Teami Greens Superfood Powder Review – Is It Worth The Purchase?

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teami greens superfood powder review

According to the CDC, just 1 in 10 adults eats enough fruits and vegetables. Only 9% of us are getting enough vegetables in our diets. Superfood green nutrients are necessary for maintaining our bodies’ ability to perform at optimal levels. You can easily make up the green nutrients deficit by adding a superfood powder to your daily intake.

Superfood Green Powder

Teami Greens Superfood Powder makes getting the vegetables you need easy. This greens powder includes 16 different superfoods that promote natural energy levels, as well as support your overall well-being. The natural ingredients in this supplement provide numerous health benefits with just one easy serving of powder.

In this Teami Greens review, we’re diving into the many health benefits of greens superfoods and how to use a supplement powder like this one. We’ll look at its effectiveness, as well as its ingredients. Read on for a clear picture of what Teami Greens Superfood Powder has to offer.

About Teami Greens Superfood Powder


Teami Greens Superfood Powder is brought to you by the popular supplement company and same makers as Teami Tea, Teami Blends. Teami Blends chose the ingredients for its Greens Superfood Powder to provide you with the maximum overall health benefits. The company also grinds all the ingredients into a fine powder that allows your body to quickly absorb the nutrients it offers. Teami Greens Superfood Powder

The Teami Greens Superfood Blend is meant to be taken daily as part of a healthy diet regimen. Superfood greens provide natural energy boosts, natural anti-inflammatory properties, and a natural boost to your immune system.

This is an all-natural nutrition supplement. The Teami Greens Superfoods Powder is dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free. It’s also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and has no sugar added.

Why Are Greens Superfoods Important?

There’s a reason why so much is said about your veggie intake. It’s that there are so many vitamins and minerals contained in different vegetables. It’s not easy to eat the recommended array and amount of vegetables, though.

That’s why green superfood powders have become increasingly popular, with countless options from Biohm Super Greens to Living Fuel SuperGreens and (of course) Teami Greens Superfood Powder. Greens superfoods have nutrients that support all the different systems in your body. Everything from your digestive system to your nervous system and your circulatory system is maintained by the vitamins and minerals provided by greens superfoods. 

If you have trouble getting the recommended amounts of greens superfoods strictly from your diet, you should look into using a supplement like Teami Blends Greens Superfood Powder.

What’s In Teami Greens Superfood Powder?

We mentioned there are 16 superfoods contained in one scoop of Teami Greens Superfood Powder. Below is a list of what they are:

  • Spinach leaf powder
  • Rocket leaf powder
  • Broccoli powder
  • Celery powder
  • Kale powder
  • Parsley powder
  • Kelp powder
  • Acai berry
  • Ceremonial grade matcha powder
  • Garcinia cambogia extract
  • Grape seed extract
  • Dandelion extract
  • Wheatgrass
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorophyll

Teami Greens Superfood Powder - Ingredient

Most of us won’t take in most of these every day. Having the option to drink them in a superfood greens powder blended beverage makes it easier to get the nutrition we need from this food category.

How to Use Teami Greens Superfood Powder

Teami Greens is intended as an everyday dietary supplement. It’s easy to use. You simply add one scoop of the greens powder to water, almond milk, or juice and mix well.

You can also make smoothies with it or even add it to your favorite bowl of oatmeal. 

If you really want to get creative, try using Teami Greens Superfood Powder in a recipe like the one below.

Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

  • 1 scoop Teami Greens Superfood Powder
  • 1 whole frozen banana
  • 1 whole tangerine, peeled and sectioned
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 tablespoon shredded coconut

Blend together the Teami Greens Superfood Blend, the frozen banana, and the orange juice. Pour the mixture into a small bowl. Top the smoothie bowl with the remaining ingredients.

Teami Greens Superfood Benefits

Teami Greens Superfood powder contains the benefits of its 16 nutrient-rich ingredients. Let’s look at what some of these benefits are.

Benefits of Superfood Greens - Weight Loss

Regulates Blood Pressure

Teami Greens contains potassium and calcium, which both help to regulate blood pressure. The heaviest hitter for keeping blood pressure at healthy levels here, though, is the spinach leaf powder. It brings magnesium to the table that promotes healthy blood flow.

Improves Digestion

The special formula in Teami Greens powder includes important digestive enzymes that help support regular digestion, so you can have daily bowel movements as you should. Teami is good at relieving constipation.

Boosts Immunity

This supplement contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals. It also has antioxidant properties. Vitamins C and E both help to support your immune system. Taking in your daily dose of Teami Greens Superfood powder helps keep you from getting sick and helps you fight off infection.

Weight Loss

The nutrition in Teami Greens, coupled with the plant protein, helps keep you full. Also, drinking a smoothie comprised of the greens powder, some almond milk, and fruits staves off cravings for other foods that aren’t so good for your well-being. 

Many people report experiencing an easier weight-loss journey while using Teami Greens. 

Better Than Multi-Vitamin Pills

Teami Greens powder doesn’t have the additives and fillers that many multi-vitamin pills and gummies do. The ingredients are all-natural, so you get only what you need and not what you don’t.

Naturally Boosts Energy

When your body gets the fuel that it needs, you get a natural boost to your energy level. You feel better and more motivated. The vitamins and minerals in superfoods give you that. But also, better digestion cleanses your body of bad bacteria and toxins that weigh you down and tire you out.

In addition, the matcha green tea increases energy, as does the chlorophyll from the wheatgrass.

Who Should Use Teami Greens Superfood Powder?

Teami Greens Superfood Powder is intended for use by adults only. While it is likely safe for them, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctors before adding this supplement to their daily routines. 

Also, if you are taking any prescriptions or other supplements, you should check with your doctor before taking Teami Greens. 

Can You Have Too Much Greens Superfood?

Most people won’t experience any adverse reactions when taking in greens superfood supplements. However, if you are taking in more than the recommended doses, you could have some bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. You may also notice headaches sometimes. Cut your intake back if you do experience anything like this.

Superfood Greens - Iced Drink

How Does Teami Greens Superfood Powder Taste?

The taste changes depending on what you mix the powder with. When you mix it with straight water, it may taste a bit grass-like. If you add it to some almond milk, you’ll get a more nutty taste. 

The best way to enjoy your greens powder is in a smoothie with all the flavors you love. It blends well with various fruits and different milk varieties.

Teami Blends Claims vs. Reality

Teami Blends claims its Greens Superfood Powder is made with all-natural ingredients. That’s true. There are no artificial colors or flavors included in the formula. It also doesn’t contain any fillers or additives. 

This supplement is touted as providing an energy boost to those who drink it daily. Customer reviews support these claims. Many reviewers report feeling cleansed and more energetic after four to six weeks of drinking their greens. 

Teami claims its greens powder tastes good. If you mix it with water and drink it like that, it tastes a lot like matcha green tea. It has matcha powder in it, so that’s not a big surprise. When you mix it with other flavors, though, it’s easy to mask the tea flavor for those who don’t care for it.

Where to Buy Teami Greens Superfood Powder

The Teami Blends website sells this supplement in a tub with 32 servings for $29.99. If you want to subscribe for automatic deliveries with them, the price drops to $23.99

Additionally, right now, you can also save 10% by using the code “FITNESSCLONE” at checkout.

Teami Greens Superfood Powder Website

Conclusion: Teami Greens Superfood Powder Review

Teami Greens Superfood Powder makes it easy for people to get more superfood vegetables into their diets. One scoop a day provides your body with 16 nutrient-packed foods that consist of essential vitamins and minerals. The price is competitive and it’s easy to find this blend at stores you already may frequent. It’s effective and valuable, so it’s worth trying out.

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