WelleCo Super Elixir Review – Is This Greens Powder Right For You?

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By Alexis Massie, MS

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welleco super elixir review

I know what you’re thinking, another greens powder, but WelleCo Super Elixir is a little different from the rest.

This is an all-vegan solution that helps to support beauty through wellness. When it says through wellness, it means that it supports 11 systems in the body ranging from the digestive system to skin health. This product contains natural ingredients and gives your body a daily boost of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Did I mention that this product contains no added sugars and comes in three flavors: Pineapple and lime, lemon and ginger, and blood orange.

WelleCo Super Elixir has also won the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Award in 2022 for the best natural health product, best health tonic, best supplement for adrenal fatigue, and best super greens mix.

So, with all that being said, is WelleCo Super Elixir really worth the purchase? Let’s dive into this WelleCo Super Elixir review so you can learn more about this supplement’s ingredients, benefits, and more.

the super elixir

WelleCo Super Elixir Benefits

WelleCo Super Elixir claims to provide a plethora of benefits, which we will further detail below.

Enhanced Energy Levels

This product’s formula includes green tea, which contains caffeine to help increase energy levels. It also contains maca, which has been shown to increase energy levels. Biotin is also beneficial in converting the foods we eat into energy which aids with energy production. 

Improved Digestion and Gut Health

This elixir contains a proprietary gut blend that consists of a few different probiotics to assist with gut health and keep a healthy balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut. Dandelion, ginger root, and L-glutamine are also main ingredients that help to improve digestion and keep the lining of the gut strong. 

The Super Elixir Green Powder

Stronger Hair and Nails, Clearer Skin

With ingredients like copper, biotin, and L-glutamine to support collagen and keratin production, this product can support the growth of hair and nails. Acai berries help to protect the skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots. Dandelion and green tea help with inflammation to fight off redness and swelling from acne.

Healthy Immune System

There are numerous ingredients in this elixir that have antioxidant properties that fight to keep a healthy immune system. These ingredients help the body fight off free radicals all over the body to help keep the body functioning efficiently and to help prevent damage to cells. 

WelleCo Super Elixir Ingredients

WelleCo Super Elixir contains over 40 ingredients, so we are going to break these down into the six main ingredients that the elixir highlights on their website, as well as discuss the three blends it contains.

the super elixir ingredients


L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid that naturally occurs in the human body. It plays many roles in the body that include energy metabolism, fueling intestinal and immune cells, and muscle growth and repair. When it comes to our intestinal cells, L-glutamine helps to close loose junctions that are in the gut lining. In tightening these junctions, it prevents pathogens from entering the intestines. Our immune cells depend on glutamine for survival ad function. L-glutamine also reduces inflammation by regulating the inflammatory pathways.

As far as the skin goes, L-glutamine can help to boost collagen production. Collagen is made up of amino acids and one of those amino acids is glutamine. By supporting collagen production, we can keep our skin looking healthy and younger. 


Yes, this is the pesky weed that is all over your yard when you don’t want it to be. What most don’t know is that plant is rich in soluble fiber that helps to support the growth and maintenance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Dandelions contain polyphenols that help to fight inflammation. Another property that dandelions contain is inulin. Inulin is a source of prebiotic fiber that has been shown to reduce constipation and increase the movement of food through the digestive system. 

That said, there is insufficient data as to the mechanisms of action of inulin. Dandelions may also help to protect our skin from sunlight, acne, and aging damage but research is lacking in this area. This plant has low toxicity, and no clear dosage exists to aid in benefits. Now I am not saying to go out and pick some dandelions when you are constipated, but just think twice before you go knocking the dandelion down as, “just a weed.”  

Ginger Root 

Ginger root has been used in Chinese and Indian cultures for over 25 centuries as a medicinal remedy. One potential benefit is that ginger root has an antioxidant effect through the compound polyphenol. This antioxidant property can help to reduce oxidative stress, therefore, reducing the number of free radicals that can be produced in the body. Ginger also contains compounds that stop bacteria from multiplying. When I say bacteria, I mean the “bad” bacteria such as; E. coli, staphylococci, streptococci, and salmonella. 

Ginger can also aid in digestive health. One thing we know is that ginger can help to improve symptoms of nausea, but it can also help with chronic indigestion. For indigestion to happen, there is a delay in the emptying of the stomach. Ginger helps to speed up the emptying of the stomach, to help stop indigestion from happening. Ginger also has antiseptic properties that can help reduce acne-causing skin bacteria and keep hair healthy by stimulating blood circulation.  


Maca has been shown to increase energy levels. In a 2016 study, it showed that a 3gm per day supplement of maca for 12 weeks improved mood and energy in 175 people. Another study done on Chinese women in 2015 showed that a 3.3gm supplement of maca for 6 weeks had reduced symptoms of depression. Maca also has antioxidant properties and can fight off free radicals from UV rays that contribute to skin damage. 

Acai Berries

These magical little berries, or should I say drupes, contain a powerful boost of antioxidants. These drupes get their antioxidant powers from anthocyanins, which also gives them their dark purple color. Just to give an idea of how much antioxidants these contain, we can turn to the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score. 100 grams of frozen pulp of acai has a score of 15,405 and the same number of blueberries have a score of 4,669. So more than double the number of blueberries. These antioxidant properties guard the body against free radical damage that causes wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. They work to keep the skin looking young and fresh. 

Green Tea

This ingredient is one that is highly researched and has shown great benefits. The first benefit of green tea is that it acts as an antioxidant. The compound EGCG has antioxidant properties and helps to protect the body from oxidative damage by reducing the number of free radicals in the body.

Another benefit to green tea, and an important one, is to combat skin damage, treat acne, and help with oily skin. When you have oily skin there is excess sebum that is there clogging the pores and with the pore-clogging comes bacterial growth. EGCG has been shown to lower lipid levels and when these levels are lowered it helps to reduce the excess sebum secretions in the skin. When there is no excess sebum, then it can help to slow or even stop acne from running wild on your face. A study on 26 healthy adults with all skin types showed that a topical product that contained green tea for 30 days had significantly improved facial moisture and calmed the red spots from acne. 

Also, according to an article from the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, the caffeine in green tea has also been sown to constrict blood vessels to help reduce swelling and inflammation in the face. In 2016, a study showed that 1500mg extract of green tea for four weeks showed significant reductions in red skin bumps from acne. This is one of the power ingredients in this blend that has shown the most promise to improve skin health when it comes to acne. Plus, all the other benefits that green tea has as well, it’s a win for most people. 

Proprietary Gut Blend 

This gut blend is full of probiotic magic. It contains several different strains of probiotics from the lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium families. Lactobacillus acidophilus is the most common probiotic that helps to maintain the “good bacteria” in the gut. It helps the gut to break down food in the intestine that create a not-so-fun environment for the “bad bacteria”. This helps to restore the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. This probiotic also helps with digestion and can also tolerate acidic environments like the stomach, so it is able to make it through to the gut. 

Bifidobacterium also can survive acidic environments which makes it able to get to the gut to provide its numerous benefits. It helps to protect the gut lining from being invaded by pathogenic microbes. It does this by producing acids, bacteriocins, and other things to rid the gut of those pesky pathogens. It also allows for no space for the pathogens to get on the gut lining, simply due to overcrowding. When I say overcrowding, I mean that the gut is full of Bifidobacterium and leaves very little, if any room for pathogens to stick to the gut lining. With this probiotic sticking to the gut lining like glue, it also strengthens the gut defenses and aids in digestive and immune health. To add icing on the cake, studies have shown that when used together, lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium enhance the immune system, creating a super probiotic that can help with overall body health. 

Whole Food Greens Blend

This greens blend is packed with the same greens that you will find in most other greens blends. The wheatgrass in this blend acts as an antioxidant and helps to decrease inflammation in the body. Barley grass contains polyphenols and flavonoids that act as antioxidants to protect against oxidative stress. Alfalfa can reduce the amounts of cells that have been damaged by free radicals by lowering the production of them and aiding the body in fighting them off. Spirulina is another powerful antioxidant in this blend that protects against oxidative damage due to phycocyanin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This greens blend is just an antioxidant boost to the body, so when you see a little shot of wheat grass, think twice about the benefits it could have on your body. 

Super Elixir Complex Blend 

This blend has a cornucopia of ingredients in it, and we have already covered a few of them in the above ingredients, so we are going to just focus on a few more of the power ingredients. Shiitake mushroom extract is one that can help strengthen the immune system. This effect could be due to one of the polysaccharides found in the shiitake mushroom. The maitake mushrooms in this blend also have antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as well as amino acids that support not only the immune system, but overall health. 

Other Ingredients – Biotin and Copper 

Biotin is a B-vitamin that can be found in many different foods. It helps to turn the food you eat into energy to get you through the day. Biotin is an ingredient in this elixir that is beneficial to the hair, skin, and nails. Biotin helps to produce keratin, the protein that helps to make up hair, skin, and nails. There have been mixed studies about biotin helping with hair growth. One study in 2012 on women with thinning hair taking a biotin supplement for 6 months showed a visible increase in hair volume, coverage, and thickness. This supplement also has other ingredients that can also contribute to hair growth, such as iron and zinc so it is hard to say which one played a bigger role in hair growth. It is important to note that this supplement also contains zinc so it may be even more beneficial. 

Copper not only has antioxidant activities but also plays a role in healthy skin, hair, and nails. Collagen is the protein that is found in skin, and it is what gives the skin its strength and elasticity. Copper aids in the production of collagen which allows it to be made and continue to aid in healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

Does WelleCo Super Elixir Work?

Based on many of the ingredients alone, I believe that WelleCo Super Elixir has great potential. Most of the ingredients have been well-researched such as the probiotics in this elixir and green tea. One of the main ingredients that they show on their website, maca, was one that was not very well researched. Due to the lack of research on this ingredient, I was on the fence about whether it worked to provide the body with energy.

The other ingredients have been well-researched and shown to be beneficial to the body. Another thing to mention is that these ingredients are naturally derived and contain vitamins and minerals that have been proven to be beneficial to the body and some we even need to survive. 

super elixir ingredients

Claims vs. Reality

This product is smart in how they word the benefits of this supplement. They state that this elixir helps to support the above benefits. It does not say that it will clear skin or increase your energy levels. They also state that those statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Based on them saying the ingredients will support the body with those benefits and the research surrounding the ingredients, this product is on the right track. Most of the ingredients have been proven to aid the body in one way or another.

The reality is that this elixir has the potential to help with overall health and starts working from the inside out. It also does not state a time frame as to when people should be seeing results, as it shouldn’t because everyone is different, and it may take longer for someone to reap the benefits than someone else. They also make sure to state that this product should not be the sole source of nutrition and that it should be used with a proper diet and exercise regimen. That statement makes it clear that this elixir is for support and not to solve anyone’s health problems. 

Who is WelleCo Super Elixir Best for?

WelleCo Super Elixir is best for those 16 years and older. Whether you are having skin issues, gut problems, or just not getting enough vitamins and minerals into your diet, this product is worth a shot. It is recommended that pregnant women not use this product due to some of the ingredients possibly being harmful to the pregnancy. 

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Is WelleCo Super Elixir Safe?

Most of the ingredients in this product are generally recognized as safe to consume for most people. An exception to this is for pregnant women. It is important to note that the elixir contains dandelion as well as wheatgrass and alfalfa that can cause allergic reactions. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your doctor before you begin this supplement. 

Where to Buy WelleCo Super Elixir 

WelleCo Super Elixir can be purchased through the WelleCo website for $85.00. They do offer a subscribe and save option, which will save you 20% on your first order, and on every subsequent delivery after making it $68.00.

super elixir where to buy

There is also an extra 10% off for subscriptions applied at checkout. This product can also be purchased on Amazon for $63.75 or $57.38 depending on what flavor you choose. 

FAQ: WelleCo Super Elixir Review

How many servings are in one bag? 

There are 30 servings in one bag of The Super Elixir

Does this come unflavored? 

Yes. The flavors are pineapple and lime, lemon and ginger, blood orange, or unflavored. 

Is this product plant-based? 

Yes! This product is vegan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free, it also does not include any artificial colors or added sugars. The product is produced in a facility that handles soy, dairy, and tree nuts so there could be traces of these in the product. 

Can I take this at any time of the day? 

Is it recommended that 2 teaspoons of the product be taken with filtered water, coconut water, or almond milk in the morning. 

Is this a product of the USA?

WelleCo Super Elixir is formulated, blended, and packed in Australia. 

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