AlphaViril Review – Is This Testosterone Booster Worth Using?

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By Scot Mills

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alphaviril review

Welcome to the world of T, brought to you by Dr. Feelgood—AKA Dr. Robbins, who’s here to get you pumped up, safely and naturally. He proposes doing this using his “doctor-formulated” testosterone supplement, AlphaViril.

Is AlphaViril any different from the masses of other T-boosters out there, though? Does it really work? And is it truly worth the cost? In this AlphaViril review, we’ll answer all of those questions and more so you can find out if you should add this supplement to your routine or give it a pass.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive into this AlphaViril review!

About AlphaViril 

AlphaViril combines adaptogens, minerals, plant compounds, amino acids, and a little DHEA and Adrenal hormones in a formula that will boost your T-levels—though just how safely or naturally is the question. 

Dr. Robbins AlphaViril Supplement

Along with some extra hormones in AlphaViril are compounds that do indeed work safely and naturally, just not as effectively as DHEA. 

This allows the manufacturer to sell you a product that works great while appearing to be completely safe—until you get to those last two ingredients on the label, that is.  

AlphaViril Benefits

Balanced Hormones

…balanced in favor of androgens, that is. Though most of what’s in AlphaViril works to enhance your body’s natural output and optimize it for your age and makeup, DHEA works more like a steroid, since that’s what it is. By ingesting more of it than your body is already producing, you get more testosterone than what your body would normally produce. 

Lose Fat

There is an inverse relationship between body fat and testosterone, and pumping up your androgens can have the profound effect of deflating your spare tire. 

AlphaViril Lost Fat

Increased Blood Flow

Along with adaptogens, amino acids, and minerals to help your body optimize its testosterone production are compounds that boost nitric oxide levels. This means relaxed blood vessels for increased blood flow, including to your old buddy, Peter Pocketweasel. 

And along with that, you get lower blood pressure, which is good since one of the side-effects of DHEA overuse is high blood pressure. Don’t worry, though; you’ll probably notice the acne and hair loss even more than the palpitating heart. 

AlphaViril Ingredients

Along with some vitamin D, B-complex, zinc, selenium, and copper, AlphaViril has its 636.6 mg “vegan blend,” which reads like the kitchen sink of all test formulas: Tribulus, ashwagandha, horny goat weed, boron, maca, L-citrulline, and the list goes on right down to the DHEA listed near the end (just before 3, 5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine, which is a thyroid hormone). As a blend, you won’t know the exact amounts of each ingredient you may be getting, which may be why many other t-boosters such as Chemix Natabolic Testosterone Booster, Nugenix Total-T, and Weider Prime opt for more simple, straight-forward formulas that do not include blends.

Dr. Robbins AlphaViril Supplement Facts

While most of the ingredients in AlphaViril’s blend either balance your hormones (ashwagandha), boost your nitric oxide production (horny goat weed), or naturally stimulate the release of more free-testosterone into your system (boron), none do what DHEA does, which is to add testosterone to your system. That’s because it’s a precursor that, like testosterone in men and estrogen in women, decreases as we age, which goes along with age-related sex-hormone decline. And that is, of course, because it converts into said sex hormones. 

And so, by adding more of it than your body can produce, you’re essentially juicing—just on a lower, more legal level. Legal, that is, so long as you’re not a tested athlete, since there are few sports beyond Big Time Rasslin’ where this stuff isn’t heavily frowned upon by governing bodies. And by heavily frowned upon, we mean you don’t get to keep your medals or the right to compete should your violations be continuous or egregious enough.

But the likelihood of you turning into Lou Ferrigno overnight is virtually non-existent, and the key here is to use some common sense and stick by what the label recommends you take, which is 1-capsule per day. Doing that and only taking what the doctor tells you is okay—and possibly cycling, though we’re guessing the recommended dose is low enough to avoid cycling along with any legal ramifications—is your safest bet. Since there is no indication on the bottle that you need to cycle the product, and their Amazon site clearly states “Safe For Daily Use,” we can only assume that the DHEA dose is low enough to avoid negative side effects. 

Does AlphaViril Work?

The short answer here is “yes,” though when has a short answer ever been enough?

What we’re looking at here is a bunch of components common to most “natural” test boosters, which amounts to adaptogens, minerals, plant compounds, and amino acids that balance hormones and stimulate the production of androgens. What these do is help your body produce androgens at its optimum levels for your age and make-up, with the bummer being that they can’t take it any further than that. 

Dr. Robbins AlphaViril - balance hormones

On the other hand, AlphaViril contains something that most leave out, which is DHEA—a precursor to testosterone that your body produces less of as you age. 

In other words, its slow demise probably has something to do with the ebbing of your testosterone levels too. 

Therefore, when you add DHEA to your system, it allows you to go above the levels your body produces naturally, which is the same for its conversion to androgens. Though the DHEA in AlphaViril is likely produced from wild yams (and let’s hope they didn’t harvest it from cadavers or something…), it still has to be synthesized in a lab from the plant’s compounds, so we’re also not seeing the word “natural” as being an entirely good fit for this product. 

But yes, it will boost your testosterone levels, just stick by the recommended dose rather than wolfing this stuff down by the handful.  

Who is AlphaViril Best For?

Okay, kids, let’s be sure everyone here is over 18. If so, and you’re suffering from age-related androgen decline, this may just add a bit of pep back into your step. 

For gym rats and others looking for gains—not to mention those trying to break into the Big Time Rasslin’ trade–this may be just what the doctor ordered…legally.   

Claims vs. Reality

We are curious about the Dr’s claim of AlphaViril promoting hormone balance, though this may also speak to the size of the dose of DHEA in the product. Though it has adaptogens and other components that do promote balanced adrenal output, a high dose of DHEA would seem to throw things out of whack, no matter what. 

Dr. Robbins AlphaViril - Bigger Muscles & Less Fat

Is AlphaViril Safe?

Dr. Robbins seems pretty confident in telling us that this stuff is side effect-free, though we’re nonetheless leery when it comes to raising our androgen levels to unnaturally high levels. That’s because side effects of DHEA use include acne, oily skin, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, facial hair in women, and baldness in men. 

But again, his confidence likely stems from a minimal dose of DHEA along with his faith in you not to consume AlphaViril by the jarful. 

Where to Buy AlphaViril

Okay, the good news is that at $49.97 for 80-day’s-worth, this stuff is quite the deal—that is, so long as the good Dr. isn’t sneaking us sugar pills and counting on the placebo effect for repeat sales. 

Dr. Robbins AlphaViril - Can buy on Amazon

If you’d like to take the plunge and see what a sharp dose of DHEA and adrenal hormones at a great price can do for you, AlphaViril is available through Amazon, Walgreens, and a smattering of other online vendors.

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