Opove M3 Pro Review – How Does This Massage Gun Compare?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Massage guns have become a fast-growing trend. A few years ago, only a select few fitness enthusiasts would have heard of a percussive massager. Nowadays, these devices are far more common.

The trend started with companies like Theragun and Hyperice, who introduced high-end massage guns with steep price tags. Eventually, more companies started flooding the market with different models, many of which were more affordably priced. We recently reviewed the ReAthlete Deep4S massage gun, and now we’re taking a closer look at the Opove M3 Pro.

About Opove

Opove was launched in 2018 with a mission to provide products that support recovery. The “OP” in the company’s name and logo stands for “optimization”, which is exactly what the company strives for.

At the time of writing, the company has one main product in the fitness space: the Opove M3 Pro massage gun. Strangely enough, the company’s other two products are nail clippers and robo-vacuums.

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun

The Opove M3 Pro massage gun is a percussive massager that comes in three colors – black, silver, and red camouflage. This massage gun is quickly becoming one of the most popular affordable massage guns on the market. The product’s success is largely attributed to its presence on Amazon. The M3 Pro is one of the highest rated massage guns on Amazon, boasting a review rating of five stars with over 5000 reviews.

We decided to test out the product for ourselves to see what the hype was about.

M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

M3 Pro Massage Gun Features

We have reviewed multiple massage guns and our rankings come down to a few key features. Let’s take a closer look at the Opove Massage Gun.

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun

Product Quality

All massage guns are not created equal. We pay close attention to the quality of materials used in each device.

The M3 Pro uses quality materials that are appropriate for the price point. While it doesn’t have the same high-end feel as a Theragun, it is also far more affordable. The product feels like it is built to last and we were happy with the quality.


Percussive massagers are not typical massagers. They don’t utilize a vibrating head, but instead a head that pulses up and back. The depth of the pulse (known as stroke length) can determine the quality of the massage. The deeper the stroke length, the deeper the massage.

The M3 Pro has a stroke length of 12mm, which is standard for percussive massagers. We’ve tested massage guns with stroke lengths between 12mm-16mm and found that the performance is similar (as low as 10mm for the truMedic truRelief massage gun).

Speed Settings

The M3 Pro massage gun has three adjustable speed settings.

  • Level 1 pulses at 1800RPM
  • Level 2 pulses at 2400RPM
  • Level 3 pulses at 3200RPM

Speed is one thing that can vary from massage gun to massage gun. Some options may only offer one or two speeds, whereas others, such as the truMedic Massage Gun, have up to 6 speed options. The M3 Pro includes three options for versatility. You can use lower speeds (level 1) for sensitive areas and higher speeds (level 3) to really work the muscles. This variability can also be great if you share the device with someone who has different preferences. One individual may prefer a higher speed than another so it’s nice to have options.

M3 Pro Speeds

Battery Life

The M3 Pro has a 3 hour battery life. This should be more than enough to last for 1-2 weeks, as most individuals won’t use the device for more than 15 minutes per day. Furthermore, it’s not a hassle to recharge the device whenever the battery runs out.

This battery life is on par with devices from Theragun. Other massage guns like the Reathlete DEEP 4S, have a longer battery life.

What we liked about the M3 Pro is that the battery is removable. This means you could purchase multiple batteries to avoid missing out on massages when the battery dies. That said, it doesn’t look like Opove sells replacement batteries on Amazon or their website, so it’s unclear where customers can purchase additional batteries.

M3 Pro Battery


Believe it or not, sound is a major factor to consider when purchasing a massage gun. If you’ve ever used a Theragun Pro unit, you know they are SUPER loud. It’s enough to wake up a sleeping significant other or interrupt a TV show.

The M3 Pro is incredibly quiet. It can easily be used while engaging in other activities (such as TV watching).


Some massage guns offer a rotating neck that allows you to use the massage gun from different angles. Unfortunately, the M3 Pro cannot be adjusted. This isn’t a “make or break” feature, but it would have been nice to see some adjustability. Adjustability makes it easier to reach certain muscle groups (i.e. back muscles).

That said, the M3 Pro is customizable. it comes with four different massage heads that can be used for different muscle groups.

M3 Pro Massage Heads

Benefits of the M3 Pro Massage Gun

The M3 Pro massage gun is great for recovery. We tested the unit after some strenuous workouts and found that it was both relaxing and effective.

This device is great for speeding up recovery time, especially when you lift heavy. Give this a try after leg day or back day and you will be amazed at the difference it makes. You can combine it with the Chirp Wheel for even more benefits!

M3 Pro Price and Value

M3 Pro Carrying Case

The M3 Pro is price at $199.99, which is incredibly fair. This is the lowest cost massage gun we tested and it is well worth the price.

You can purchase an M3 Pro unit on the company’s official website. Use code “Opove” to save 10%.

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Final Thoughts

The M3 Pro is one of the top massage guns for the price. You won’t find too many massage guns for $200 that actually deliver the results you want. The M3 Pro has adjustable speeds, incredible power, and a low volume profile. If your budget caps out at $200, this is a great unit to choose.

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