quickly passes, you may be quickly passing, so be warned not to quickly pass the crapper for a day-or-so… 

Nighttime Recovery Complex (GABA, chamomile, passionflower, valerian root) 510 mg

When your entire being is fully relaxed in a deep sleep, you recover better. With relaxing compounds such as GABA to go with passionflower, chamomile, and valerian root, you’ll have little trouble falling asleep and staying that way while your body’s recovery systems go to work.

And when your body’s recovery systems can work undisturbed without you waking, they get LOT’S done!

Ashwagandha Root 200 mg

If you were to take one supplement to promote fat burning, energy generation, and better sleep through reduced cortisol buildup, make it ashwagandha. That’s because this adaptogen can do all that by monitoring and optimizing your adrenal output so that you enjoy more of the hormones that bring you peace, tranquility, and fat burn. 

Ashwagandha—it does a body good!

PM Fat Burning Complex (Grains of paradise, CLA, L-carnitine) 76 mg

Along with ashwagandha optimizing your adrenal hormones are grains of paradise, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and L-carnitine to help add more fat to the fire. 

For instance, grains of paradise extract and reduce white adipose tissue at the cellular level, and in doing so, not only converts more to healthier brown adipose fats but reduce your body’s room to store fats. 

Then there’s CLA, which despite being a fatty acid found animal products—and technically, a trans-fat at that—may nonetheless produce enzymes and proteins that break fats down. 

And finally, there’s L-carnitine, which is an amino acid commonly found in weight loss formulas, and for good reason. That’s because it plays an important role in transporting fatty acids to cells to be used as energy.

And what better use for fat is there than as energy? It is, after all, what it’s meant for. 

Mood Enhancement Complex (5-HTP, L-tryptophan) 35.5 mg

Ah yes, looking good is better than feeling good—or is it? We think not, since even though losing weight can improve your outlook, it still doesn’t bring on the feelings of optimism that feel-good hormones supply. 

These include serotonin, which the amino acids 5-HTP and L-tryptophan both help your body produce more of. This leaves you feeling that sense of joy, like listening to your favorite music on the first warm spring day of the year. Make it Bob Marley music, just to help you bounce more happily along. 

Melatonin 3 mg

Of course, no amount of muscle relaxers, fat burners, or feel-good hormones are going to help you if you can’t fall asleep in the first place, which is where melatonin comes in. It’s a brain chemical produced in response to your circadian rhythms that signals that it’s time to sleep.

You know how suddenly in the evening you (ideally) start feeling sleepy and yawning? That’s the flood of melatonin hitting your nervous system in response to the sun going down. 

But the problems our modern world creates are artificial light, screens to look at, and stress to flood our system with hormones that tell melatonin to stand down—they’re in charge! That’s why Innosupps adds just enough melatonin to override these modern problems and get you to sleep quickly. Yes, there is some controversy over whether or not it’s a good idea to use a hormone regularly since it may cause your body to produce less of its own, though nothing has been proven so far. 

Does Night Shred Work?

Feeling stressed out, sleep-deprived, and chunky? Night Shred may be able to help, though as with most supplements, you need to do your part since there’s no such thing as magic pills. This means no staying up late eating poorly, only to rely on this formula to counter your poor sleep and dietary habits. 

So along with this product, you need proper sleep hygiene, a regular sleep schedule, and a quiet, dark, dust-free sleep environment. This needs to go along with a healthy whole foods diet, plenty of hydration, exercise, and your favorite form of stress relief. 

Once you’ve done all this, adding Night Shred can help you do the rest and do it well. 

Night Shred - PM Sleep Aid

Unfortunately, while the company does offer returns within 30-days of purchase, they will only refund a full 100%, and you pay shipping on unopened products, or 50% refund, and you pay shipping on opened products. 

In other words, a pretty crappy return policy…

Who is Night Shred Best For?

Anyone, and especially those under chronic stress, who’s having trouble sleeping or staying slim may benefit from this product. It contains all-natural ingredients, many of which you either get from your diet, or your body already manufactures, so there’s very little risk of side effects. 

It’s also a good formula for travelers, shift workers, and anyone else dealing with an erratic sleep schedule. Use of this product can help them get the regular shut-eye they need to avoid the risks of sleep deprivation, which are many, and can lead all the way to deadly results. 

Claims vs. Reality

Innosupps likes staying in business, which means they seek your return business along with an influx of new customers, neither of which they can accomplish by pushing snake oil. 

That, and there’s science behind the ingredients, which is good, since the company’s return policy is not-so-good. 

Is Night Shred Safe?

While its ingredients are mostly safe and non-habit-forming, using a sleep aid chock-full of muscle relaxing agents before hopping behind the wheel of your auto is not. This goes for anything else you need to be awake and fully alert for, which includes showing up for work. 

No, nodding at your desk won’t earn you many raises, and if you’re a machine shop operator, it can earn you fewer fingers and hands, so wait until bedtime before you use this stuff. 

Where to Buy Night Shred

Though normally priced at a whopping $64.99 for about a month’s worth, Innosupps is feeling generous enough to knock 20% off for you on a one-time purchase; and another 20% off when you sign up for regular shipments. 

Innosupps Night Shred Website

Along with Innosupps’ website, you can purchase Night Shred through Amazon, Walmart, and possibly a few other places that sell all-natural supplements. 

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