Brain MD Lithium Orotate Review – Can This Supplement Put You In A Better Mood?

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By Scot Mills

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Brain MD Lithium Orotate Review

The folks at Brain MD have spent their careers performing extensive research and creating natural products that optimize brain health and balance the body. That’s because they understand the connection between brain health and all health, wellness, and success, all of which their products can help you with.

You may be familiar with other Brain MD supplements, such as Brain MD NeuroLink. But, have you heard of their brain support supplement? In this review, we will look at Brain MD Lithium Orotate, which is an ultra-pure, low-dose source of lithium that helps to promote a positive mood and mental stability.

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About Brain MD Lithium Orotate

Lithium is a mineral that is essential in supporting memory and mood, and while lithium has long been used in psychological medicine for the treatment of bipolar disorder, Brain MD’s formula is a safer, low-dose form of it.

While it has not been specifically proven why it works, it likely improves nerve cell connections in the brain so that the up’s-and-down’s of bipolar disorder are alleviated.

But for clinical use of up to 1800mg daily, lithium can cause hand tremors, frequent urination, thinning hair, and decreased thyroid function over time. However, in doses of no more than 10mg per-day, lithium orotate provides support without the side-effects—or high cost—of prescription lithium carbonate.

Lithium Orotate Benefits

MEMORY: Supports Enhanced Recall And Retention

For optimum memory, your brain cells need to communicate with each other, and if they don’t, forget it!

In all seriousness, lithium does appear to work by bolstering the connections between nerve cells so that signaling between them is at its best. For you, this means clear, crisp memory and uptake of information, and possibly the prevention of anxiety and reduction of your risk for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

MOOD: Promotes Positive Mood And Emotional Balance

When your brain’s nerve connections aren’t as strong as they should be, it leads to low mood, mood instability, and negative, destructive thoughts.

But just as minerals like potassium, magnesium, and sodium work to improve signaling between muscle cells to optimize their performance, lithium orotate (likely) does the same in your brain. But rather than preventing cramps and helping transfer oxygen and other fuels through cells, lithium provides the kind of steady brain cell connections that keep your mood where it should be—high, happy, positive, and productive.

Remember (or if you can’t, this product will help), just as a loose wire in the electrical system of your car can make it run erratically, poor connections in your brain can cause mood instability.

Brain MD Lithium Orotate Ingredients

Lithium Orotate 5mg

Brain MD’s formula contains only 1-ingredient: Lithium orotate. That’s because while there are other compounds that can improve your memory and brain function, low-dose lithium (likely) works better.

And, while the science behind why it works is yet unproven, the fact that it can safely improve memory and mood with minimal—if any—side effects makes it worth looking into if you suffer from such conditions.

Lithium Orotate Ingredients

Does Brain MD Lithium Orotate Work?

While clinical doses of lithium may be as high as 1800mg per-day, lithium orotate can be used prescription-free at micro-dose levels of 5-10mgs per-day. Keep in mind, though, that if you suffer from bipolar disorder or other types of depression, you still need to consult with a psychological professional rather than relying on self-medication. While self-medicating can be beneficial, you need someone who understands the intricate psychology surrounding depression to help you rather than relying on what may be your own irrational mind to make decisions that require a great deal of rationality.

That said, lithium orotate is an effective means of relieving symptoms of depression and erratic mood while improving brain health without the nausea, tremors, and frequent urination of clinical doses of lithium salts.


Who Is Brain MD Lithium Orotate Best For?

Anyone needing a rosier outlook, better mental function, and improved mood stability can benefit from low-dose lithium orotate. This includes those of all ages who suffer from low mood, mood swings, inability to focus, and poor memory.

Claims vs. Reality

Whether or not science has a complete understanding of why, lithium orotate is effective in reducing symptoms of bipolar disorder, mood instability, and poor mental function.

It also does this without the side effects of lithium carbonate used in clinical doses, which can be as high as 1800mgs. By giving you a low-dose option, you can enjoy the benefits of lithium with fewer—if any—side effects.

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Is Lithium Orotate Safe?

Though clinical doses of lithium carbonate can reach as high as 1800mgs, Brain MD recommends you don’t exceed 20mgs of lithium orotate per-day, and better-yet, suggests sticking with 5-10mgs per-day.

But, if you experience cardiac arrhythmias, excess urination, nausea, vomiting, or other symptoms related to higher doses of lithium, either lower your dose or stop using it altogether. There is also concern that lithium may lower kidney function, and if you already have compromised kidney health, it may be best to avoid its use.

For most who use the product as directed, though, the only side effects should be an improved sense of wellbeing, mood stability, and outstanding brain function.

Where To Buy Brain MD Lithium Orotate

At $12.95 for an up-to 2-month supply, Brain MD Lithium Orotate is already a relative bargain. But you can save an additional 15% when you enroll in their prescription service, 10% off when you sign up for their newsletter, and free shipping on all orders over $75 so that if the product alone doesn’t keep you happier, the cost will.

Brain MD Lithium Orotate Website

Lithium Orotate is also widely available, and along with Brain MD’s website, you can purchase it through many corporate and independent retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, who sell brain health supplements. These include the Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, and Amazon.

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