Teami Tea Review – Are These “Skinny Teas” Worth the Money?

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By Leslie Waterson

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The quest to become healthy is a goal that many people undertake every day. The changing of a lifestyle can be difficult when completely revamp your fitness and nutrition regimen. Supplementation of a healthy lifestyle is quite popular with the supplement industry being a multi-billion dollar business. Teas with specific health benefits have taken the world by storm.

The truth about these teas is that they vary immensely in their benefits. Health supplements, in general, vary in quality depending on the ingredients that are utilized. The best tasting teas coupled with the most benefits have risen to the top.

Teami Tea has entered the market with an incredible force. The Teami team has taken a huge portion of the wellness tea market with great tasting teas that many find beneficial. The natural ingredients that are used being blended up can be life-changing for many. Below will delve into everything you need to know about Teami Teas. 

What are Teami Wellness Teas?

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Teami Teas are blended to create different benefits for a drinker depending on the ingredient. There is a plethora of teas that Teami offers. The most popular teas usually deal with weight loss or a detox process. The following are the different tea blends offered:

  • Detox packs offered by Teami are extremely popular ways to reset the body. The detox blends incorporate the Skinny Blend and the Colon Cleanse Blend. The Skinny Blend is to be consumed in the morning while the Colon Cleanse blend is to be consumed before bed. 
  • Skinny Tea Blends promote weight loss through the ingredients used. Teami blends include Yerba Mate which provides plant-based energy boost through caffeine. Jiaogulan helps the body maintain homeostasis regardless of outside influences.
  • The Colon Cleanse Blend will allow the body to rid itself of toxins from alcohol, soda, and other sources. This is a staple of the detox packs Teami offers due to its ability to help “reset” your body. 
  • The Relax Tea blend contains soothing herbs and a staple of relaxation, chamomile. Teami recommends this is used before bed as relaxation can promote quality sleep. Jasmine tea is utilized for its benefits in regard to a person’s immune system. 
  • The Focus Tea Blend contains Asian Ginseng which is popular in green tea and other energy-boosting teas. The tea also contains Yerba Mate for those that need to be on the top of their game as it has been shown to increase reaction times. 
  • The Butterfly Team Blend is created in order to promote beauty and health. The tea includes Stevia leaf to add sweetness without excess calories. 
  • Profit Tea Blend is created with ingredients to promote immunity so you can continue to kill it in your professional life. 
  • The Energy Tea Blend contains ingredients like natural caffeine to promote energy throughout the day. The claims are that the energy is constant instead of overwhelming even for those that are caffeine-sensitive. 

Benefits of Teami Teas

The benefits of Teami Tea blends include the following:

  • Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Healthier Skin
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion
  • Increases Focus
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves Overall Health


The disadvantages of Teami Teas are that some that drink the tea could be extremely sensitive to caffeine. Many drinkers wonder if the weight will be put back on after you stop drinking the tea. A few of these teas have been coupled with an increased need to go to the bathroom. 

Fitness teas have also garnered a bad reputation due to other lesser quality companies than Teami. Much of the weight lost during the beginning of drinking these teas is water weight due to the detoxifying ingredients the teas contain. 

About Teami

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Teami produces their own tea blends with the founder Adi Arezzini looking for healthier options to kick her coffee addiction. Her digestive system simply stopped working, leading her to look for other options to supplement caffeine. Adi started blending her own teas after doing extensive research to help remedy her digestive problems. 

Teami Tea Ingredients

The ingredients used in Teami Teas are sourced from all over the globe. The ingredients incorporated in the teas differ depending on the benefits that drinking the tea provides. Natural caffeine and ginseng have been used for centuries with science backing up the claims of more energy and focus. 

How Does Teami Tea Work?

How does Teami Tea work

Teami Tea is compiled of the best ingredients that have been studied to produce certain benefits. The natural components of these ingredients allow a drinker to fuel their body in one of the healthiest ways imaginable. Teami has done a great job of including ingredients that are not only healthy but also taste incredible together!

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Safety and Side Effects

Consulting with a doctor is always a good idea before taking any kind of nutritional supplement or taking on a tea detox. Tea is not going to take away the need to eat regardless of how effective it is as curbing your appetite. 

Where to Buy Teami Teas

Teami Website

Teami Tea is not like other fitness teas on the market as the products are available in retail stores. The company’s website also sells the teas but the website does have a store locator. The method of purchasing the tea is up to you as it is available everywhere from gyms, health food stores, and vitamin shops. As the website states “It’s not a tea, it’s a lifestyle” which drinkers need to remember when purchasing. 

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Teami Wellness Teas: Are They Worth It

The vast number of benefits that a Teami Tea drinker can yield makes this product well worth it. You cannot put a price on health or feeling the best you have in years. Drinkers must also follow a lifestyle that will help work its full magic. 

Using the Skinny Tea coupled with a daily trip to a fast-food establishment will not yield desired results. Finding a tea that matches your needs is quite easy with the selection that Teami offers.

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