Jocko Mölk Review – Is This Protein Powder Effective?

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By Scot Mills

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Jocko Molk Review

Jocko is a company that has everything from workout supplements, to work boots, to soap. From what we can figure out, Origin Labs works with Jocko to produce supplement formulas—or are they their own company?

Other than this being rather confusing, one thing we do know is they have produced a protein supplement called Mölk

While Mölk may have a weird name, it claims to be one of the cleaner workout proteins out there. So, is it? Does it have the right ingredients? Will it provide the benefits you need? If those are your questions, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a closer look at this protein powder in this Jocko Mölk review!

Jocko Company Website

About Jocko Mölk 

Mölk combines whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, casein, and egg protein in a sugar-free, monk fruit sweetened “time-released” formula. The idea is that the different types of proteins digest at different rates, so that while your body has quickly up-taken one kind, it still has a couple of others to work through and continue feeding your muscles. 

This gives your muscles a steady supply of the amino acids they need for recovery immediately after your workout, and then throughout the day. By not using sugar, Jocko (or Origin, or whoever) keeps it keto-friendly; and by sweetening things with monk fruit, they avoid artificial crap that should never be in any healthy workout formula. 

Origin Labs Mölk Supplement

As an added benefit, and despite them not using cheap artificial ingredients, Jocko is still reasonably priced. 

Jocko Mölk Benefits

Jocko Mölk is a protein powder, so its main aim is to fuel muscle growth and muscle recovery. Additionally, Mölk is also time-released, helps digestion, and contains high-quality ingredients. We will take a closer look at these additional benefits below.

Mölk Benefits - Deliver Muscle Nutrition

Time Released

By mixing types of proteins that all have different absorption rates, Mölk is able to deliver nutrition to your muscles continuously throughout the day. This gives you fast-absorbing whey to go to work immediately after your workout, while casein (a type of milk protein) and egg protein take their sweet time getting out of the sack and hitting the salt mine. 

Helps Digestion

Protein doesn’t do you much good if you can’t digest it, which is why Jocko includes probiotics and digestive enzymes to enhance the process. This helps you not only get speedier digestion, but more effective and complete nutrient uptake—not to mention a zillion other health benefits of great digestion. 

Sugar-Free, No Soy, RBGH-Free, and Grass Fed

Not only is Mölk sugar-free, but it’s also sweetened with keto-friendly, REAL, all-natural monk fruit instead of some unknown substance.

As far as no RBGH, we’d almost expect as much; and as far as no soy, hallelujah! There should never be soy in anything, ever. Just kidding—tofu’s okay in the right dishes, but as far as proteins, soy is a toughie. Yes, it does contain all 9-essential amino acids in a vegan-friendly form, though “easily digestible” isn’t a common description of soy protein. Pea protein, like that found in Ghost Vegan Protein, seems to be a more favorable option if you’re looking for a vegan protein powder.

When it comes to the grass-fed benefit, we suppose there could be some fat in whey protein. That would be the only thing grass-fed benefits. That and the cows. They love life out grazing, which is how it should be. 

Jocko Mölk Ingredients

Jocko Mölk’s formula includes a protein blend, a digestive blend, and a variety of amino acids. Let’s discuss what is included in the blends.

Origin Labs Mölk Supplement Facts

Protein Blend Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Casein, Egg Protein (22g)

With easily-broken down whey protein hitting your muscles directly after your workout, and casein and egg proteins taking their sweet time being digested, you get day-long protein release from just one scoop of Mölk—or at least, that’s what Jocko claims. 

It does make sense, though, so we’ll go with it while pointing out that this blend gives you a nice, wide amino acid profile along with naturally-occurring minerals too.

Digestive Blend L. Acidophilus (10 billion CFU), Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, and Protease (19mg)

All the protein in the world won’t do you much good if you can’t digest it, so Jocko helps you out by adding some acidophilus and enzymes. Acidophilus is known for helping digest milk products, and works along with the enzyme blend, with protease being particularly effective at breaking down protein. 

This, along with your healthy whole food diet that includes plenty of fiber and hydration, helps you to not only absorb the protein in Mölk, but all other nutrients as well. 

Does Jocko Mölk Work? 

With 22 grams of high-quality protein per scoop along with naturally-occurring minerals and added digestive blend, Mölk delivers what your muscles need along with healthy digestion to deliver it. They skip on the inane need of some companies to come up with “triple-chocolate-fudge-mocha-cotton-candy-birthday-cake” type flavors and instead stick with simple, natural flavors just to enhance the experience. 

Origin Labs Mölk Support Muscle Growth

The product is also nicely sugar-free and keto-friendly, though still pleasantly sweet, thanks to monk fruit. 

So yes, Mölk works, and works well—enjoy!

Who is Jocko Mölk Best For?

Anyone needing extra protein in their diet can benefit from Mölk. It’s got nice, clean ingredients so that health-conscious individuals don’t have to steer clear, though whey is a milk product and whey protein concentrate probably has some lactose in it. This means that the lactose intolerant should probably steer clear—or at least, proceed with caution. 

Otherwise, it’s ideal for gym rats, field athletes, endurance athletes, and dieters looking for extra protein without the carbs. This also includes diabetics, which this sugar-free product should be fine for, though do please make sure with your doctor first. 

Claims vs. Reality

Jocko may have a weird site, though what’s written on it appears to be factual—at least when it comes to Mölk. Yes, the name may be…odd, at best, though it does what Jocko claims it will and delivers without having to stoop to artificial ingredients, so we’re good with what they’ve got!

Origin Labs Mölk - Variety of Flavor

Is Jocko Mölk Safe?

For some, whey protein can cause the constant need to urinate and sore kidneys—not to mention dehydration from going to the bathroom so much. If this is you—or if you’re otherwise allergic or sensitive to any of Mölk’s ingredients, you may want to steer clear of this powder. Especially since Jocko/Origin Labs (or whoever) has virtually no return policy. 

Where to Buy Jocko Mölk

At $44.95 for about 31-scoops on the Jocko Fuel website, Mölk starts at a reasonable price, especially when you consider they don’t cheapen things up with artificial ingredients and sugar. 

Jocko Mölk Website

You can also take another 10% off along with free shipping when you sign up for auto-ship, and there’s an additional (if we understand it right) 10% off to be had if you’re willing to allow Jocko, or Origin Labs, or whatever the company’s name is to email you. 

Along with Jocko Fuel/Origin Lab’s website, Mölk is widely available through Walmart, Amazon, The Vitamin Shoppe, and others. 

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