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Redcon1 Halo Review – Will This Supplement Help Your Muscle Development?

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Enhancing the ability to develop lean muscle has always been a desire, and supplements tend to be the solution for achieving this task. Muscle building truly is a difficult task because it takes consistency and hard work just to gain a small amount each month, which is why products like Redcon1 Halo have been placed onto the market. Let’s take a closer look with our Redcon1 Halo review.

Redcon1 Halo

Redcon1 Halo Benefits

The benefits from Redcon1 Halo are supposed to be increasing your protein synthesis levels drastically, suppressing cortisol release, and improving nitrogen retention. The end result is enhancing the natural production of hormones that increase muscular growth, fat loss, and strength.

Redcon1 Halo benefits

Nitrogen Retention

The air you breathe is around 78% nitrogen. Nitrogen retention is desired for muscle development since this will aid your body during protein synthesis, production of hormones, brain health, and boosts the immune system. 

Nitrogen needs to be balanced within the body for this optimal muscle growth. However, during training more nitrogen is depleted than stored over time, which may cause muscle loss instead of gain.

Cortisol Suppression

Cortisol in high amounts is negative for your body and adds stress to it. This causes fat retention or even causes fat to increase. Muscle development and strength improvements can even become static or drop due to cortisol. 

The ideal state your body needs to be in for muscle development and fat loss is with low cortisol levels and nitrogen present within the muscles.

Protein Synthesis 

The main benefit from using a laxogenin supplement is enhanced protein synthesis. This process is when the cells in your body use amino acids to form whole proteins. Following a workout your muscle fibers become microscopically damaged and in need of protein for repair.

Your muscles will use the whole proteins during protein synthesis, and once repaired the new muscle fibers will be stronger and denser. This is how they grow slowly each day and appear larger.

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Other Laxogenin Benefits

The other benefit from laxogenin use is that it is considered safe for the body with little known negative side effects. Prohormones, steroids, SARMs, etc. can cause damage to your body such as your heart or liver. Halo uses a legal ingredient that is safer to use for most, and is supposed to have the closest results that resembles these other products.

Redcon1 Halo Ingredients

Halo only has one active ingredient, which is Similax Sieboldii extract (laxogenin). This is common with these products since they are not sold with added ingredients. You are given 100mg dosages of laxogenin to get the best chances for optimal lean muscle development.

Laxogenin will assist with creating an optimal state for your body to actually build muscle. Reducing cortisol levels and retaining nitrogen are what many have difficulty accomplishing without the assistance from this type of supplement.

An optimal state is going to lead to your body undergoing protein synthesis beyond what you would normally experience without laxogenin.

You will find this type of supplement labeled as being anabolic and hormone enhancing, which denotes the same concept to a legal steroid that comes from plant hormones. Other names for laxogenin can be Phytodrol, 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin, and Similax Sieboldii.

Redcon1 Halo supplement facts

Does Redcon1 Halo Work?

The ingredient lacks enough research to truly know if this will work for you or not. However, consumer reports suggest that most tend to see muscle development and slight changes in their strength levels. This is hard to determine due to placebo effects and if the person was new to resistance training.

Redcon1 Halo does have 4 or more stars from consumer ratings across several websites, which makes it have a good possibility of working for your body.

Claims vs. Reality

The biggest claim from Redcon1 Halo is that it will boost protein synthesis by 300%. This type of feat is only seen from steroids and other similar products, which leaves some to be skeptical if this really does happen from a plant-based hormone.

A study conducted on lab mice concluded that laxogenin essentially did improve protein synthesis and decrease the chances for muscle waste. Also, muscle fibers did grow larger for the mice given this ingredient opposed to the other group of mice.

You may or may not increase your protein synthesis levels by 300%, but there is hope that it will improve more than without using this product.

Who Is Redcon1 Halo Best for?

Halo is best for those who have at least an intermediate level for resistance training, and also for those that are seeking to gain muscle mass and improve their workout performance. You would not want to invest the money on this product if you are new to training and not experiencing difficulties putting on weight.

The reason why is your body will develop quickly the first 3-6 months of resistance training alongside a proper diet. This would be useless to use when your body could already accomplish a lot of changes from being new to working out.

Is Redcon1 Halo Safe?

You would want to seek your physician’s advice on taking this product if you have any present medical conditions. So far, the use of this product has not shown any side effects to be careful with, and the product does not seem to cause any type of negative effects on your liver or other organs.

Always follow the product directions since it comes from the manufacturer. Also, only purchase laxogenin supplements from trustworthy brands. Lab results have revealed that some companies are using false ingredients and labeling them as laxogenin due to the increased desire for this safer alternative to prohormones.

Armistane is one ingredient that has been found in products claiming to be 100% laxogenin, which is an ingredient used to decrease estrogen production and possibly toxic for the liver.


Where To Buy Redcon1 Halo

The Redcon1 website and other various supplement retailers have this product for sale at $64.00, which is the actual manufacture price. However, Redcon1 on Amazon is selling the same bottle for $37.99.

Redcon1 logo

Redcon1 Halo: Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking to gain muscle mass or improve your workout performance, then Redcon1 Halo may be worth the try. Studies on the effects of brassinosteroids and hyphenated chromatography help show the efficacy of this product. And while there are a variety of supplements available that focus on muscle mass, such as Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, we do like Redcon1 Halo. We can’t guarantee that this supplement will actually increase protein synthesis by 300%, but we say give Redcon1 Halo a try for your muscle development and physical endurance!

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Redcon1 Halo Review
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Redcon1 Halo is a high anabolic, low estrogen natural muscle builder. This supplement is formulated to increase the body’s protein synthesis, which speeds up bulking or muscle gain. Halo is popularly taken by people who have difficulty in gaining weight or muscles and those who do bodybuilding and weight lifting. Learn more about this product and if it is the right one for you in our review of Redcon1 Halo.


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