Persona Nutrition Review – Do You Need Personalized Vitamins?

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By Leslie Waterson

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The world of supplements can be daunting, especially with all the options out there. You will have to consider cost, nutritional profile, benefits, ingredients, and more. Why not try personalized vitamins? Not only are they popular these days, but they could be lifesaving.In this Persona Nutrition review, we will introduce you to a line of personalized vitamin packs and other recommended supplements.

What Is Persona?

With so many supplements out there and nutritional gaps to fill, Persona aims to help by doing the legwork for you. They work with doctors, nutritionists, and a medical advisory board to create an algorithm and a simple online questionnaire. You then have to input your gender, age, goals, concerns, diet, exercise level as well as any genetic testing. Afterward, they come up with daily supplement packets custom-tailored for your nutritional needs.This is a vitamin subscription service that ships monthly. We believe it is a good idea because there are so many variations of supplements you could be taking. Saving time and effort, Persona nutrition vitamins can deliver what your body needs based on your own health concerns and nutritional needs.

Persona Nutrition Ingredients

However, as with any other supplement routine, you want to eat a wholesome diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Supplements can be a tool to enhance your health and help you become the best version of yourself. 

Why Personalized Vitamins

Persona Nutrition Customize

Persona has 84 supplements in its arsenal, including products for joint health, vitamin D, bone health, a daily probiotic, and other vitamins.

For me, Persona recommended melatonin and Herbal Rest (magnesium, hops, and l-theanine) for sleep, green tea extract and cordyceps for energy, UC-II (cartilage/collagen) for joint support, a “foundational formula” of a multivitamin, probiotics, and an omega 3 cap and vitamin D.

This all came out to $3.50 per day. They give you a 30% discount on your first order, so you could try out this particular stack for $2.45 per day.

Persona also recommended CBD oil as an optional add-on for sleep and joint support, which would bump the daily cost to $4.38. 

On another note, the research that Persona does on the back end is impressive. For example, they cite a study showing how their UC-II joint support supplement consisting of cartilage/collagen is more beneficial than glucosamine/chondroitin, which is the generic recommendation for joint pain.

You can also test some of the answers and recommendations by changing your input in the questionnaire. If I wanted to improve my mood, for instance, Persona recommends a supplement with probiotic strains that have been shown to help specifically with mood.

Before you decide whether these vitamins and supplements are for you, continue reading this Persona Nutrition review to check the benefits of a vitamin subscription service.

Persona Nutrition Ingredients

Persona Nutrition Customize Sachets

Taking a look at the ingredients Persona uses in their Foundational Multivitamin sheds some light on the quality of the supplements they are using overall.

Vitamin K

Persona uses vitamin K2 (MK-7), which is better absorbed than K1. Some multivitamins do not even contain vitamin K and if they do, it is typically K1.


This company also uses folate instead of folic acid, which is a better choice because folic acid can be counterproductive for under-methylators and there is some concern regarding its long-term safety and association with cancer.Folate is essential for pregnant women and women of childbearing age, as it prevents birth deformities and cognitive problems.

Vitamin B12

Persona also has methylcobalamin for B-12, which is better absorbed than cyanocobalamin. Most of the cheap multi-vitamins will have folic acid and cyanocobalamin.

Vitamin D

Although it is present to some extent, the amount of vitamin D is not near the recommended dietary intake (RDI). This vitamin is harder to absorb from food and not everyone lives in sunny areas to generate vitamin D this way.Vitamin D is essential for bone health, joint health, and even mental health. We would have liked to see Persona Nutrition vitamins include more of this vitamin.

Other Fat-Soluble Vitamins

The quantities of fat-soluble vitamins and other minerals are on the low side. This vitamin only has 33% of vitamin A, 63% of vitamin D, 15% of vitamin E, 50% of vitamin K, 50% of iodine, 23% of zinc, 45% of selenium, 56% of copper, and 50% of molybdenum.Now, this could also be by design and not just to save money, as fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are easier to get throug diet as opposed to water-soluble ones.

Water-Soluble Vitamins

Interestingly enough, some of the water-soluble vitamin quantities are a bit high. This multi has 625% of vitamin B-1 and 500% of biotin.Most multis go past the RDI for water-soluble vitamins and usually contain something close to the RDI for fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. There is some indication that the RDI is set to prevent deficiency, but may not ensure optimal health. For example, some people believe that the RDI for vitamin C is the minimum needed to prevent scurvy, and not the amount needed to receive all the benefits of the famous vitamin. Still, there is not enough evidence to prove this.

Ingredients: Final Verdict

We would have also liked to see more than just 15% of the RDI for vitamin E, which is very low.

Finally, the zinc to copper ratio is also low. This multi-vitamin actually has more copper than zinc, when most multis are balanced or have it the other way around. Persona also adds some great antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are beneficial for vision and other benefits. These are anti-inflammatory as well, and benefit your nervous system, healthy aging, arthritis pain, and other health benefits.

In terms of other ingredients, Persona uses modified starch and carrageenan.

They also use sunflower oil, glycerin, caramel, and candelilla wax, which are beneficial to some extent. Through this analysis, as opposed to writing a very low review of all 84 supplements, we can reasonably assume that Persona uses high-quality ingredients.

Persona Nutrition also uses minimal fillers, but some of their doses could be tailored more efficiently.

Finally, they use some trademarked ingredients in a few of their supplements. For example, they use Sensoril, which is a well-studied Ashwagandha extract proven to have efficacy. 

Persona Nutrition Vitamins

Benefits of Persona Nutrition Vitamins

To begin with, the personalization aspect of the Persona Nutrition vitamins is incredibly useful. The online questionnaire is comprehensive and straightforward. You can add or remove supplements from your stack.

Persona’s algorithm also analyzes your current medications to avoid recommending supplements with dangerous interactions. It is also nice to have your name on the outside of each of the vitamin packs, along with their contents and when to take them.

Below are other benefits of Persona vitamins:

Medical Advisory Board

Unlike other dietary supplement companies, the Persona supplements all have to pass through a medical advisory board. This process ensures that there is responsible nutrition and that your health goals are truly met, as well as your top three health concerns with every vitamin package. This board is comprised of a team of doctors and leading health professionals that ensure that your product is exactly what is meant to be.

Nutritionist Advice

Persona also has nutritionists on staff who can provide you with specific advice regarding your stack, which is actually a nice benefit to have. Although a lot of this information is available online, sometimes it is good to have someone knowledgeable in the matter to bounce your thoughts off of.  They are also involved in the process of finding a set of recommended vitamins for everyone. Along with medical professionals, nutritionists and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), are essential in providing advice and the correct recommendations for superior health benefits.

More Than Just Vitamin Packs

Persona Nutrition is not just a vitamin company, it offers a wide range of products for everyone. From beauty sleep to mood balancing, to weight loss, to fish oil, and a daily probiotic. This personalized vitamin program will help you fill in nutrition gaps and ensure that you treat your health issues and reach your goals.

Digestive Health

Other products offer a probiotic defense to help treat digestive problems, including inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, and more. You can find aloe vera, apple pectin, digestive enzymes, ginger extract, apple cider vinegar, and more.

Joint Health

If you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, then Persona Nutrition vitamins can also offer support for you. With products like an enzyme complex, omega 3, CBD hemp extract, DHA with vegan vitamin D, and fermented ginseng, you can treat your joint health condition and reduce inflammation.Aside from providing support to your joints, these can also reduce the risk for heart disease and help keep your heart healthy.

Weight Support

Although the main goal of this personalized vitamin package is not to help with weight loss, it offers weight maintenance through products like chromium picolinate, alpha-lipoic acid, and other vitamins and supplements.

Other Vitamins and Supplements

Persona offers other products based on personalized recommendations, like prenatal, bariatric, healthy aging, detox, sleep, and energy. In some cases, you can skip expensive procedures like genetic health testing and a blood test, and start your process with Persona Nutrition vitamins to help treat any health condition.

Persona Packaging

Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

The capsules and/or tablets come together in individually wrapped doses. These are separate depending on the time of day that you are supposed to take them.

We find this very convenient when it comes to Persona vitamins, especially when compared to certain vitamins that you find over the counter.

Having these pre-measured, time-specific supplement packs on hand is incredibly useful and makes it harder for you to miss or take an extra dose. 

The foundational multivitamin is also easier to take than most vitamins, and when it comes in a subscription box, there is no way you will miss your recommended dosage.


While it is hard to be critical of a company that is trying to solve a legitimate issue in the supplement industry, we have to be thorough in our reviews.

Although the research is solid, everyone has different body chemistry, and many people react to the same supplement differently. The only downside of these vitamins is that they can be a bit on the pricey side.

Most negative reviews we saw commented that the cost is too high to be sustainable, and we agree. While it seems like Persona Nutrition has excellent customer service to answer your questions and address concerns, for some this monthly supply of products is too expensive.

The pricing is generally high after the introductory 30% discount for the first month wears off. Also, when signing up for the subscription, it is not clear that the 30% discount is introductory. There is an online chat for you to ask some of these questions.

On the other hand, two people could submit the online questionnaire with the same exact answers and react differently to Persona’s recommendations. Although the science is there, there is not a 100% reassurance that these Nutrition vitamins are right for you.

Obviously, with Person Nutrition, you are paying a premium for personalization. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the money. 

Who Should Be Using Persona Nutrition? 

Persona is best for people who:

  • Have specific medical issues they are looking to address 
  • Want to optimize their health 
  • Take prescription medications
  • Are looking for the convenience of a complete, personalized supplement stack
  • Are new to supplements
  • Have been taking supplements for a while, but are not satisfied with the results they are getting
  • Can afford to pay a few dollars per month for supplements (and extra for convenience)
  • Have had bariatric surgery 
  • Have had bariatric surgery 
  • Want vegan options
  • Look for supplements that are free of soy, yeast, peanuts, and dairy
Persona Nutrition Trustpilot

Persona Reviews

This vitamin and supplement company has 4.4/5 stars on, with people saying they feel better and improving with respect to their specific health concern(s). There was resounding praise for Persona’s customer service. The CEO personally responded to concerns and replied by saying that a company rep would reach out to them to resolve the issue.Many companies tell people to call their toll-free number and in some cases even deflect criticism. One person pointed out that the price is only introductory and goes up significantly after the first order. There was a lot of positive feedback for drastic improvement with respect to sleep. Some reviewers did mention an unpleasant aftertaste throughout the day. Another reviewer said he felt less energy during the day, experienced insomnia, and never heard from the customer service representative.

persona nutrition

Get 50% OFF Your First Order

Persona Nutrition

  • Vitamin packs are formulated for specific needs
  • Persona has 84 different supplements available
  • Has nutritionists available to provide advice

Recommended Dosage

If you are wondering how many servings to use per personalized vitamin, for the most part, we suggest taking exactly the dosage recommended on your individual packets. Persona Nutrition praises itself in individualizing everything, including the dosages.

Be sure to check with the team of nutritionists and RDNs available to guide you through your online account on their website.

When in doubt, you can also check in with your health care provider to confirm anything.

Persona Nutrition User

Is Persona Nutrition Safe?

As with any vitamin or supplement, Nutrition vitamins also have certain side effects. You can go directly to the website and input your prescription medications to check for any interactions.

It is also important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve of any supplements, including Persona Nutrition.

However, thanks to the Medical Advisory Board and experts working with Persona Nutrition, you can be sure that they offer quality ingredients and supplements.

The products are also manufactured in cGMP facilities and following FDA guidelines, and they undergo constant testing.

As we mentioned above, check-in with your health care provider to check for safety and drug interactions.

Persona Nutrition Assessment

Where To Buy

You can fill out the Persona Assessment online, and start the process to obtain health products tailored just for you. Although the products usually ship every month, you can access your online account and change the shipment to a 1-week, 2-week, or 3-week delay.

Persona Nutrition also suggests that you take the assessment every three to six months, but do so immediately after you change medications or have a new diagnosis.

Persona Nutrition Review: Bottom Line 

If you have specific health concerns and want to optimize the supplements you take, then Persona Nutrition is for you.

With products for energy like green tea extract, a daily probiotic, weight support, joint health, and immune defense, you can be sure to cover all your nutritional gaps.

We suggest you start with the foundational multivitamin to see if it fits your health needs. Talk to the team of nutritionists and health experts to have some that fits your budget and needs.

Although we are pleased with Persona Nutrition and everything we have seen, we understand that the cost can be high for some customers. Still, if you can afford it, this subscription service can be a more efficient way to take care of yourself.

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