Essential Amin.O Energy Review – Is It Worth Trying?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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essential amin.o energy review

Getting into a regular fitness routine is essential for overall health and well-being. However, it can be tough sometimes to muster the courage to knock out that early morning gym sess. Whether you’ve been an avid exercise junky or you’re fresh into a new routine, we can all use a little energy boost from time to time. 

Many consumers have started reaching for products like Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O Energy, which contains caffeine to power your workout and essential amino acids to support muscle recovery. Supplements like this have gained a lot of traction in the fitness industry, but does this product actually provide benefits more than just a morning cup of coffee?

Let’s find out in this Essential Amin.o Energy review!

About Essential Amin.O Energy

Optimum Nutrition is a performance nutrition supplement company founded in 1986 and based out of the United Kingdom. According to their website, Optimum Nutrition is part of Glanbia global nutrition group and has been setting the Gold Standard in sports nutrition for more than 30 years – helping performance-focused athletes achieve their goals. In addition to Essential Amin.o Energy, Optimum Nutrition has produced a wide variety of other supplements, some of which we have reviewed.

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Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O Energy supplement is a product that focuses on increasing energy and supporting muscle recovery. It contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving from natural sources along with 5 grams of essential amino acids. It comes in a variety of different flavors and contains only 5-10 calories per serving with zero added sugars. 

Essential Amin.O Energy

Essential Amin.O Energy Benefits

Optimum Nutrition claims their Amin.O Energy powder supports energy, focus, and muscle recovery. It includes caffeine from natural sources (either coffee or tea) and essential amino acids for easy absorption and repletion post-workout. According to the package, Optimum Nutrition recommends taking its Essential Amin.O Energy supplement first thing in the morning before a workout or any time during the day for a pick-me-up. 

Essential Amin.O Energy Benefits

In addition to the above benefits, Essential Amin.O energy powder is portable and convenient. Simply mix in 10-12 ounces of cold water and wait at least 30 seconds for the powder to dissolve completely.

Essential Amin.O Energy Ingredients

The ingredients in Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O Energy will vary slightly by flavor, but their main ingredients include 100 mg of caffeine from either coffee or tea and 5 grams of essential amino acids. 

Essential Amin.O Energy Supplement Facts

Essential Amino Acids

During resistance exercise, the heavy load on our body creates tiny tears in our muscle fibers. Following activity and throughout the day it’s imperative to consume adequate amounts of protein to repair and build muscle to repair this damage. 

Enter amino acids. 

There are 9 essential amino acids required to make a complete protein, which is needed for our body to recover. Consuming foods or supplements rich in these amino acids can not only improve recovery time but research suggests it can also help boost strength and performance.

Additionally, certain amino acids, such as the non-essential amino acids leucine and glutamine, are believed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which is the process of creating muscle. Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O energy contains all 9 essential amino acids plus leucine and glutamine. 


Optimum Nutrition provides 100 mg of caffeine from coffee, about the amount of 1 standard cup of coffee, 50 mg of green tea leaf extract, and 10 mg of green coffee bean extract. 

Caffeine is a common stimulant added to products such as pre-workout powders to help boost energy during exercise. Increased energy can lead to increased performance. Additionally, smaller doses of caffeine are linked to improved focus. 

Many studies have found a positive impact of consuming caffeine before a workout however, the research is inconclusive currently and more studies are needed to confirm the potential benefits of caffeine on exercise performance.

Does Essential Amin.O Energy Work?

Based on the ingredients in Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O Energy supplement and the subsequent research available, this supplement will likely provide positive results for most healthy individuals if used as directed on the package. 

Despite the inconclusive studies regarding caffeine and exercise performance, the caffeine content in Essential Amin.O energy is equal to a large cup of coffee and comes from natural sources. If you don’t consume excessive amounts of caffeine from other sources throughout the day, this product will likely give you a nice energy boost. 

Additionally, many research studies indicate the benefits of consuming amino acids pre- or post-workout for muscle recovery. 

Who is Essential Amin.o Energy Best For?

This product is best for healthy, active individuals who are looking to boost their energy levels and post-workout recovery. Those who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant, or breastfeeding should avoid taking this product. Always speak to your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a supplement to your routine, especially if you are taking medication for a chronic condition as some ingredients might result in medication interactions. 

essential amin.o energy

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Claims vs. Reality

Optimum Nutrition claims their Amin.O Energy powder supports energy, focus, and muscle recovery. Many bodies of research support the ingredients in this product for providing these types of benefits. Although there is still some research needed, most individuals will likely notice improvements with taking this product so long as they don’t already consume high amounts of caffeine. As with any dietary supplement, individual results will vary. 

Essential Amin.O Energy Bottle

Is Essential Amin.O Energy Safe?

Consuming moderate amounts of caffeine along with amino acids is considered safe and is not associated with any adverse side effects. However, those who are sensitive to caffeine may want to steer clear of products such as this one as it has the potential to cause uncomfortable side effects.

If you consume caffeine from other sources throughout the day, this product could exacerbate side effects from being overly caffeinated. Common caffeinated products include coffee, tea, energy drinks, and some sodas. Consuming high amounts of caffeine can cause an upset stomach, anxiety, jitteriness, headache, and insomnia. 

Where to Buy Essential Amin.O Energy

You can purchase Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amin.O Energy supplement here. You can purchase a 30-serving container for $27.99 or a 65-serving container for $49.99. Optimum Nutrition also offers free shipping if you spend over $75 and a 15% discount on your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Essential Amin.O Energy Website

Essential Amin.O energy comes in a variety of flavors including blue raspberry, blueberry lemonade, blueberry mojito, concord grape, fruit fusion, green apple, juicy strawberry, orange, strawberry lime, watermelon, and wild berry. 

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