Relief Factor Review – Is This Supplement Effective?

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By Thomas Youngerman

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Relief Factor Review

Two megatrends are driving the popularity of natural products and supplements today, our aging population, and self-care. The aging of America will continue to accelerate into the 2030s and beyond. Meanwhile, younger consumers are seeking more natural alternatives to OTC (Over the Counter) and prescription medicines that often come with significant side effects. From cognition and memory products to anti-aging solutions, new products in the eye care segment, and of course, bone and joint health, sales are booming. Just consider the print, online, and television advertising you see in these categories, and you’ll understand the potential.

One company looking to join this trend is Promedev, LLC, the company behind Relief Factor. The company was founded in 2015 by the father and son team of Pete and Seth Talbott and is based in Kirkland, Washington. Their top-selling product is in the joint health category, Relief Factor. In this article, we’ll detail the Relief Factor product and discuss its formulation and critical ingredients. We’ll discuss the product’s features and benefits and investigate to determine if the product is meeting its marketing claims. We’ll inform you where you can find the product, review the cost-value relationship, and as always provide our rating in terms of effectiveness and value.

Keep reading our review to see if Relief Factor works and whether or not it is worth the money.

Relief Factor Product

What Is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is a drug-free, botanical and fish oil product designed to address the pain associated with aging, exercise, and everyday living, by reducing inflammation.

The product was “clinically developed” with a blend of four ingredients; Turmeric, Resveratrol, Icariin, and Omega-3. These ingredients are designed to address pain in the back, neck, shoulder, knees, and hips, as well as general muscle soreness. The Supplement Facts panel lists each ingredient and its dosage separately for transparency. We applaud this practice versus the proprietary blend approach. 

Relief Factor Ingredients

What exactly goes into a pain relief supplement like Relief Factor?

There are four primary ingredients in Relief Factor, see below. There are no patented or trademarked ingredients in the blend. The four ingredients are as follows:

  • Icariin, 200 mg, related to the Horny Goat Weed family, is included in the formula for nitric oxide support. We typically would see this ingredient in ED (erectile dysfunction) supplements. There is limited scientific data to support claims. 
  • Resveratrol, 70 mg, an antioxidant prevalent in anti-aging products for combatting free radical damage. The dosage in Relief Factor is below what we would normally see in a supplement and a small percentage of the dosage shown to be effective in clinical studies. 
  • Turmeric, 667 mg, supports the body’s natural response to overexertion. It is a primary ingredient in many joint products to address inflammation.
  • Omega 3, 900 mg, helps maintain healthy tissue and promotes natural healing. Omegas are prevalent in many joint products as they are known for their ability to curb stiffness and joint pain. This ingredient also boosts the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drugs. A standard dosage is 1,280 mg of EPA/DHA. 

Recommended Dosage

The company’s recommended dosage is three packets of four pills, two tablets, and two soft gels, which equal one serving. The pills should be taken three times per day for the first two weeks, two times per day for the next week, and then as needed going forward. A typical one-month supply is 60 packets. 

Relief Factor Benefits From Promedev

The condition addressed by Relief Factor is pain, typically joint or muscle pain, by promoting a healthy inflammatory response. The company states that their product will either “lower or totally eliminate pain associated with exercise and everyday living.” The other benefit noted is to support healthy joints and muscles.

Customer testimonials on the Relief Factor website all explain that the product delivered on its promise to totally eliminate back and knee pain. 

The ingredients in Relief Factor (Omega 3, Resveratrol, and Turmeric) also have some additional benefits for health. Here are a few:

  • Omega 3 – Supports brain health, heart health, eye health, immune health and more
  • Resveratrol – May help lower blood pressure, protects the brain, and has antioxidant properties
  • Turmeric – Supports brain health, heart health, and more

Relief Factor Claims Vs. Reality


We have reviewed enough joint care products to know in advance that these products and specific ingredients will have mixed results, working for a subset of customers. Relief Factor is no different. In our research of customer reviews, about forty percent of respondents claimed the product performed for them while the other sixty percent felt no relief from their joint pain.

In our opinion, the product will perform to varying degrees for different individuals as everybody is unique and responds differently to these ingredients. We particularly like the turmeric, omega 3, and resveratrol ingredients, known to provide a healthy inflammatory response and used in many other joint products.  

We were happy to see that the company was relatively conservative in the claims they make about the product. They state that the product can “help support the body’s natural response to inflammation…to lower or even eliminate pain associated with exercise and everyday living.”

The claims are fair and not overstated. The product will work differently for different users for a few reasons.

First, we are all different and we all react differently to supplements. Second, pain can be experienced for a variety of different reasons, including aging, intense exercise, poor health, and so on. Lastly, pain relief is unlikely to come solely from a drug-free supplement. This product will work best when taken as part of a healthy lifestyle (i.e. proper diet, exercise, sleep, etc.)

Is Relief Factor Safe?

The ingredients in Relief Factor are generally regarded as safe.

While side effects are uncommon, some users have reported side effects such as upset stomach, dry mouth, dizziness, and nosebleeds. The ingredients may have interactions with prescription meds, such as resveratrol and blood thinner interaction. 

As always, we recommend you consult with your medical professional before starting any new supplement. 

Where To Buy Relief Factor

The company website seems to be the only place to buy Relief Factor. We could not find the product on Amazon or any other online retailer, or in any brick and mortar specialty stores such as GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. 

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Relief Factor Pricing

Relief Factor Website

Now we get to the interesting part – Relief Factor’s pricing. It’s time to determine whether or not Relief Factor is worth paying for.

Relief Factor has an interesting pricing structure that is worth paying attention to. You can get a 3-week QuickStart bundle for $19.95 + shipping and handling. Right now, the company is also giving away a free “gift” with every order (either vitamin D, CoQ10, or Vitamin C).

After the 3-week “QuickStart” period, customers are charged $79.95 + shipping and handling monthly for a new supply of the product. You can cancel at any time by calling or emailing the company.

This subscription model makes sense since supplements like Relief Factor are most effective when taken regularly. That said, we have to split our value analysis into two parts.

As part of our review process, we analyze a variety of different factors. Obviously, we review a supplement’s efficacy, quality, and credibility. We also account for value to make sure the supplement is priced appropriately. While health is priceless, supplements have a price tag, and at one point they can become to expensive.

The 3-week QuickStart bundle is a good deal. The monthly subscription is definitely more expensive than alternative options and a bit cost-prohibitive. You can purchase all of the ingredients separately or purchase a competing product for a fraction of the price.

We also noted that the membership program was the primary factor in a large percentage of the customer complaints seen on reviews. 

If you are interested in trying Relief Factor, your best bet is to start with the 3-Week QuickStart package and make a decision from there. If the supplement works wonders for you, it may justify the cost. If not, make sure to remember that the company will rebill you unless you cancel your subscription.

Does Relief Factor Work?

We have to say…maybe! As discussed earlier, Relief Factor will work differently for everyone.

When it comes to the main ingredients, Relief Factor’s dosages seem to fall short compared to other products and clinical trials. That said, the ingredients themselves have shown an ability to decrease inflammation.

Customer reviews also seem torn between whether or not Relief Factor does what it says. While some say yes, a good percent of other customers found no relief. It’s possible the effectiveness of this product depends on your specific pain and may work varyingly for different people and different pains. It will also depend on lifestyle factors such as diet, activity levels, and sleep.

Conclusions For Relief Factor

Relief Factor from Promedev Tablets

Relief Factor contains a few proven ingredients that may support pain relief by reducing inflammation and improving overall health. We can’t label this a “miracle” supplement, but the introductory offer makes it worth trying so you can see how it works for you.

The company does have a ninety-day, money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling charges) for any unopened packages. 

The company states that the product is manufactured in a facility that strictly follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). However, there is no cGMP certificate on the package, and no claim their facility is GMP certified. It is always our position that cGMP certification is highly recommended in any supplement you purchase. Although the product is gluten-free, it is not soy-free, organic, or vegan-friendly due to the beef gelatin in their soft gels. 

Although we applaud the transparency in packaging, it serves to illustrate that the dosages of the primary ingredients are less than found in competitive products and far less than dosages used in clinical trials to support structure/function claims.

Overall Rating: