Pump-N-Grow Review – Can This Anabolic Warfare Supplement Increase Your Endurance?

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By Scot Mills

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Pump-N-Grow Review

For those regularly pushing their limits in the gym who seek high-quality supplements to boost their results, Anabolic Warfare is your company. They feature all-natural muscle growers using sources such as precursors, ecdysteroids, and BCAA’s to boost your body’s androgen output while lowering the risk of side effects.

No, these products aren’t for beginners or even the faint of heart. Though, for those who live in the gym and show up each day as if it were church, you’re going to love what Anabolic Warfare has to offer.

Anabolic Warfare produces quite a few supplements, including Cyclostane, Alpha Shredded, Stim Lord Numero Dos, and Trenatestin, among many others. Today, we’re going to dive into Anabolic Warfare’s pump and endurance activator, Pump-N-Grow. We’ll take a look at this supplement’s ingredients, its benefits, and whether or not it is worth the price in this review of Pump-N-Grow.


About Pump-N-Grow

Pump-N-Grow uses a combination of amino acids to dilate vessels, increase blood flow, and boost your energy and performance. It also has properties that drive performance into your muscles faster for better efficiency and maximum uptake.

Pump-N-Grow For Gains

Pump-N-Grow Benefits

Pumps And Vascularity

When you boost your energy with extra nitrous oxide, you work out harder, recover more quickly, and become pumped, vascular, and strong.


With L-Citrulline included in Pump-n-Grow’s formula, your capillaries will open up to allow more oxygen-delivering blood to flow through your muscles. This not only helps you become big, pumped, and vascular; you also gain massive strength.


A boost to your energy and oxygen uptake results in you having more of the intense energy you need for your best workouts ever, which the Nitrosigine® included in Pump-n-Grow’s formula will help you achieve.

Stim Free

With the positive effects of amino acids, such as nitrosigine on your energy, oxygen uptake, and focus, there is no need for dangerous and jittery stimulants in Pump-n-Grow.

Pump-N-Grow Benefits

Pump-N-Grow Ingredients

Pump-N-Grow includes seven main ingredients. We will take a closer and more thorough look at each ingredient below.

Pump-N-Grow Supplement Facts

L-Citrulline Malate 3000 mg

Known for its benefits in increasing vasodilation (the dilation of arteries and veins), L-citrulline malate, also in Wrecked Pre-Workout, helps increase blood flow, oxygen uptake, and nitrogen in muscles along with promoting muscle synthesis by signaling pathways used for muscle building.

Betaine Anhydrous 2000 mg

Betaine anhydrous has been scientifically proven to promote lean muscle mass, big muscles, and improved workout capacity when taken as a supplement.

Beta Alanine 1500 mg

Beta alanine is another non-essential amino acid with properties proven to boost exercise capacity.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin 1000 mg

While protein components are important to your workouts, so are energy-providing carbs—just not simple ones. As a complex carbohydrate that keeps your blood sugars constant due to its slow absorption into the bloodstream, highly branched cyclic dextrin provides energy without the insulin response or energy yo-yoing of sugar.

L-Arginine Pyroglutamate 1000 mg

Among the more amazing amino acids for the gym is L-arginine, which is known for its role as both a precursor to nitrous oxide, as well as in boosting your body’s natural release of growth hormone.

And, for those of us who know a thing-or-two about growth hormone, AKA HGH, there’s evidence that it’s the very stuff that helped Barry Bonds disallow a single fastball to cross the plate un-hit for nearly an entire season. Granted, injecting HGH the way he did isn’t recommended, since you’ll also notice things like his head growing a few sizes and him not being invited into the Hall of Fame despite his hitting displays. But when you use a naturally occurring, semi-essential amino acid to boost its production by as much as 200% when combined with exercise (100% on its own), you have the benefits without the enormous cranium.

L-Citrulline 1000 mg

L-citrulline is another amino acid that boosts your body’s nitrous levels, dilates blood vessels, and allows more oxygen to be circulated throughout your body. This gives you energy to burn (literally), and you recover faster to give you big, pumped guns, loads of aggression in the gym, and muscles so vascular it’ll look like you’re covered in vines.

Nitrosigine® (Arginine Silicate Inositol) 200 mg

Arginine silicate inositol is a bioavailable source of arginine to further boost its levels in the body and deliver even more energy to your workouts, along with big pumps and vascularity.

Does Pump-N-Grow Work?

If you’re looking for stimulant-free pumps, vascularity, power, and stamina (that’s in the bedroom too, by the way), yes, Pump-n-Grow works.

But, if you’re looking for a means of sprouting muscles while sitting on the couch, no it doesn’t, since nothing does. On the other hand, you’ll have more than enough energy and drive to hit the sweat mill harder than ever—not to mention the benefits Pump-n-Grow delivers in the bedroom!

Pump-N-Grow By Anabolic Warfare

Who Is Pump-N-Grow Best For? 

Anyone looking to get pumped and grow big muscles will love this formula. This includes athletes other than bodybuilders interested in things like seeing the ball better without the risk of a big head or getting busted. Since the L-arginine in Pump-n-Grow boosts your HGH levels naturally, you can get its benefits without the risks along with plenty of extra nitrous oxide and oxygen in your system to safely—and legally—boost your stamina.

It also comes with virtual no safety warnings or indication of side effects, and can be used by nearly anyone so long as there are no allergies to any of its ingredients. This includes diabetics, since it is also sugar-free.

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Claims vs. Reality

Anabolic Warfare may be hardcore when it comes to their supplements, though they’re very down-to-earth when it comes to making promises and keeping them. The same holds true with Pump-n-Grow, which will deliver vascularity, big pumps, stamina, and strength so long as your willing to put in the time at the gym.

Is Pump-N-Grow Safe?

One of the many benefits of only using safe, all-natural amino acids that you already get in your daily diet is that if used as directed, side effects are minimal, if any.

But take heed, since there is evidence that overconsumption of nitrous boosters can put your kidney function at risk, and those with low blood pressure (hypotension) should avoid their use due to the risk of dizziness and fainting.

Where To Buy Pump-N-Grow

At $39.99 for a month’s supply, Pump-n-Grow is one of Anabolic Warfare’s better values. Plus, you can save an additional 10% when you set up a subscription with them, and you can even make interest-free payments if you need.

Pump N Grow by Anabolic Warfare Website

Along with Anabolic Warfare’s own site, the product is available online through retailers specializing in bodybuilding supplements, including Amazon and 5-Star Nutrition.

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