BodyGym Review – Is This Really An All-In-One Gym?

A lot of people today neither have the time nor the equipment to work out every day. It may be because they don’t live near a gym or can’t afford their own equipment, but a lot of people could use an effective workout tool they could use in their homes.

BodyGym is resistance band training equipment created by BodyGym. The BodyGym bar design is highly portable, light, and is designed for both casual and more intensive exercise. The product website claims it has an “entire gym worth of exercises.”

That is a pretty extravagant claim. Additionally, there are quite a few home-workout products out there, such as the Chirp Wheel and the Hydrow Rower, so how do you know if BodyGym is really the right choice? Today we are going to take a look at BodyGym and see if it really is worth the hype with this review.

BodyGym features

What Is BodyGym?

BodyGym has created an exercise package that makes it easy to get a quick workout wherever you are. The product contains a simple set up that you can use every day, right in your living room.

BodyGym is a ‘portable gym’ based on resistance band training. The BodyGym set comes with:

  • Bar + resistance bands: These two components form the core of the set because. Most exercises you do will be stretching the bands with the bar. The simple design allows for a ton of different exercise combinations.
  • Instruction booklet: this booklet gives a bunch of ideas for simple workouts and instructions on how to use the bar. Instructions in the booklet start off small and slowly build up to more complex.
  • DVD: You also get 2 DVD workout programs, both of which show you intricate exercises and routines for workout regiments.

The BodyGym package is really simple but has a lot of flexibility in the approach you can take to workouts. The length of the resistance bands can be changed to raise or lower the intensity by simply rolling the bar towards or away from you. It’s one of those things that are so simple you think you could make it in your home by yourself if you wanted.

BodyGym model

BodyGym Advantages

  • The simple design is compact and highly portable
  • Multiple possible exercise modalities
  • Easy to modify exercise intensity
  • Comes with training booklet and instructional DVDs
  • Comes with a durable travel bag


  • Some people just don’t like resistance band training
  • Latex causes allergies for some people
  • No real ab workouts

Who Makes BodyGym?

BodyGym is made, fittingly, by BodyGym, a fitness equipment company located out of New Berlin, Wisconsin. BodyGym is a relatively new company that focuses mainly on selling the BodyGym workout equipment sets. To be honest, we could not find much information about the company on the internet. The BBB page is empty, and we could not find a Trustpilot page. The website does not have an ‘About’ section either, so no mission statement or company info.

bodygym logo

How Does BodyGym Work?

BodyGym works using resistance band training. The durable rubber bands mimic the force of lifting weights and can be used to build powerful muscle and endurance. The BodyGym Bar has resistance bands hooked around the two ends at different adjustable positions.

The ends of the bands can be attached to other surfaces like chairs, doors, frames, etc. This allows you to perform various traditional barbell exercises like bench presses, leg presses, shoulder presses, curls, lateral raises, etc. Resistance training catches a lot of flak from weight lifting fans but can still be a highly effective way of getting big and strong.

bodygym for female

Resistance bands also have unique dynamical properties that make them useful for workouts. According to Hooke’s law, the more force you apply to a resistance band, the more force it generates in return. Compare this to weights that require the same force throughout the entire motion. The result is that resistance bands apply more force during critical parts of the motion, which ultimately makes the workout more dynamic. This is one reason why resistance bands are often used for strength training purposes.

The BodyGym bar is light and portable, perfect for taking with you on the go. The BodyGym set only comes with a single resistance band, but you can buy generic bands to increase the resistance. The DVDs are a nice gift with the purchase but ultimately are not that important. One of them contains Marie Osmond, and the other is a 250-minute long program that takes you through the core workouts.

bodygym for male

What Are People Saying About BodyGym?

BodyGym has positive reviews on the manufacturer’s website. Most people praise how easy it is to use and how effective the workouts are. A lot of reviewers talk about how it’s the perfect device to use when they are on the go or when they only have 20-30 minutes to workout. A number of people say they use it first thing in the morning to work out kinks and aches from sleeping.

Is BodyGym Safe?

The BodyGym has 0 side effects and is 100% safe to use. The only danger is the potential for strain and muscle injury from overexertion, which is a possibility with any exercise device.

Where To Buy BodyGym

bodygym website

You can currently buy BodyGym from the manufacturer’s website. The Basics package which includes the bar, resistance band, DVDs, and booklet for $39.99. This is a really good deal because, unlike supplements, you can reuse the BodyGym over and over and won’t have to restock every month. So as far as costs go, it is very reasonable.

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BodyGym: Is It Worth It?

Yes, BodyGym is worth it. The simple design and resistance based training are an effective way to build up your strength. You can use it in small bursts, and in case there is not a larger gym around. The bar is made from a durable material that won’t crack or break from stress, and you can replace the resistance bands if you want to up the intensity. BodyGym is a smart choice when you need a smart way to workout.

BodyGym Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Materials
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost


BodyGym is an all in one fitness accessory manufactured and sold by BodyGym, which you can use at home or outdoors. This product can save you time and money by doing your workout anywhere instead of at the gym. BodyGym offers 3 packages that are patented as a BodyGym Bar. The package includes high-quality latex resistance bands, a workout sticker guide, a travel bag, a tape measure, a BodyGym workout guidebook, a Targeted Workouts DVD, and an exclusive BodyGym Workout app. Learn if this is the right home workout product for you with our review of BodyGym.

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