Cyclostane Review – Is This Anabolic Warfare Supplement Worth Buying?

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By Scot Mills

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Cyclostane Review

Anabolic Warfare is a company that pushes their limits so that you can push yours. They deliver what they feel are the most advanced workout products on the market today using the best natural muscle builders available. These include anabolic BCAA’s, prohormones, and edysteroids to help your body boost its own androgen production and deliver enormous pumps, clean focus, and big muscles.

Keep in mind that their products aren’t all approved for use by top anti-doping agencies like WADA and USADA, and most need to be cycled for safety, though if you’re looking for BIG boosts to your workouts, you’ve come to the right place.

You may have heard of some of Anabolic Warfare’s supplements before, such as Trenatestin and Epivar, but today we are going to look at their Cyclostane supplement. So let’s dive into one of Anabolic Warfare’s most potent prohormone formulas, in this Cyclostane review.


About Cyclostane

Though the name Cyclostane sounds like something you’d find in your bike shorts, it’s actually a very powerful formula of anabolic compounds that will have you working out harder and more often than ever. This helps you build bigger, stronger muscles fast while keeping the side effects to a minimum.

It does this using prohormones such as 1,4-OHP and 5aOHP for their ability not only to help you build massive muscles without hair loss, but to help repair joints while stimulating your appetite.


Cyclostane Benefits

Extreme Increase In Mass & Dense Muscle

Extreme products make for extreme results, and when you combine Cyclostane’s prohormones with your work ethic, you get bigger and stronger faster. This means dense, lean muscle mass along with the energy to maintain it.

Triple Threat In Size, Recovery, & Vitality

With 3-anabolic compounds working together to boost your body’s androgen levels, you will recover faster and be able to work out more often. This not only allows you to get big fast, but male hormones also boost your vitality so that you are laser-focused, primed, and ready for anything.

And yes, that includes in the bedroom!


Cyclosome™ Delivery: The Most Advanced Oral Administration Technology Ever Developed

The greatest ingredients in the world won’t do you any good if your body can’t absorb them, which is why Anabolic Warfare has developed Cyclosome technology to ensure maximum uptake of their formulas.

Cyclostane Ingredients

1,4-OHP 25 mg 

One of the top 6 legal androgen precursors is 1,4-OHP, which converts to Equipoise in the body, a hormone that helps recovery and joint repair. By recovering more quickly, you’re able to get back in the gym more often, and without the aching joints often associated with androgen use.

5aOHP 12.5 mg

As another of the most common and popular legal prohormones, 5aOHP works in unison with Cyclostane’s other ingredients to boost your andro levels beyond belief. So far as 5aOHP’s part in this, it converts to stanolone in the body, which helps give you rock hard muscles by increasing muscle density. This leads to insane pumps along with all the energy, aggression, and desire to work out harder than ever.

6-keto-progesterone 20 mg

Wait, isn’t progesterone a female hormone? Why is it included in an andro mix?

Simple: it works at boosting androgen levels, whether or not science understands why.

It is also one of the newest prohormones, and for obvious reasons, doesn’t fall into any normal categories when it comes to androgen precursors. This also means that risks and side effects of its use may not be fully established, so keep in mind that more research needs to be done to fully understand its safety.


Does Cyclostane Work?

If you’re looking for more power, insane pumps, and less water retention and body fat for a clean, chiseled physique and are not afraid of the potential health risks of precursors; this product is for you.

But, if you’re looking for healthy, natural ingredients and perhaps a slower—albeit safer—route to big muscles and high andro levels, there are other, cleaner products out there. No, we can’t think of any that work with the intensity of prohormones, and if that’s what you’re looking for, Cyclostane is one of the better—and used as directed—safer prohormone supplements available.


Who Is Cyclostane Best For?

Gym rats, bodybuilders, and anyone else interested in boosting their body’s androgen levels like never before will benefit from this product.

But, if you have prostate issues, liver damage, high blood pressure, or a heart condition, this product and others like it needs to be avoided like the plague.

That said, if you’re experiencing age-related—or other reversible reason–androgen decline, this product can help that too.

Claims vs. Reality

Anabolic Warfare isn’t interested in telling you what you want to hear just so you’ll buy their products. That’s because, like most smart businesses, they prefer repeat customers, which is why they back all their claims, particularly when it comes to Cyclostane.

As they tell you, this is a trio of anabolic compounds that will help boost your muscle mass, power, strength, and recovery, all of which it does.

Is Cyclostane Safe?

While there are plenty of other prohormones out there, many have been banned in the US either under George W. Bush’s 2004 Anabolic Steroid Control Act, as well as under the Obama Administration’s 2014 Designer Steroid Control Act.

This leaves a list of the “safe” prohormones with the fewest side effects, which still doesn’t make them perfectly safe. That’s because you are still adding a compound to your system that converts to androgens, possibly at unnaturally high levels. This is why it is critical that you use these products only as directed, which includes never using it longer than 8-consecutive weeks before cycling off.

While Cyclostane is mostly safe and with minimal side effects, beware that you can still experience:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • High blood pressure
  • Shrunken nuts
  • Man boobs

Where To Buy Cyclostane

Anabolic Warfare Cyclostane Website

Extreme supplements come at a cost, which in this case, is about $80 retail. You can, however, get further discounts on Anabolic Warfare’s site, such as an extra 10% when you set up a subscription, and free shipping is included on all their products.

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Along with their own site, most Anabolic Warfare products are available through most major and independent retailers who carry workout supplements. This includes Amazon and Max muscle, as well as other corporate and independent chains specializing in products that will Pump You UP!

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