Omax MAX SLEEP Review – Can It Help You Sleep Soundly?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Omax MAX SLEEP Review

Sleep – both quantity (7-9 hours of sleep) and quality – are very important for our health. In fact, sleep is so important that even if you are working out and eating well, if you are deprived of proper sleep, you will not get the full potential of your diet and workout, or you may even reverse those gains.

Unfortunately, we do not prioritize sleep as much as we prioritize diet and workout regimes. When we talk about a “healthy lifestyle,” we only hear the two – proper diet and regular exercise – but not sufficient and quality sleep. Add the fact that we, as a society, are busy people who push sleep aside in favor of work – and this compounds the problem for our sleep problem!

One way to get proper sleep is by taking sleep supplements. These supplements can help you get back your sleep schedule, all while helping you sleep deeper and better. Of course, not all sleep supplements are equal, which is why we are going to review them one by one.

In this article, we are going to review Omax MAX SLEEP, a sleep supplement made by Omax. Is this a good sleep supplement to take? We will cover the pros, cons, price, where to buy, and, most importantly, whether or not it’s worth your money in this Omax MAX SLEEP review.


About Omax MAX SLEEP

Omax MAX SLEEP is a sleep supplement made by Omax, a California-based company that manufactures dietary supplements for different purposes, such as for sleep improvement and immunity enhancement. They also produce Omax3, which is designed to help with inflammation.

Omax MAX SLEEP prides itself on helping people improve their sleep quality only after 3 nights. Omax MAX SLEEP’s flagship ingredient is a full-spectrum hemp CBD. Other main ingredients include Omega-3, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm. We are going to discuss them one-by-one by below and delve into their individual health benefits.

If you are concerned about getting “high” because of its CBD content, Omax MAX SLEEP contains 0% THC – the key cannabinoid that produces the “high.” In other words, Omax MAX SLEEP will not give you the “high” effect; it simply relaxes your endocannabinoid system.

Omax MAX SLEEP Bottle

Omax MAX SLEEP Ingredients

One way to determine if a dietary supplement works or not is by simply checking the label, identifying its key ingredients, and seeing if these ingredients will deliver the results the supplements promise you. In this case, we will examine the ingredients of Omax MAX SLEEP to see if it can really help you sleep better.

To do this, let us analyze Omax MAX SLEEP’s main ingredients:

  • Full-spectrum Hemp CBD
  • Omega-3
  • L-Theanine
  • Lemon Balm Extract
Omax MAX SLEEP Ingredients

Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD

CBD (cannabidiol), which comes from the cannabinoid family, is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant.

CBD (as well as other cannabinoids) affect our body and bring about health and therapeutic benefits by affecting our endocannabinoid system, a recently discovered bodily system that is found to affect many of our physiological processes, including metabolism, stress, anxiety, mood, etc.

If the endocannabinoid system malfunctions or over-functions, it can cause distress in our body, triggering things such as diseases. CBD and other cannabinoids will interact with our distressed endocannabinoid system, and in the process, calming this entire system down, with health and therapeutic benefits surfacing. One of the main therapeutic benefits of CBD is improving the quality of our sleep. CBD can relieve us of stress and help us calm in our anxieties, which helps us fall asleep quicker and reach deeper sleep as well.

What is Full-spectrum CBD? CBD products or content come in different forms; one of which is the full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD simply means that all cannabinoids are included in the CBD product, but CBD has the highest amount among them – the rest are trace amounts. Full-spectrum CBD may or may not contain THC trace amounts, but in the case of Omax MAX SLEEP, they contain no THC amount at all.


Another one of the main ingredients to the supplement is Omega-3, a fatty acid that can be helpful for sleep improvement. This is because omega-3, especially DHA, affects the levels of melatonin, our hormone that signals our body when to sleep. Low levels of DHA are linked to low levels of melatonin.

Also, studies show that omega-3 increases both the length and quality of one’s sleep.


L-theanine is another great supplement that can help improve sleep dramatically. It’s an amino acid that is known for its relaxation and sleep benefits, which is why it is popular in many sleep supplements, like Olly Sleep Gummies, Luna Gentle Sleep Aid, and Som Sleep.

L-theanine helps people sleep faster during nighttime, thanks to the relaxation benefits it offers. At the same time, L-theanine can help improve your sleep quality by lowering your anxiety levels.

Lemon Balm Extract

Lemon balm is known to help people with insomnia and other sleep problems. At the same time, lemon balm can also help someone remain calm and relax, which can indirectly improve one’s sleep.

Does Omax MAX SLEEP Work?

Judging from the ingredients of Omax MAX SLEEP, we can tell that this supplement can help you achieve better sleep– both in terms of length and quality of sleep. However, its effects may vary from person to person, so you will have to try and see for yourself if the supplement will work for you.

Does Omax MAX SLEEP Work

Omax MAX SLEEP Benefits

Of course, the main benefit of Omax MAX SLEEP is that it helps you sleep fast and sleep well. But because Omax MAX SLEEP contains substances that have relaxing benefits, it may bring other benefits such as relaxation, stress-relief, and lowered levels of anxiety.

While this supplement targets better sleep, you can expect a variety of other benefits to happen as a result of better sleep. These benefits can range, but they can include: improved memory, increased focus, and better athletic performance.

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Is Omax MAX SLEEP Safe?

According to the product description, Omax MAX SLEEP will cause drowsiness (of course, this is a sleep supplement), so do not use it when you are about to drive or operate heavy or dangerous machinery as it can potentially cause accidents. And vice-versa: if you are driving or operating heavy machinery, do not take the supplement because of its sleeping effects.

Make sure to check with your doctor before taking the supplement if you are pregnant.

Should You Try Omax MAX SLEEP?

Based on our review, Omax MAX SLEEP seems to work well for consumers. But then again, its effects may vary from person to person, so we cannot guarantee how the supplement will work on you.

If you want to try out Omax MAX SLEEP, here are some considerations:

  • Make sure that CBD is legal in your US state or country – so far, the US states that do not allow CBD use are Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota. For the rest of the states, CBD is fairly legal, though laws vary, and restrictions may apply (e.g., allowed only when prescribed by a doctor). So, learn your state laws first before ordering your supplement product. If you are from another country, make sure that CBD use and your purpose is legal before you purchase them.
  • Ask your doctor for a recommendation – it is best to first ask your doctor if taking any supplement will be good for you. This is especially true if you are pregnant, nursing, or is undergoing a medical condition, wherein it’s possible you get unexpected side-effects.
Omax MAX SLEEP For Sleep

Where To Buy Omax MAX SLEEP

If you decide to try out Omax MAX SLEEP, you can purchase it on their official store.

Omax MAX SLEEP Website

It costs $40 for one bottle, which provides 90 capsules. You are instructed to take two capsules a day, which means the bottle lasts for a month and a half.

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