Sleep + Restore Review – Can This Proper Supplement Provide Sweet Dreams?

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Of all the things we do on a daily basis, there’s nothing more important than getting a good night’s rest. Without it, our bodies aren’t given the proper opportunity to rejuvenate, revitalize, and restore themselves. That’s why sleep is the perfect way to end your day and the best way to start your morning. 

As important as sleep is, many people either having a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up. This can result in your body not receiving enough sleep each night — or at least not receiving quality sleep, which is essential to living a healthy and happy life. 

The good news is there is a wide range of things you can do to set yourself up for success each night. For example, limiting your exposure to light before bed is vital to teaching your body when it’s time to go to bed. Exercising, eating a healthy diet, and settling into a more positive nightly routine can also improve your ability to sleep each night. But what if you need a little more?

That’s okay! There is a wide range of supplements out there designed specifically to calm your nerves, wind your body down, and help your body prepare itself for the best night’s sleep ever. In fact, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular ones today – Sleep + Restore! This sleep supplement is produced by Proper and claims to help you get the sleep of your dreams, does it measure up? Let’s find out in this ultimate Sleep + Restore review!

Sleep + Restore By Proper Supplement

What Is Sleep + Restore?

Sleep + Restore is a Melatonin supplement brought to you by Proper Labs, Inc. It’s one of the most popular Melatonin supplements on the market today, but it contains much more than just that one nutrient. In fact, it contains six ingredients — all of which are backed by science. 

The six ingredients are Ashwagandha, Valerian Root, GABA, Tart Cherry, Rafuma Leaf, and Melatonin. It’s very similar to their Core Sleep formula, except Core Sleep doesn’t contain Melatonin or Tart Cherry extract. Proper Labs, Inc. also sells a Sleep + Calm, Sleep + Clarity, and Sleep + Immunity formula. 

Sleep + Restore Capsules

Sleep + Restore is designed for those that either struggle to fall asleep at night, struggle to stay asleep, or simply don’t feel rested after sleeping. It can help you regain control of your sleep cycle, better maintain your circadian rhythm, and give your body the nutrients it needs for quality sleep. 

In addition to their supplements, Proper Labs, Inc. also offers one-on-one sleep consultations with an experienced sleep coach. They can help you figure out a custom sleep action plan to ensure you’re setting your body up for success both day and night. 

The Body’s Circadian Rhythm 

Your circadian rhythm is your body’s internal 24-hour clock that controls, maintains, and regulates most of the functions and processes inside the body. The most prominent circadian rhythm is known as our sleep-wake cycle, which controls when we fall asleep and wake up. 

A majority of the systems inside your body utilize your circadian rhythm in order to function properly. With the help of a variety of environmental and outside cues, your circadian rhythm is what ensures your body remains optimized at different times of the day.

For example, your body knows to start producing Melatonin — also known as the ‘sleepy chemical’ — when exposed to darkness. On the contrary, your body knows to stop producing Melatonin when exposed to light. This is why most of us start to feel sleepy at night. 

In addition to light, your circadian rhythm can be influenced by exercise, food, and even changes in temperature. The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which is located in the hypothalamus in the brain, is what sends signals to the rest of the body when it experiences changes in any of the above. 

What Is Melatonin And Why Is It Important? 

Melatonin is the hormone our body naturally produces when exposed to darkness. It’s what makes us feel tired at night and is the main reason we’re able to eventually fall asleep. When the sun starts to come up, and we’re exposed to the light, our body stops producing Melatonin. 

One of the major problems many people run into with Melatonin production is with the use of electronics before bed. Even if the rest of the room is dark, having your phone in front of your face before bed often tricks your body into thinking it’s light out. 

Of course, this blocks the production of Melatonin and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. As this happens more frequently, your body starts to fall out of touch with its circadian rhythm and internal clock. This eventually starts messing with all the other systems, functions, and processes inside the body.  

While Melatonin is most well-known for its effects on the sleep cycle, many scientists believe it plays an important role in the body outside of that cycle. For example, Melatonin can help improve the immune system, regulate blood pressure, improve blood vessel health, and keep cortisol levels (stress) in-check.

The Benefits Of Extended-Release Melatonin

While most Melatonin supplements utilize immediate-release Melatonin in their formula, Sleep + Restore is different. They not only use immediate-release Melatonin for a quick effect, but they combine it with something called extended-release Melatonin.

Extended-release Melatonin is a little more rare and unique in supplement formulas. Where immediate-release is best for those that have difficulty falling asleep, extended-release is best for those that need help staying asleep. Since it takes longer to have an effect in the body, it helps eliminate all those tiny distractions that were waking you up too soon before. 

Since Sleep + Restore has both immediate- and extended-release Melatonin, you get the best of both worlds. It’ll give your body the Melatonin it needs to fall asleep quickly while also delivering enough Melatonin throughout the night to keep you asleep. By the time you wake up, you’ll feel more refreshed than ever!

Is Sleep + Restore Safe To Take Long-Term?

While some people are interested in taking Melatonin supplements short-term, most people are likely going to want something that’s safe to use long-term. If that sounds like you, then Sleep + Restore is the perfect supplement for you because it’s designed for both short-term and long-term use.

Not only is Sleep + Restore carefully formulated by Dr. Alice Hirschel — who has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry — but it’s also reviewed by a world-class panel of medical experts in sleep, integrative, and naturopathic medicine. You can rest easy knowing this formula is safe for you and your body.

Adding to the wonderful nature of this supplement, it also won’t contain any artificial coloring or binders. All the ingredients used are non-GMO and natural; that way, you can take your Sleep + Restore capsules with confidence. 

When taking it, most people report effects as soon as the first night it’s taken. Over the next few days, you’ll start noticing improvements in your sleep patterns and quality of sleep. By the one-week mark, you’ll be receiving its full benefits.

Sleep + Restore Ingredients

Now that we understand a little more about why this supplement is important and who the company is behind it, we can start to take a deeper look at Sleep + Restore. More specifically, we need to break down the ingredients and figure out why they were picked for this formula. 

There are a total of six ingredients in Sleep + Restore — Valerian Root Extract, Ashwagandha Root Extract, GABA, Melatonin, Rafuma Leaf Extract, and Tart Cherry Extract. Don’t worry; we’ll detail each of them one-by-one so you can get a good feel for the formula you’re purchasing.

Sleep + Restore Ingredients

Valerian Root Extract

Benefits: contains valerenic acid, hesperidin, linarin, isovaleric acid, and antioxidants, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, improves sleep, reduces anxiety, inhibits the breakdown of GABA in the brain, improve symptoms of restless leg syndrome

Source: often referred to as ‘nature’s Valium’ and Valeriana officinalis, this herb is native to Asia and Europe, the flowers are used for perfume and the root for medicine

Recommended Dosage: 400-900 mg, taken 30 minutes before bed

Side Effects: safe to use, no reported side effects when taken as directed

Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract

Benefits: contains withanolides, helps the body respond to and relieve stress, improve concentration, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, reduces blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces cortisol levels, reduces the risk of cancer, can boost testosterone, and increase muscle mass

Source: also known as Withania somnifera, this ancient herb is native to India and Africa; it’s classified as an adaptogen and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years

Recommended Dosage: 300-500 mg per day 

Side Effects: safe to use when taken as directed, but could cause nausea and an upset stomach when taken in high doses


Benefits: reduces stress, improves sleep, produces a calming effect, lowers blood pressure, reduces PMS symptoms, improves mood, relieves pain, and can help burn fat

Source: also known as Gamma aminobutyric acid, naturally-occurring amino acid, works as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, also found in whole grains, fava beans, soy, lentils, nuts, and berries

Recommended Dosage: 100-300 mg, taken 30 minutes before bed

Side Effects: can cause upset stomach, nausea, headache, and sleepiness when taken in high doses

Tart Cherry Extract

Benefits: contains antioxidants, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, rich in melatonin, helps you sleep better, promotes brain health, reduces symptoms of arthritis, strengthens the immune system

Source: also known as Montmorency cherries, comes from the Prunus cerasus tree, native to Southwest Asia and Europe, 

Recommended Dosage: 100-400 mg per day

Side Effects: can cause stomach pain and diarrhea when taken in high doses

Rafuma Leaf Extract

Benefits: reduces blood pressure, eases depression symptoms, improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety, has cardioprotective, diuretic, and sedative properties, improves sleep

Source: also known as sword-leaf dogbane, comes from the Apocynum venetum plant, the leaves are made into a popular Chinese tea, native to Asia and Europe, sometimes referred to as the feel-good herb

Recommended Dosage: 50 mg when taken as Venetron® 

Side Effects: no adverse side effects when taken as directed


Benefits: improves sleep patterns and circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), reduces blood pressure, acts as an antioxidant, improves mood, increase levels of HGH, can treat GERD, promotes eye health, and increase muscle mass

Source: also known as N-[2-(5-methoxy-1H-indol-3-yl)ethyl] or the sleepy chemical, naturally occurring in the body, acts as a hormone, regulates the sleep-wake cycle

Recommended Dosage: 0.5 – 10 mg per day

Side Effects: nausea, headaches, dizziness, and sleepiness when taken in high doses

Sleep + Restore Dosage, Packaging, And Pricing

Whether you care to admit it or not, the packaging used on a supplement plays a large role in the decision process when shopping for a new formula. The good news is Proper Labs, Inc. hit a home run with their packaging for Sleep + Restore, which is very simple yet extremely elegant.

It comes in a cylinder blue jar that looks a lot like a wireless Bluetooth speaker. There aren’t any graphics on the jar, just the name of the supplement, and it reads, “Get better sleep with immediate and sustained release melatonin” on the front. The jar is refillable, and they send recyclable pouches when it’s time to refill.

When you work your way to the back, you’ll see the supplement facts. Here’s a quick look at the dosages of each ingredient:

  • Valerian Root Extract – 300mg
  • Melatonin – 3mg (1mg of it is extended-release)
  • GABA – 100mg
  • Ashwagandha Extract – 125mg
  • Tart Cherry Extract – 100mg
  • Rafuma Leaf Extract – 50mg

It holds a strong amount of Melatonin, which is always good to have your night-time supplement. With that said, it could’ve used some more Ashwagandha to help promote relaxation a little more, but 125mg isn’t a bad amount by any means — especially with everything else it has to offer. 

Sleep + Restore Background

You can purchase Sleep + Restore off the official Proper website. When purchasing Sleep + Restore, customers are given options. You can choose their subscription service, which sends you 60 capsules (2 capsules/day) every month for $36 per month. The service also includes a complimentary one-on-one consultation with a sleep coach.

You can also purchase 60 capsules at a one-time price of $40 plus shipping (which is generally about $5). It’s not a bad price, but there’s certainly a lot more value in buying it monthly — especially if you plan on using it often and long-term.

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Sleep + Restore Pros vs. Cons

One of the unfortunate (yet, true) realities of buying supplements is that they aren’t all created equal. In fact, some of them are downright harmful, and others don’t do anything at all — on purpose! The key is finding a formula that’s right for you, especially since everyone’s body is different. 

Sleep + Restore Powder

To help you make a more educated and informed decision with Sleep + Restore, we’re going to highlight all the things we like and don’t like about the supplement. It’ll act as a good summary of everything we learned from above, making your life easy when shopping for a new supplement.


  • They offer one-on-one consultations with a sleep coach
  • It’s safe to take, drug-free, and non-habit forming
  • Formula is designed by a physician and reviewed by medical experts
  • Doesn’t include any artificial colors or binders
  • Natural, vegan, gluten/dairy/sugar-free, non-GMO
  • Produced and manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices and Guidelines (CGMP) compliant facility that’s FDA-approved
  • Third-party tested and verified not to contain heavy metals, microbes, pesticides
  • Melatonin helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed
  • Contains both extended-release and immediate-release melatonin
  • GABA
  • Tart Cherry
  • Valerian Root Extract
  • Rafuma Leaf Extract
  • Ashwagandha 
  • Can be taken short-term and long-term
  • Attractive, refillable packaging and recyclable refill pouches


  • Have to take two capsules every night, opposed to just one
  • Could use more Ashwagandha and GABA
  • Would’ve been nice to include Tryptophan and Magnesium
  • More expensive than most Melatonin supplements

Claims vs. Reality

Sleep + Restore markets itself as a Melatonin supplement that combines some of the most important nutrients the body needs for uninterrupted sleep. It claims to improve your sleep in three major ways — helping you fall asleep, helping you stay asleep, and improving your quality of sleep. 

Since we’ve not only taken a look at what Melatonin is and why it’s important but also highlighted all the other wonderful ingredients in this formula, it’s clear we have a pretty firm idea of what to expect from Sleep + Restore. The good news is it falls in line with what the supplement claims to do.

The use of both immediate- and sustained-release Melatonin is very critical here. The immediate-release is what helps you fall asleep fast, while the extended-release helps keep you asleep longer. Of course, this leads to higher-quality sleep with fewer distractions. 

The use of both Melatonin types is something many supplements don’t do. In fact, it’s one of the main things that separates Sleep + Restore from its competitors. Of course, the use of GABA, Valerian Root, Rafuma Leaf, Ashwagandha, and Tart Cherry also play a role in its success. 

Overall, this product does what it claims to do — which is more than you can say about most supplements. It’s not perfect, and it won’t be a home run for everyone, but no supplement will ever provide a one-size-fits-all solution to your sleeping issues. 

Sleep + Restore For Better Sleep

Sleep + Restore Alternatives

Like we mentioned above, Sleep + Restore is a step above the rest of its competitors. At the same time, that doesn’t mean their competitors don’t hold any value as Melatonin supplements. In fact, they could be a better option for you — especially if you don’t want a formula as robust as Sleep + Restore. 

With that being said, it’s always a good idea to weigh your options when shopping for a new supplement. Everyone’s body is different and will react to supplements differently than others. It sometimes takes a bit of trial and error, but there’s a supplement out there for everyone. 

Sleep + Restore For Sleep Benefits

When it comes to sleep supplements, there are tons of options. There’s Enhanced Athlete Sleep Juice, Dream EZ, and Moon Juice Dream Dust, just to name a few. But, if melatonin being the main ingredient is your goal, there are two top competitors to Sleep + Restore worth mentioning — Nootropics Depot and Life Extension. While they both contain Melatonin with no other ingredients, they differ in the amount of Melatonin found in each capsule. One of them has a lot, while the other has a little.

Melatonin Capsules by Nootropics Depot

When shopping for a Melatonin supplement, most people operate under the impression that ‘the more, the merrier.’ While that’s true in some cases, many people report better results with Melatonin in smaller doses. Of course, that’s where Nootropics Depot comes into play. 

Their Melatonin Capsules contain just 300 mcg (micrograms) of Melatonin each. For comparison, Sleep + Restore contains 3 mg (milligrams) — which is equivalent to 3,000 mcg per serving (2 capsules). That’s ten-times less the amount of Melatonin in each serving!

If you’re searching for a small dose of Melatonin each night, Melatonin Capsules by Nootropics Depot is the way to go. It only requires one capsule per serving and costs just $12 for 120 capsules (a four-month’s supply when taking one capsule every night). 

Melatonin by Life Extension

The other competitor we’re going to mention here is Life Extension. Life Extension is a well-known health and wellness company that produces a variety of supplements, including Life Extension Magnesium Caps, Life Extension Forskolin, and Life Extension Mediterranean Trim. So, of course, they also produce a highly rated Melatonin supplement. Life Extension’s Melatonin supplement is much more similar to Sleep + Restore because it contains the same 3 mg dose of Melatonin per serving. It’s a high dose that is sure to bring some meaningful results to your night’s rest. 

The main difference between Life Extension and Sleep + Restore is the use of added ingredients. Where Sleep + Restore has GABA, Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, Tart Cherry, and Rafuma Leaf, Life Extension has none of the above. It only contains Melatonin. 

With that being said, it’s excellent for those that don’t need all the extra ingredients. You only need to take one capsule per night, which is much easier than having to take two. Better yet, it’s only $6 for 60 capsules (two months supply), opposed to the $80 for two months of Sleep + Restore. 

Final Verdict: Sleep + Restore

There’s a lot to like about Sleep + Restore. It’s more than just a Melatonin supplement, which means you’ll get more bang for your buck with this formula. At the same time, it’s much more expensive than most supplements and can be quite the monthly investment long-term. 

If you’re looking for the best results before, during, and after your daily rest, Sleep + Restore is a good option. They also have several other formulas that are similar to this one, including Core Sleep, Sleep + Immunity, Sleep + Calm, and Sleep + Clarity. Each one has a unique benefit!

Of course, there are plenty of quality options out there that are much cheaper. You may have to settle for something that only contains Melatonin — such as Life Extension or Nootropics Depot –, but they’ll still provide your body with the right nutrient before bed. 

Either way, it’s important to understand that this is a quality investment when leading a happy and healthy life. Sleep is extremely vital on a daily basis, and its benefits only increase when you receive quality, uninterrupted sleep. 

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