Lumen Review – Can This Metabolism Device Improve Your Health?

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Lumen Review

Is it possible to “hack” your metabolism? With modern technology these days, the answer is nothing more than a resounding “yes.” It’s important to set goals that are tailored to helping you burn fat and lose weight. That can also mean making changes to your metabolism. So what do we mean about “hacking” our metabolism? How can it be done? That’s where Lumen comes into play.

Lumen is a device that allows you to test ketone levels in your breath. The device that will link to your smartphone so you can track your stats and make changes to your metabolism if and when needed. These days, we rely on modern technology to keep track of our fitness goals. There are fitness apps, like Sworkit and Aaptive, there are tech fitness products, like LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, and so on.

So, could Lumen be the best piece of technology to hack your metabolism? We’ll take a closer look in our Lumen review.

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What Is the Lumen Metabolism Device?

Lumen is an electronic device where you can provide insights into your metabolism just by measuring your breath. The device is designed specifically for individuals who are following a ketogenic diet.

If you follow a ketogenic diet, your goal is to burn fat for fuel (instead of carbs). This is done by “starving” your body of carbs, which forces your body to burn fat for energy. There are many benefits of the ketogenic diet, all of which require your body to be in a state of ketosis. This is where the Lumen Tracker comes in.

The Lumen Tracker measures ketones in your breath to help you determine whether you are burning carbs or fat for energy. The value of this test shouldn’t be underestimated. Many people who attempt to follow the ketogenic diet are not actually entering a state of ketosis. The only way to know if your diet is truly effective is by testing your ketone levels.

The Lumen Tracker helps you test your ketone levels daily. You can track your results and progress in a convenient mobile app.

If you want to know more about Lumen and what it can do, read on and find out how it might work for you.

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Lumen Advantages

  • Gives you accurate measurements of fat and carbs
  • Helps you customize your nutritional goals
  • Allows you to adjust your fitness goals when needed
  • Useful for athletes and those who work out regularly
  • Easy to use
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Trusted by healthcare professionals
  • Easy to charge


  • May be quite pricey for someone on a budget

Who Makes Lumen?

Lumen is developed by Metaflow LTD. The device was developed by Merav and Michal Mor. The twin sisters are also Ironman triathletes that have competed in various athletic events. They developed the product using cutting edge technology that was perfect for the purpose of measuring your fat and carbs, so you are able to adjust to your nutritional and fitness goals. It has since been a reliable tool for professional athletes, endurance trainers, triathletes, runners, and those who are looking to lose weight by adjusting their nutrition and metabolism. At the moment, Lumen is the only product that is developed by Metaflow. It has been receiving positive reviews over the last couple of years. It has even raised well over a million dollars on IndieGoGo, further proving the need for technological reliability in fitness.

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Lumen Features

Lumen contains the following features:

  • The ability to measure not just your fat and carbs, but it will be useful for helping you meet the kind of fitness goals that you have set when programming the app
  • Includes a mobile app that you can access using an Android or iOS phone.
  • Plans out a customizable plan for your fitness goals based on your sleep habits, eating habits, and specific goals like your target weight
  • A device that you can breathe into in order to get your measurements
  • A calibration schedule that you’ll need to follow so you can breathe into the Lumen device when needed (i.e.–Fasting period, lunch, dinner, etc.)
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How Does Lumen Work?

To use the Lumen Metabolism Device, you’ll need to blow into the device for a few seconds. This will allow the device to measure the fat and carb content via your breath. This will make the determination as to whether or not you are using fat or carbs for energy. You’ll get accurate stats that can be tracked using the Lumen smartphone app (available on iOS and Android devices).

When you have the app set up, you’ll be able to determine what your fitness goals are. From there, it will give you a customizable schedule so you’ll be able to know when you need to take your breath tests. Most of the time, you’ll need to do these during fasting periods and a couple of times after meals. For example, you can do one puff an hour after eating dinner and another one an hour after that. The timing will depend on your personal fitness goals.

You’ll be able to review your stats and be able to make adjustments to your nutritional and fitness goals if and when needed. When it comes to staying in shape or keeping your weight in check, you know for a fact that changes will need to be made. If you are looking for a great fitness buddy that will help you keep track of all of your fitness stats, then Lumen might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Is Lumen Safe?

Yes, Lumen is safe. The device is just used to determine whether or not you are in ketosis. It is a tracking tool that shouldn’t have any impact on your health. In fact, it may help you follow a keto diet more safely.

Where To Buy Lumen

You can purchase Lumen from the website. The Lumen device is $299. You can use the code FITNESSCLONE25 to save $25 on your purchase.

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Is The Lumen Metabolism Tracker Right for You?

The Lumen Metablism Tracker is designed for people who are following the ketogenic diet. The keto diet has many health benefits, including improved focus, increased energy levels, and rapid weight loss. The success of the diet relies on your body’s ability to enter a state of ketosis. When you enter a state of ketosis, your body starts burning fat instead of carbs.

Ketosis is a delicate state that can only be maintained if you follow a strict ketogenic diet. If you consume too many carbs, you will not enter a state of ketosis. A high-fat diet is only healthy IF you are in a state of ketosis. Accordingly, it’s very important to test your ketone levels (i.e. measure your state of ketosis).

If you follow the keto diet, you should definitely be testing your ketone levels on a regular basis (especially when you are starting out). The keto diet can be difficult to understand. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to go in and out of ketosis. There are “hidden” carbs in a lot of the foods we eat. For example, you may consume chicken wings because you think they are keto-friendly (which they are), only to find out the sauce on the wings is loaded with sugar. This innocent mistake could keep you from achieving ketosis. As you continue to follow a keto diet, you learn which foods are truly keto-friendly and which ones will disrupt your body’s state of ketosis. The best way to figure this out is through tested.

We highly recommend using a device like Lumen to track your progress. Get in the habit of checking your ketone levels on a regular basis. Keep track of which foods are truly keto-friendly and which ones are not. Fortunately, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker makes it easy to track your progress with an easy-to-use device backed by a simple and effective mobile app.

Lumen Metabolism Hacker Alternatives

If you are following the ketogenic diet, you should absolutely be testing your ketone levels. This isn’t up for debate. There are three main ways you can do this. You can test ketone levels in blood, urine, and breath.

Ketone Test Strips

Many people use ketone test strips to test their ketone levels. These strips are cheap and easy-to-use. They test the ketone levels in your urine. Unfortunately, they are not the most accurate way to test your ketone levels. Since these strips are used to test ketones in your urine, they are actually measuring ketones leaving the body. These are good if you want to get a general idea of your ketone levels, but they are not the best option in the long run.

Ketone Blood Tests

You can check if you are in ketosis by measuring the ketone levels in your blood. This process is similar to how diabetics measure glucose levels. You prick your finger with a needle to draw a blood sample and you use a device to measure the ketone levels in that blood sample. Testing your blood is a great way to get an accurate measurement of your body’s current state of ketosis, however there are two clear downsides.

First off, many people don’t like the process of testing their blood. If you want to test ketone levels in your blood, you need to draw a blood sample every time you test. This means you need to prick your finger with a needle to draw blood (which is slightly painful and not for the squeamish).

Second, testing your blood ketone levels isn’t cheap. You need to buy a device that can measure your ketone levels. These generally cost $50-$100. You also need to buy keto test strips, which are used to administer each test. These strips generally cost $1-$2 each, meaning each time you test your blood ketone levels, it will cost $1-$2. This can quickly add up if you get in the habit of testing regularly.

Keto Breath Tests

Last but not least, you can test ketone levels in your breath. This method is more accurate than testing your urine and more convenient than testing your blood. The Lumen device is one of a few devices that allows you to test ketone levels in your breath. There are a few alternatives out there, such as Keyto Breath Sensor, but we’d argue that it’s one of the best options since it is well-designed and comes with a mobile app that helps you track your progress over time (which most other trackers don’t offer). If you want accurate measurements and don’t want to draw blood samples regularly, the Lumen Tracker is a great option.

Lumen: Is It Worth It?

If you are serious about the ketogenic diet, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker is absolutely worth the cost. As mentioned earlier, you can use the code “FITNESSCLONE25” to save $25 on the device, bringing the cost down to $250. While this price may seem steep to some, we’d argue that it’s a small price to pay to ensure that you are actually making the most of the ketogenic diet.

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