Oxygen Plus Review – Are They Worth The Price?

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By Leslie Waterson

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If you know anything about human biology, you know that oxygen is important. Aside from carbon, oxygen is probably the single most important chemical in the body and is involved in practically every bodily function. 

Normally, you just get oxygen from the air you breathe. However, sometimes what you can get from just breathing is not enough. That’s where Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters come in. O8 Biggi oxygen canisters are—you guessed it—oxygen in a can. You can use Oxygen Plus canisters to get a fresh burst of pure oxygen when you are out of breath. It is designed for active users who like sports and hiking. 

This current canister is an upgrade over the previous 7-liter version. Each canister comes with over 220 breathes of ur recreational oxygen. Today we are going to cover Oxygen Plus oxygen canisters and answer some important questions about how it works, who makes it, what the benefits are, and whether or not it is worth the purchase. 

Oxygen Plus Overview

Overview: Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters

Oxygen Plus Product Overview

Oxygen Plus oxygen canisters have over 11 liters of pure clean oxygen. Each canister is designed to be easy to draw from and works with a simple trigger design. Just place the mouthpiece over your mouth, press the trigger 3 to 4 times and inhale the perfect oxygen. The canister is lightweight and designed to be taken on the go whether you toss it in your gym bag or take it rock climbing or hiking. 

Each canister is designed and filled in the USA and subjected to several quality controls before hitting the market. Each canister is 100% recyclable and Oxygen Plus ifs the only recreational oxygen-filled in an FDA registered facility. Each canister contains 220 breathe of oxygen and each package comes with 2 canisters. 

Portable oxygen is mostly meant for high altitude usage but it can help with all kinds of other daily tasks and complications such as jet lag, exercise, working late, or taking a long drive. A simple burst of oxygen will increase your blood flow, give you more energy, and rouse you from sleepiness. 

Who Makes Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters?

 Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters are made by Oxygen Plus, a health and wellness company formed by Chicago-born entrepreneur Christine Warren. Warren was inspired to found Oxygen Plus as a means to provide sleek, effective, and consumer-friendly methods for people to increase their oxygen intake. 

Oxygen Plus was first founded in 2003 and released its first product the O+ Elevation Pack was released in the same year. In that same year, Oxygen Plus won the best new product award at the International Spa Convention & Expo in Las Vegas. Oxygen Plus is not only one of the first recreational oxygen companies on the market but also the current leader.

In addition to the Oxygen Plus Canisters, Oxygen Plus offers several other products meant to increase oxygen levels, such as the O+ Elevate Pack, the O+ Mini, and O+ Skinni. 

How Does Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters Work?

Oxugen Plus Sport

The way Oxygen Plus Oxygen Canisters work is pretty simple. When you take in a breath, oxygen from the air gets used to burn the nutrients you eat and convert them into energy. All other things being equal, the more oxygen your cells receive, the more efficient it turns nutrients into energy. If they receive too little oxygen, they produce less energy and you can feel tired and fatigued. 

Oxygen Plus Canisters are designed for low oxygen situations, including air pollution, jet lag, breathing air with less than 20-21% oxygen content, and during sports activities. Just three of four breathe of Oxygen Plus Canisters can elevate blood oxygen levels, giving you more energy and increasing cognitive performance. 

Here is how to use these canisters. First, fully exhale, emptying your lungs. Next, press the button on the canister to release the flow. Place your face on the mask and slowly breathe in through your mouth and nose. Take about 3 to 5 breaths or until you feel more energetic and awake. You should start to feel the effects of more oxygen in your blood almost immediately. 

Oxygen Plus Canisters are useful when you need an extra jolt when exercising or when you are in a thing atmosphere like hiking or rock climbing.

Ingredients in Oxygen Plus Canisters

Oxygen Plus Canisters

The main ingredient in Oxygen Plus Canisters is pure unfiltered oxygen. In usual atmospheric conditions, the concentration of oxygen is around 21%-22%. O+ products have a much higher concentration of oxygen, almost 4 times the amount than in normal air. O+ products start at the same purity as medical quality oxygen/ When you take a deep breath from the canister, some ambient air gets mixed in the breath, so the oxygen content of each burst from the canister is about 97%. 

Side Effects and Safety

O+ canisters are safe as long as you use them in an intended manner. The contents of each canister are under pressure so it is recommended to keep them away from open flames or other heat sources. People with impaired heart and lung functions should also consult their doctor before trying O+ canisters. O+ is not intended as medicine and it is also not approved by the FDA to treat any medical conditions. 

Where to Buy and Cost

Oxygen Plus Website

You can currently buy Oxygen Plus Canister directly from the company’s website or from Amazon. A 2-pack of oxygen canisters cost $25.99.

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Oxygen Plus Canister Worth It or Not?

Our answer is yes. If you need an extra jolt of energy while working or exercising in low-oxygen environments, then Oxygen Plus Canisters are well worth the purchase. They are safe, efficient, easy to use, and actually do what they claim to do. 

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