Benefits Of Resistance Bands – Top 5 Reasons To Add One To Your Workout

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Benefits of Resistance Bands

Many people are passing on gym memberships and doing workouts from home. From bodyweight exercises to long-distance runs to online classes to circuit training, there are many activities to choose from. 

While these home workouts are effective in keeping your body in shape, there is arguably one workout that is not only effective but easy on your body, resistance band training. Resistance bands are a hit today as they have been effectively proven by fitness enthusiasts to increase muscle mass and slim down your figure. 

So, let’s learn more about resistance bands. We’ll discuss what they are, how to use them, and all the major benefits of resistance bands.

Let’s jump right in!

Resistance Bands

What Are Resistance Bands?

If you’re wondering what resistance bands are used for, it’s rather simple. Resistance bands are simply bands that are used to increase muscle strength and flexibility. 

To elaborate a little further, resistance bands are a popular workout tool that enables the user to incorporate strength, stretching, and growth training of the muscles by using stretchable forceful bands through different sets of rigor exercises.

There are many types of resistance bands and what makes them so popular nowadays is that you can perform a resistance band workout anywhere including in the comfort of your home. They are lightweight and easy to carry compared to much of the popular gym equipment that is heavy and difficult to move. 

Resistance bands are effectively proven to stretch and strengthen as well as encourage muscle growth in the muscles as long as you’re doing the right type of exercises at a considerable amount of reps and sets.

Resistance Band

When comparing resistance band workouts to others, they’re quite similar to weighted workouts. The difference between the two is with the one you use weights to strengthen your muscle mass while you use your body weight for the other. While both bring about great results, resistance bands are slightly more convenient, which can make them easier to tote around. These bands became especially popular during the pandemic as they are easy to carry around, can fit in small places, and you can use them just about anywhere. While weights are also great tools in building body mass and staying in shape, they are a lot harder to carry around or even store, due to their heavy and bulky shapes. 

Different Types Of Resistance Bands

There are many different types of resistance bands. The following are different sets of resistance bands and while they perform the same function and deliver similar benefits to your workout routine, they all have a little variation that makes them suitable to some and not to others.

Different Types Of Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands with Handles – These types of resistance bands are especially of good use for people who want to build serious muscle mass at home. The handles provide the user with a steady and strong grip that allows them to perform exercises similar to the compound exercises done in the gym. They are also stackable which allows the user to combine bands to increase or decrease the resistance level of the band which also makes it good for an overall overload progression. In this case, you increase your resistance to the exercises you incorporate daily to achieve muscle growth.

Therapy Flat Resistance Bands – As the name suggests, this type of resistance bands are often seen and used at therapy clinics and sports therapy offices. They are often flat and have wide bands that are usually smaller compared to the ones with handles. These bands are mainly used to train and strengthen the legs and buttocks, although they can also be used for overall body workout.

Power & Mobility Bands – These bands are mainly used for cross-training as well as powerlifting, they are also very effective in stretching and correcting posture and mobility. These are great to keep in your office if you find yourself sitting for most of the day.

Benefits Of Resistance Bands

1. Safer Than Dumbells And Weights

Did you know that gym equipment accounts for more ER injuries than it is perceived to be? This is why training with elastics is much better because there are no chances of injuries while using these bands. They also provide the same if not even greater muscle activity than weight training, providing upper body as well as lower body muscle growth. Instead of taking a toll on your joints like many other types of gym equipment, these bands go easy on your body.

2. Provide Greater Muscle Stimulus

The varying movements accompanied by the resistance bands is greatly beneficial as it provides full range to all the muscle fibers. This means that almost every strip of muscle fibers are being torn down and moved compared to regular use of gym equipment such as barbels.

With the use of resistance bands the muscle is provided with greater resistance and movements that enable itself to stimulate greater strength adaptations which means more strength and more muscle growth.

3. Provide Greater Athletic Performance

The instability accompanied by increased load and variable resistance enables the user to extend his or her athletic prowess over time. This is especially true for people who experience both powerlifting accompanied by the use of resistant bands produces more effective strength gains.

Another study also concluded that the use of resistance bands improves neuromuscular strength which then improves the user’s overall neuromuscular strength. This is why it is very effective to use resistance bands with speed and agility drills.

4. Lightweight, Easy To Use, Convenient, And Inexpensive

What makes resistance bands so popular nowadays is their effectiveness as well as their convenience to use. You can almost work at it anywhere and anytime which is a great upper advantage to regular lifting which requires you to go to a gym with a schedule and all.

Resistant bands are also extremely light-weight which makes them so easy to carry everywhere, you can do it in your own office in your free time, your local playground, basically anytime and anywhere go-to workout solution. This is helpful to people who have a hectic schedule and are staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

5. More Exercise Options

Resistance bands are extremely adaptable and are almost limitless in terms of certain body positions compared to using dumbbells or barbells that are usually limited to certain body positions.

Using resistance bands enables you to perform more certain intense tasks without the risk of injury, this is very ideal for people wanting to build muscle at the shortest amount of time possible or people who just generally want to lean down and keep their physical fitness at the fortress.

This also makes it helpful for elderly people who want to rehabilitate their body. aAs resistance bands enable them to exercise their body mobility which includes stretching, hand coordination movements and muscle and joint movements without the risk of injuring the joints which is very common among elders.

Stretching using resistance bands is also very effective and minimal invasive as they provide full flexibility and range of motion.

Main Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands

  • Promotes muscle growth and strength
  • Provides great mobility
  • Provides stretchability
  • Improves your posture and overall body tone
  • Good for everyone as they can be carried and used anytime and anywhere compared to the traditional heavy equipment found at the gym

Best Resistance Bands

Black Mountain Products Stackable Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Rubber Resistance Band Set

This bag of loop resistance bands comes in various sizes. These different sizes allow you to do different stretches as well as complete them at different ranges of strength. Black Mountain is a well-respected brand that makes quality equipment. 


Crossfit Pull Up Resistance Band

Crossfit Pull Up Resistance Band

If you are looking for traditional resistance bands, then these are the ones for you! These bands promise to help you increase your muscle strength by just using the bands included.


Fitness Dreamer Resistance Bands

Fitness Dreamer Resistance Bands

This set of pink bands are great for anyone who wants to increase strength in their body. Not only are they attractive bands, but they come in 5 different sizes, which will enable each user to get stronger and stronger.


Zaksy Fabric Resistance Body Band Set

Zaksy Fabric Resistance Body Band Set

These bands are perfect for full-body at-home workouts, promising to strengthen your entire body. You can also use them for functional training, stretching, pull-up assistance, physical therapy, and more. 


Should You Try A Resistance Band Workout? 

If you are trying to build and increase your muscle strength, resistance bands can be a great option. They are light-weight, easy to store, and inexpensive compared to most types of gym equipment. 

If you have any type of joint issues, these can also be a great alternative to other pieces, like weights. They are easy on your body, while at the same time increasing strength and mobility. 

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