Phena-Lean Review – Is This Anabolic Warfare Fat Burner Effective?

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By Scot Mills

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Phena-Lean Review

The folks at Anabolic Warfare know how to push their limits to help you push past yours. They make “no joke” supplements for those who like to grind, and if you’re one of those who gets up early to power through hours in the gym in pursuit of PR’s and maximum muscle growth, Anabolic Warfare is the company for you. 

So how does their fat burner, Phena-Lean, stack up? In this Phena-Lean review, we’ll take a closer look at this pre-workout fat-burner that Anabolic Warfare claims can provide all-day energy and weight loss.

Is Phena-Lean truly all it claims to be? Does it have the right ingredients? Is it worth the price? Let’s dive into this Phena-Lean review and find out!

About Phena-Lean 

Phena-Lean is a pre-workout fat burner supplement produced by Anabolic Warfare, a well-known supplement company. Anabolic Warfare aims to provide only the most powerful supplements designed to help you meet your fitness goals. In addition to Phena-Lean, Anabolic Warfare has produced Pump-N-Grow, Cyclostane, Alpha Shredded, and many other popular supplements.

Phena-Lean combines 2-kinds of caffeine, including the no-crash malate version, along with other energizing and fat-igniting amino acids, adaptogens, and plant compounds. It works to enhance focus, and will also deliver vascularity, increased blood flow, and stamina to make every workout count.

Anabolic Warfare Phena-Lean

Have looming work deadlines you need to focus on and get done without distraction? Phena-Lean will help with that too. 

Phena-Lean Benefits


To put all the pep in your step you need for the day—which includes your intense workout—all it takes is one capsule in the morning with food. After that, you’re set with not only all the energy you need to keep you powering along, but plenty of focus to help keep you locked on the prize, whatever it may be. 

This is done not only with the copious amounts of caffeine in the formula, but with compounds like synephrine from bitter orange that combine with caffeine for a less-twitchy, more focused energy. Add in compounds like huperzine A to really take your focus and energy to a new level, and there will be no stopping you or your ability to get everything on your list done, and more. 



Compounds such as Lean GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine) help raise your body’s natural temperature, which requires extra calories. It does this by stimulating the production of L-carnitine to help you burn fat, recover more quickly, and decrease muscle fatigue. 

Sculpting & Weight Loss Aid

Having all the energy in the world won’t do your waistline any good if you’re not using it to burn fat, and there’s also compounds such as rauwolscine in Phena-Lean to further accelerate fat loss. It does this by countering your body’s need to store fat, and instead tells it to toss that stuff on the fire for fuel!

Other energizing compounds such as the grains of paradise in the formula also work at increasing your metabolism to burn more calories, which of course, means tapping into fat stores. Altogether, this leaves you lean, mean, focused, and wired for anything. 

Phena-Lean Ingredients

The Phena-Lean formula includes 25mg per serving of vitamin B3 and a 596 mg Phena-Lean blend featuring a variety of 12 ingredients. Below we will take a more though look at what is included in the Phena-Lean blend.

Phena-Lean-Supplement Facts

The use of a blend within Phena-Lean does mean less ingredient dosage knowledge when compared to other more transparent formulas, like that of Burn XT or Nugenix Thermo. Nonetheless, we do know you get 595 mg per serving and what ingredients are used within the formula.

Phena-Lean Blend 596 mg

(Caffeine anhydrous, di-caffeine malate, l-theanine, bitter orange, l-tyrosine, theobromine, ginseng extract, synephrine, grains of paradise, Lean GBB, rauwolscine , & huperzine A) 596 mg

Mix caffeine, synephrine, and a nice blend of fat-burners together, and what do you get? A tingling scalp, energy to spare, and sculpted, vascular muscles. 

Plus, there’s ginseng to not only add more zip to your day, but balance your hormones in favor of androgens as well. There’s also some huperzine A in the formula to offer even more energy along with razor focus. It does, after all, show promise as an Alzheimer’s treatment, so it’s gotta be good for your brain. 

And, just to keep the energy supply from becoming too frantic, you get the calming, focused-yet-relaxed properties of l-theanine. This helps alleviate the jitters and scattered thoughts that can accompany lots of caffeine in many of us. It pairs nicely not only with the caffeine in the product, but the theobromine, which is another energizing compound similar to caffeine that also works as a vasodilator. This helps keep your blood pressure in check despite all the stimulants while delivering the vascularity you seek, and all while giving you a cool head that’s seemingly unfazed by all the stimulants—other than the laser focus they deliver, that is. 

Does Phena-Lean Work?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: this product works so long as you do. Like any other product on the market with similar ingredients, its benefits start when you get off the couch, eat right, and hit the gym, running paths, trails, or fields for your favorite physical activity. 

Phena-Lean-ultimately burn more fat

Once you’re in the habit of keeping yourself healthy and active, Phena-Lean can help do the rest. It has compounds that boost your body’s temperature, increase its metabolism, and ultimately burn more fat, and it can also help you get more work done, hit deadlines without stress, and keep you up to see what’s on Nick at Night. 

Who is Phena-Lean Best for?

If you’re over the age of 18, not pregnant, nursing, on any blood pressure medications, aren’t sensitive to stimulants, and are feeling doughy and unenergetic, this may be just the product for you. It delivers the zip along with other workout benefits (hint: increased blood flow means increased stamina, less work for your heart, and vascularity), and can help you get lean and ripped in 2-ways: by increasing your energy and stamina in the gym, and by increasing your body’s ability to burn fat even after exercise.  

This is good not only for gym rats, but for endurance and field athletes—not to mention students and the overly stressed with deadlines to keep up with. Writers fall into this category. 

Claims vs. Reality

Ready and pumped for the gym? If not, this product may be what you need. As Anabolic Warfare claims, Phena-Lean can deliver all-day energy, weight loss, and sculpting (we’re assuming that’s what they call burning away body fat to reveal lean muscle). It does this using all-natural ingredients that are as safe as stimulants can be, which of course, doesn’t mean entirely safe. 

But if you’ve got the body fat to get rid of and need motivation and focus to hit the gym and achieve your goals, this product can help, and do so without leaving you a jittery, unfocused, irritable mess like using caffeine alone can. 

Phena-Lean-Capsule Supplement

Is Phena-Lean Safe?

With stimulants come safety issues and side effects, and this product is loaded with stimulants. 

But this doesn’t mean that users who aren’t sensitive to stimulants and stick by the product’s recommended dose are going to automatically have health problems, since used as directed, this product can be very safe. 

But for those with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular health issues, and for those under 18, not so much. Though it contains compounds that relax arteries and help your blood pressure stay at a safe level, it is nonetheless still loaded with stimulating compounds that boost your heart rate. 

That, and pregnant or nursing women, along with those sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, should steer clear, and anyone on medication or under a doctor’s care should check with their physician before using Phena-Lean. 

Where to Buy Phena-Lean

Phena-Lean is available for purchase on the official AnabolicWarfare website here.

Anabolic Warfare Phena-Lean Website

At $57.99 for the 1-time purchase of about a 2-month supply, Anabolic Warfare keeps the price right. They don’t expect you to fall for the idea that high cost and lots of marketing make for a better product, and instead simply deliver to you a straightforward and cost-effective supplement—thanks AW!

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You can also subscribe to regular deliveries for a 10% savings, bringing the price down to $53.99. Additionally, free shipping is included on ALL orders—nice!

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