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JYM Shred Review – Can It Solve Your Weight Loss Woes?

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Whether you want to believe it or not, fat is a necessary and essential part of your daily health. It provides the body with fatty acids, which it can’t produce on its own, and is needed for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K.

As important as fat is to a balanced diet, though, many people consume far too much of it on a daily basis. All this excess fat is then stored in the body, more specifically around internal organs (known as visceral fat) and under the skin (known as subcutaneous fat). Not only does this excess stored fat lead to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, but it eventually converts into body fat when not used by the cells or used as energy. The goal is to eat enough fat to satisfy your body’s daily needs, but not enough that you gain excess body fat.

In the event you do gain too much body fat, there are effective ways to naturally burn that fat off — including eating a healthier diet and leading a more active lifestyle. Of course, most people need an extra boost to help them reach their health and diet goals — which is completely okay!

That’s where fat burners can be extremely helpful, but you need to be careful with what fat-burning supplement you choose. There are a ton of options out there, but many are either ineffective at burning excess fat or, even worse, harmful to the body. 

If you were considering JYM Shred as your preferred fat burner, it’s in your best interest to continue reading. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about this supplement and whether or not it should be trusted in your daily routine. So, let’s dive into this JYM Shred review to see if it’s worth the cost!

JYM Shred Fat Burner

About JYM Shred

JYM Shred Fat Burner is a fat-burning supplement designed to help the body burn fat in several different ways. The formula only utilizes six ingredients, but they’re some of the most well-known and effective fat-burning ingredients in the supplement community today. 

The formula was created by none other than Dr. Jim Stoppani, a world-renowned personal trainer and author specializing in exercise science, sports nutrition, and supplementation. He created JYM Supplement Science to make his effective formulas available to everyone.

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Believe it or not, the formula used in JYM Shred is the same formula he personally used when prepping for photoshoots. He claims that it’s a fat-burning supplement that you not only feel working but also see working. In addition to burning fat, it also provides energy and stamina.

JYM Shred Three Pack

Before we dive into the ingredients, it’s important you understand a little more about the fat-burning process and how JYM Shred is supposed to help you with your goals. Don’t worry; we’re going to break it all down for you below!

How does the body naturally burn fat?

Fat cells primarily exist for one reason and one reason only — they store energy to be used when glucose isn’t available. The more calories you eat, the more your body is forced to create space for the extra energy being consumed. This extra energy is needed with an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most people today don’t lead an active lifestyle. At the same time, most people today eat a high-calorie diet. In order to make room for all these extra calories, the body not only creates more fat cells but also increases the size of existing fat cells to accommodate. 

Without an active lifestyle, the body is never forced to use this stored energy since glucose is readily available. As the fat cells grow larger and more frequent, they start to act in abnormal ways. They’ll not only store energy at a high rate but release that energy at a slow rate. 

With that said, the only way to naturally burn fat is to limit the number of calories you eat daily and combine that with an active lifestyle. This will train your body to use fat for energy at a higher rate, as well as store energy at a much lower rate. Eventually, those enlarged fat cells will start to thin out.

Three ways JYM Shred helps you burn fat

As we mentioned above, JYM Shred is designed to help your body burn fat in multiple different ways — three to be exact. First, it helps the body release more fat from fat cells. Second, it helps the body move more fat to the mitochondria of the cell. Third, it helps increase metabolic rate.

The release of fat from fat cells is important because it helps thin out the enlarged fat cells throughout the body. The formula utilizes caffeine and synephrine to encourage the body to release the stored fat from the fat cell. That’s step one in the JYM Shred fat-burning process.

Step two is getting your body to use that released fat from the fat cell as energy. Just because it’s released from the cell doesn’t mean it’s used as fuel. It needs to enter the mitochondria of the body’s cells; that way, it can be converted into ATP — the body’s main energy molecule. The formula utilizes Acetyl-L-Carnitine to make this happen.

Step three is ensuring that you’re forcing the body to use energy, especially since the body won’t need ATP if it doesn’t need energy. While exercise is the best way to increase the body’s energy requirements, JYM Shred also increases the body’s resting metabolic rate for all-day benefits. 

JYM Shred For Fat Burning

Does caffeine help the fat-burning process?

Caffeine is one of the many ways you can encourage the body to burn fat more easily. This is because caffeine helps the body break down adipose tissue, which are the fat cells that hold fatty acids. This is a process called lipolysis, and it’s the first step needed, as explained above.

Once those fatty acids are released, the caffeine helps increase the body’s metabolism. Since metabolism is just another word for burning those fatty acids (as well as all the other calories you eat), caffeine can effectively help you burn fat through a process called thermogenesis. 

As effective as caffeine is, it also comes with some dangers — as many of us have heard. Too much of it can lead to a wide range of health concerns, which is why we need to limit our daily intake to no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. This is very important to remember as JYM Shred includes 200mg of caffeine per serving within its formula. If you are sensitive to caffeine, there are other fat burners out there that have less or even no caffeine in their formulas. Burn Lab Pro and Slimvance do not include any caffeine, and Skald contains only 110mg per serving.

Can you trust Dr. Jim Stoppani and JYM Shred?

You might be asking yourself who this Dr. Jim Stoppani guy is and why you should trust him with your fat-burning supplement. Well, Dr. Jim Stoppani has been in the sports, exercise, and nutrition industry for well over 20 years and has gained a wide amount of experience in that time.

It all started when he received his Ph.D. in exercise physiology and minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut. He then became a research fellow at John B. Pierce Laboratory and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University School of Medicine. 

From there, he joined the editorial staff at Weider Publications for the next 11 years before creating his own sports nutrition company called JYM Supplement Science — the same company that brings you JYM Shred and so many other nutritional supplements. 

Dr. Jim Stoppani has authored a wide range of books in his lifetime, as well as acting as a consultant for a wide range of celebrities, including LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mario Lopez. He’s one of the few in the industry that has truly done it all. 

JYM Shred Ingredients

Now that we understand the basics behind burning fat and why you should trust the brains behind JYM Shred Fat Burner, we can start to dig deeper into the actual formula. This is where we’ll get to see just how powerful and effective this supplement is at burning excess body fat. 

JYM Shred Supplement Facts

As we mentioned above, there are only six ingredients in the JYM Shred formula — Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract, and Advantra Z Synephrine. Let’s take a closer look at each one individually.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 1,500mg

Benefits: improves nerve health, improves mood, reduces cognitive decline and brain damage, reduces fatigue, boosts weight loss and physical performance, and helps the body burn fat

Source: amino acid found naturally in the body; it provides the acetyl group for producing acetylcholine and burning fats inside the mitochondria

Recommended Dosage: 1,500-3,000mg per day in 2-3 doses

Side Effects: upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and insomnia when taken in high doses

Green Tea Extract – 500mg

Benefits: rich source of antioxidants, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, promotes heart health, protects the brain, aids weight loss, increases thermogenesis and metabolism, benefits liver function, improves skin health, enhances performance, and improves recovery

Source: extracted from green tea, a type of tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis leaves and buds, originated in China and spread throughout East Asia

Recommended Dosage: 250-500mg per day

Side Effects: upset stomach, constipation, liver issues, kidney problems when taken in high doses

Caffeine – 200mg

Benefits: increases energy, improves brain function, helps burn fat through thermogenesis, improves physical performance, protects the liver, rich source of antioxidants, and improves mood

Source: central nervous system stimulant, in the methylxanthine class, considered a psychoactive drug, commonly found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants

Recommended Dosage: no more than 400mg of any type of caffeine per day

Side Effects: restlessness, shakiness, insomnia, headache, dizziness, dehydration, anxiety, depression, rapid heartbeat, addiction, and caffeine overdose when taken in high doses

L-Tyrosine – 500mg

Benefits: helps people with phenylketonuria, improves brain function, increases focus and alertness, improves exercise performance and endurance, enhances thyroid hormones, and reduces stress

Source: amino acid produced naturally in the body, converted from another amino acid called phenylalanine, commonly found in cheese, chicken, turkey, fish, and other dairy products, helps make dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and melanin

Recommended Dosage: 100mg/kg of body weight per day (around 7g daily for someone weighing 150 pounds)

Side Effects: nausea, heartburn, headache, joint pain, fatigue, and allergic reaction in some people when taken in high doses

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract – 50mg

Benefits: boosts metabolism and thermogenesis, reduces hunger cravings, lowers blood pressure, aids digestive health, helps relieve pain, improves psoriasis, and reduces risk of cancer

Source: a very popular type of chili pepper, known as the king of medicinal herbs, part of the nightshade family, originally found in Central and South America, Christopher Columbus introduced them to Europe, the extract utilizes the active ingredient capsaicin

Recommended Dosage: 30-150mg per day

Side Effects: burning sensation, elevated temperature, upset stomach, flushing, diarrhea, runny nose when taken in high doses

Advantra Z Synephrine – 20mg

Benefits: augments lipolysis, improves energy expenditure, enhances fat oxidation, controls appetite, improves weight loss and fat-burning, and works synergistically with caffeine

Source: an alkaloid that occurs naturally in some plants and animals, similar to ephedrine, referred to as ‘bitter orange,’ naturally present in citrus plants from the Rutaceae family

Recommended Dosage: 10-50mg per day

Side Effects: fainting, heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure when taken in high doses

JYM Shred Dosage, Packaging, and Pricing

There’s nothing special about the packaging of JYM Shred. In fact, it looks a lot like your typical exercise and nutritional supplement with its all-black bottle, black and green label, and white and green lettering. On the front, it claims to increase calorie-burning, metabolic rate, and energy.

The good thing about the label is that the dosages of each ingredient are clearly listed without the use of proprietary blends. You know exactly what you’re getting in each serving, which most supplements today don’t offer. It ensures a fully-transparent label that increases satisfaction. 

JYM Shred Fat Burner Packaging

As far as the serving size, you’ll need to take a total of six capsules per day if you want the full amount. Since most supplements require just one or two capsules, this might turn a lot of people off of this supplement. Of course, that does mean you can easily play around with the serving size.

Each bottle will cost you $30, but you get a total of 240 vegetarian capsules in that bottle — enough for 40 servings. At one serving per day (the intended amount), the bottle will last you almost a month and a half. That comes out to just $0.75 per serving — not that bad at all.

JYM Shred Pros vs. Cons

Supplements are never a one-size-fits-all solution to your problems. They’re not all created equal, especially when it comes to fat-burning supplements on the market today. With so many available to consumers, it’s important you take everything into consideration before purchasing.

Don’t worry; we’re going to summarize everything we learned about JYM Shred in a simple yet effective pros vs. cons list. By the time you’re done looking at each item on the list, you’ll have a firm idea of whether or not JYM Shred is the right fat-burning supplement for your daily routine. 

JYM Shred For Fat Burning And Weight Loss


  • Helps the body release fatty acids from the fat cell
  • Helps the body move the fatty acids into the mitochondria
  • Helps increase the body’s metabolic rate
  • In addition to burning fat, it also increases energy and stamina
  • Dr. Jim Stoppani (Ph.D.) has a world of experience with exercise and sports nutrition
  • Fully-transparent label that eliminates the use of proprietary blends
  • Each bottle comes with 40 servings
  • Can be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal
  • Only uses six ingredients, all of which are backed by science
  • Available at JYM Supplement Science or at retail stores (GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe)


  • Need to take six capsules per day
  • Each serving contains 200mg of caffeine (half the daily limit)
  • Green tea extract provides added caffeine, increasing the total amount in JYM Shred
  • Will likely need to limit caffeine throughout the day (soda, coffee, tea)
  • Can cause upset stomach in some individuals

Claims vs. Reality

JYM Shred is one of the more basic fat-burning supplements on the market today. It doesn’t utilize all those unneeded, harmful, and unnecessary fillers or additives that most supplements use today, which is definitely a plus. With just six ingredients, there aren’t a lot of moving parts. 

It claims to help the body burn fat in three major ways — releasing fat from the fat cells to decrease the size of the cell, moving the fat into the mitochondria where it’s used for energy, and increasing the body’s metabolic rate. It’s the three main steps every fat burner should target. 

After breaking down the ingredients, it’s clear that JYM Shred satisfies all three processes for an all-around effective fat-burning experience. Caffeine and synephrine satisfy the first step, Acetyl-L-Carnitine satisfies the second step, and the rest of the ingredients satisfy the third step.

At the same time, JYM Shred isn’t perfect. One of the most concerning aspects of this formula is the caffeine content. If you’re someone that doesn’t consume a lot of caffeine each day, you’ll be completely fine with the 200+ milligrams of caffeine in each serving. 

If you’re someone that drinks coffee, soda, or tea daily, then you might want to be careful with the caffeine content. The daily recommended limit is 400mg, which means each serving of JYM Shred contains more than half of your limit. If you’re not willing to stop your caffeine habits, you should consider limiting the amount of capsules you take daily.

JYM Shred Alternatives

JYM Shred is far from the only fat-burning supplement available on the market today. With so many to choose from, you might be wondering whether there are any out there that are worth a purchase, especially if you felt JYM Shred isn’t the fat-burning supplement for you. 

To ensure you’re left with several high-quality options when shopping for a new fat-burning supplement, we’re going to detail three competitors and alternatives you should consider in addition to JYM Shred — including PhysiqueSeries, Hunter Burn, and Burn Lab Pro. 

Let’s take a closer look at all three!

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is brought to you by Transparent Labs, one of the most popular supplement brands in existence today. It’s a little bit more expensive than JYM Shred at $49 per 30 daily servings and only requires you to take four capsules per day — instead of six. 

The formula contains Forslean, Green Tea Extract, 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Caffeine Anhydrous, White Willow, Cayenne Pepper, and Synephrine HCl. The caffeine content is just over 240mg per day, which means you’ll need to be careful with your caffeine habits. 

The good news is they also offer a PhysiqueSeries Stim-Free formula that takes the caffeine out of the equation. The formula consists of Vitamin B12, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Forslean, 5-HTP, Rhodiola Rosea, Cayenne Pepper, and Fucoxanthin. It’s the same price and same serving. 

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn Premium Fat Burner

The next fat-burning supplement on our list of competitors and alternatives is Hunter Burn. It’s the same company that brings you Hunter Focus (nootropic) and Hunter Test (testosterone). It not only helps you burn fat but also curb hunger cravings and increase energy levels. 

As far as burning fat goes, it contains both Cayenne Pepper and Matcha Green Tea. To beat those hunger cravings, it contains Konjac Root and White Kidney Bean. To increase energy levels, the formula adds L-Theanine and Vitamin D to the equation. Not a bad formula at all.

Each bottle comes with 180 capsules, and each serving is six capsules per day — similar to JYM Shred. With that said, it’s far more expensive than its counterpart, costing you $75 per bottle. The good news is you receive a free bottle by purchasing three bottles at once ($225).

Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro is brought to you by Opti-Nutra Ltd., another one of the top supplement companies available today. They also bring you Mind Lab Pro (nootropic) and an entire Performance Lab collection of supplements. Their fat-burner is easily one of the most effective on the market. 

With Burn Lab Pro, they combine five of the most effective ingredients at burning fat — Forslean, Capsimax Cayenne Pepper, HMB, NutriGenesis Chromium,  and BioPerine. Together, they help you burn fat, improve your exercise performance, and increase your muscle daily. 

Each bottle comes with 90 capsules, and each serving requires you to take 3 capsules — much less than JYM Shred. You can purchase one bottle for $59 (a little more expensive than JYM Shred), but you do receive a fourth bottle free when purchasing a group of three bottles ($177).

Final Verdict: JYM Shred

There’s a lot to like about JYM Shred Fat Burner. It’s brought to you by a reputable company and includes the brains of the highly-respected Dr. Jim Stoppani. It’ll definitely help your body release fat from the fat cells, move it to the mitochondria, and increase the metabolic rate. 

At the same time, you’ll certainly need to watch the caffeine content to avoid any serious health concerns after taking it — especially when using it daily. If you’re a caffeine lover and aren’t willing to part away from it, then you might want to consider PhysiqueSeries Stim-Free. 

If you don’t consume a lot of caffeine daily and still feel like JYM Shred isn’t for you, don’t panic. There are plenty of other formulas out there that can help you reach your goals — including Burn Lab Pro and Hunter Burn. It’s all a matter of preference, which might take some trial and error.

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JYM Shred Review
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Price
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternatives
  • Value

Shred JYM Fat Burner Supplement Review

JYM Shred is a fat burner supplement manufactured and sold by JYM Supplement Science. It contains powerful ingredients such as Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, and L-Tyrosine that aim to promote weight loss while increasing energy and reducing fatigue. This fat burner also claims to help in improving brain function, promote overall heart and digestive health, and improve physical performance. Can this fat burner truly help you achieve a safe and effective weight loss journey? Read our in-depth review of JYM Shred to find out before you buy!

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