Clear Muscle Review – Is This Post Workout From MuscleTech Effective?

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ClearMuscle - Review

If you are working out on a regular basis, you have a fitness goal in mind. Maybe you are trying to lose weight? Or perhaps gaining Muscle is your goal? There are plenty of supplements that many fitness experts tell you to take. And it might seem pretty confusing. If there is one thing you need to incorporate in your workout diet, it’s a good post-workout. That’s because you need something that will help promote recovery and muscle growth even after an intense day of training.

MuscleTech’s Clear Muscle Post-Workout is one of those supplements that will be essential to recovery and muscle growth. You can gain at least 16 pounds of Muscle in as little as 12 weeks. If you are looking for lean muscle mass and a boost in strength and overall performance, you might want to consider adding this to your post-workout diet.

Clear Muscle Supplement

What is MuscleTech Clear Muscle?

MuscleTech’s Clear Muscle is a post-workout supplement that you can take after an intense workout. Because of the small muscle tears that will happen while you are working out, it’s crucial to find a good post-workout supplement that will be essential in the recovery process while the muscles will regenerate and grow even stronger than ever before. You get not just protein, but you get the essential amino acids that will make muscle building easier than ever. Compared to placebo, you can gain four times the amount of Muscle using this post-workout after 12 weeks of use.

On top of that, your recovery times will be much quicker. If you are looking for something that is developed from a science-backed formula and proven to give you the muscle growth and strength boost you want, this could be what you need.

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Clear Muscle Advantages

  • Reduces muscle protein breakdown
  • Plenty of amino acids that are essential to muscle growth
  • Can increase strength
  • Reduces recovery times


  • Some believe the HMBs may not increase strength or power

Who Makes Clear Muscle?

Clear Muscle is made by MuscleTech. The MuscleTech name is currently owned by the parent company Xiwang Foodstuffs Company. Prior to Xiwang’s acquisition, MuscleTech was owned by Canadian-based Kerr Holdings. MuscleTech is also marketed by Iovate Health Sciences, which also markets Hydroxycut, a fat loss supplement. MuscleTech is not only known for manufacturing this post-workout supplement, but they are known for their other items. They include but are not limited to pre-workouts, protein powders, weight loss supplements, and their own line of apparel and accessories. MuscleTech is considered to be one of the most popular brands for supplements among those who work out regularly with the goal of building muscle and strength.

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Clear Muscle Ingredients

Clear Muscle Post Workout contains the following active ingredients: BetaTOR, betaine anhydrous.

Muscle building supplements like Redcon1 Halo uses unconventional ingredients for muscle growth like similax sieboldii.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Ingredients

The following inactive ingredients include glycerin, modified food starch, carrageenan, sorbitol, purified water, and natural flavors.

How Does Clear Muscle Work?

As mentioned before, small tears in your muscles occur when you are lifting (especially heavyweights). Those tears can be repaired with just enough protein and amino acids that you can acquire through regular dieting alone. They are important in allowing you to grow and gain weight in Muscle. While placebo can help you grow muscle, it can be minimal at best.

Every day, you’ll be taking a total of six capsules (two in the morning, afternoon, and at night). If you are working out, take your two capsules just 30 minutes before working out. If you are not working out during the day, you can go about the usual schedule.

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Clear Muscle Post-Workout uses branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) to help promote overall recovery and quickly repairs muscles so it will stimulate more growth. You can take six capsules a day every day for 12 weeks if you want to gain up to at least 16 pounds of Muscle. At the same time, you’ll be gaining intense strength and power. You can lift heavier with ease and be able to smash personal bests at the gym.

Is Clear Muscle Safe?

As a precaution, it might be best to consult with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding taking any supplements, including post-workout supplements. Other than that, the side effects of Clear Muscle Post Workout were mild and minimal. They include but are not limited to constipation, stomach aches, and other digestive issues.

Where To Buy Clear Muscle And Cost

You can purchase MuscleTech’s Clear Muscle Post Workout from various places online. You can get a bottle of 138 count capsules for $44.95. If you purchase it directly on the website, it will be roughly the same price. Keep in mind that other vendors may sell this supplement at a different price.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Website

Final Thoughts: Does MuscleTech Clear Muscle Work?

If you are looking to gain more muscle and strength beyond placebo, you can believe that Clear Muscle will be worth the use. Strength trainers and muscle builders alike can rely on supplements like this that are a proven alternative to steroids (which are hazardous to your health). If you take the 12-week challenge, don’t be surprised by the changes you’ll see after you’ve gone through the usual training with an extra boost of strength and the ability to lift heavier than ever before. You’ll be amazed by the results of Clear Muscle, whether you are lifting regularly as part of a workout routine or if you are bodybuilding or powerlifting.

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