Sworkit Review – Is This Fitness App Right For You?

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By Ryan Brennan

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated


About Sworkit

Some people will have no problem getting started with and maintaining a workout routine, but a majority will struggle to do it — at least on a daily basis. As important as daily exercise is, we would rather spend our time finding another excuse why we can’t. 

In 2020, the world of fitness has taken a new approach to getting people motivated, and it involves taking away the opportunity for excuses. “I’m too tired,” “I have work tomorrow,” “My ankle hurts,” we’ve heard it all, and you’ve used them all — but no more!

Fitness apps are revolutionizing the entire fitness industry. Whether you’re an enthusiast, looking for a new hobby, or a personal trainer, there’s a fitness app out there for everyone. Unfortunately, finding the right one can be difficult. With the amount of fitness apps available in the iOS and Google stores, the process of finding an app for you can be just as difficult as finding a gym.

If you’ve been scouring the app store or scrolling through social media, you’ve likely come across Sworkit — a fitness app tailored for finding, creating, and maintaining your daily workouts. It’s easy to use and will only require a purchase if you want expanded features, which we will get into below. 

Let’s see what users will get with this app and figure out if it’s the right fitness app for you!

Getting Started With Sworkit

Available in both the App Store and Play Store, Sworkit has been featured everywhere lately. It’s free to download and will give you the option of signing up with an email, through FaceBook, or with your Google account.

Once you select your sign-up method, you’ll be asked a few questions so the app can get a feel for your goals and how to get you there. First, you’ll be asked, “What brings you to Sworkit?” You’ll have various options to choose from, including lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility, sports performance, daily workouts, injury recovery, pre/post-natal workouts, and kid workouts. 

Already, you can tell this app will have a variety of workout options. 

You’ll then be asked how often you currently workout, your gender, the year you were born, your weight, and whether you want to receive notifications or not. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, Sworkit will recommend a “fitness level” for you. This will determine how difficult and complex your workouts are, but you’ll be able to change your level at any time. 

After that’s complete, you’ll be directed to the subscription plans. Here, you’ll have to decide whether you want to continue with the paid version or the free version. Users will still receive features in the free version, but they will be limited to viewing different exercises and creating a workout plan. 

Luckily, they have over 800 exercises to view, and you’ll be able to view visuals on how to do them, what areas the exercise will focus on, and even ways to make that exercise more complex. The free version will allow you to take these exercises and enter them into a daily schedule for you to follow. 

If you’re looking for more out of your fitness app, the monthly/yearly subscription will give you plenty more features. We’ll go into more depth below!

Sworkit Features

The monthly subscription for Sworkit will cost users $9.99, but you’ll have the opportunity to get six months free with a yearly subscription ($59.99). Whether you’re looking to keep the app for a while or only use it temporarily, these subscription options will work for anyone. 

If you make the purchase, you’ll gain access to everything Sworkit has to offer. We’ll break it all down for you below.

Recommended Workout Plan

The recommended workout plan will be displayed at the top of your home page. This is the plan that they selected for you based on the questionnaire you filled out.

If you’re unhappy with their selection and want something easier or tougher, you can view all the different plans in the respective tab. Otherwise, you can change the top of the home page to display the Workout of the Day. 

Workout Of The Day

Every day, Sworkit will display a Workout of the Day as part of their monthly challenge. For those that are just getting started and want a random workout, this is a great option to have. It also works great for days when you need to relieve stress but didn’t have a workout planned. 

Not to mention, you’ll know that there are thousands of people around the world going through the same sweaty workout as you — and that might make you feel less alone!

Workout Essentials

Sometimes we know what we want to work out, but have no idea how to do it. Sworkit’s Workout Essentials includes various workouts from five broad categories: Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching, and Kid Workouts. 

Inside each category, you’ll find 5-10 pre-made workouts ready to be enjoyed. For example, the Strength category features a 7-minute workout, full body, lower body, six-pack challenge, and core work. On the other hand, the Yoga category features 11 different yoga classes. 

You’ll get to view a summary of the workout before starting and will get to select how long you want to work out for. 

Sworkit Home Screen

Workout Collections

Workout Collections are similar to Workout Essentials, but will provide more specific workouts. In total, there are 22 collections, and each collection will have roughly 5-10 workouts included. 

Sworkit will include some creative collections that you won’t find in other apps. Here’s a full list of the collections available: 

Couch to Fit, Quiet Home, Workouts, Dumbbell Workouts, Kettlebell Workouts, Resistance Band Workouts, Quick Workouts, Better for Beginners, Advanced Workouts, At-Home Gym, Timing Variation Workouts, Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Workouts, Rehabilitation and Care, Foam Rolling, Runner’s Series, Cycle Series, Sports Conditioning, Older Adult Workouts, Focused Toning, Reach Your Goals, April Challenge, Fit Future, and May Challenge. Sworkit Workout Collections

Workout Plans

Workout plans, which we briefly discussed with the Recommended Workout Plan, will set you off on a six-week journey customized for you. You’ll have three initial options to choose from: Leaner, Fitter, and Stronger. 

Each plan will have three additional variations: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Once you select a plan and level, you’ll be able to view the different sessions involved throughout the six weeks. 

This feature is great for those that need extra help in putting together a workout plan — and sticking to it!Sworkit Workout Plans

Custom Workouts

If you’re looking to build your own workouts, Sworkit supports that too! In the Custom Workouts tab, you’ll be able to use their exercise library to build an effective workout. 

Don’t worry, you’ll have a lot of options to personalize it. You can give the workout a name, description, workout type, timing settings, advanced timing, and whether to allow warm-ups, shuffling, or rest breaks in your workout. 

Sworkit Custom Workouts

You do not need a monthly subscription to use this tab. 

My Sworkit

If you want to track how you’ve been doing in the Sworkit app — which we all do — you can easily view your history in the My Sworkit tab. You’ll see a calendar that will display your daily workout log, but you’ll also be able to log your activity from outside the app — like walking, dancing, sports, and much more. 

There’s also a “Stats” box that will show you how many days you were active, how many workouts you completed, how many minutes you worked out, and how many calories you’ve burned. You’ll view stats for the current and previous week. Sworkit My Sworkit

Exercise Library

The Exercise Library is an extremely valuable tool for anyone looking to perfect their workouts. They have an astounding 822 exercises to view, and they’ll do a great job of breaking down each one. 

Sworkit Exercise Library

When you select an exercise, you’ll get to view the difficulty, stance, impact level, noise level, focus areas, instructions, and a visual so you can get the technique right.

Sworkit Exercise Breakdown Customization

Sworkit will also recommend variations of the exercise to make it easier or harder.

Sworkit Exercise Breakdown

You do not need a monthly subscription to use this tab. 

Guest Pass

The guest pass is simple. Share your link with a friend and they’ll receive a 20% discount when they sign-up. If you have a ton of friends and family that might be interested in joining you on your fitness journey, don’t hesitate to spread the love!

Unfortunately, they don’t detail any incentive for users to get friends to sign-up. Sworkit will track how many people you refer, but we’re not sure what happens after that. Ideally, both the referrer and referee would receive an incentive.

Sworkit Guest Pass

Sworkit Music

Who doesn’t like to jam out to music while working out? Sworkit has an entire tab dedicated to the perfect playlists during any workout. They’ve curated their own playlists inside the app, as well as displaying their playlists that are found on Spotify and Apple Music. 

For example, their Sworkit App playlist includes songs from the following categories: Top Hits, All Out Cardio, Hip Hop Hits, Yoga Inspired, Throwback Jams, and Kids. They also have three Apple Music playlists and 12 Spotify playlists. Sworkit Music

Breaking Down The Sworkit Workouts

We’ve discussed the various options you have when selecting exercises, workouts, collections, and plans, but what’s the experience like once you decide on your workout? While many apps neglect user experience beyond this point, Sworkit does a great job of displaying what you need, minimizing what you don’t need, and giving you customization options. 

Once a workout is selected, you’ll be asked how long you want to work out for and whether you want a warm-up. This is a key feature for Sworkit that isn’t found in other apps. Most fitness apps will have pre-determined workout times you need to follow, but Sworkit will customize the workout depending on how much time you have to dedicate.

Sworkit Workout Length

If you only have 5 minutes to work out before your favorite show is on, select 5 minutes. If you want to do a full one-hour workout, select 60 minutes. Personally, I absolutely love this feature. 

Once the time is selected, you’ll get to choose your music playlist (if you want to play music in the app) before going right into your workout.

The interface is easy-to-use and won’t be confusing or distracting during a workout. At the top of the screen, you’ll have the time remaining, an option to end the workout early, music options, and other settings. 

Below that, they’ll display the current exercise you should be working on and a visual to guide you along. A timer will show you how much longer you have to do that exercise for, while also showing you how far along you are in the workout. At the very bottom of the screen, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward the workout.Sworkit Workout Screen

The thing I really enjoy about Sworkit is the Workout Settings. Here, you can change the length of each transition and exercise, whether to include rest breaks or not, how often rest breaks are, how long rest breaks are, and different timing variations available. This is where you can fully customize the workout to meet your needs — and I love it!

Is Sworkit Worth It?

In my opinion, Sworkit is more than S’worth-it. I might even go as far as saying that the free version is more worth it than the paid version. Let me explain. 

Much like most free mobile apps on the market today, you won’t be expecting too much from Sworkit’s free version. While most fitness apps won’t give you much to work with, Sworkit gives you more than enough. 

The 822 exercises will ensure you never get bored with your workout. The ability to create your own workouts with those exercises and track your history through the My Sworkit app is just icing on the cake. 

Here’s where I think the free version is better than the monthly subscription. Without the subscription, you can still view each workout, collection, and plan. You’ll see which exercises are in each workout, and it’ll even break down each session in each plan. The only thing you won’t have access to is starting that workout. 

If you have some time to kill, you can always go through and write down the exercises in the workouts or plans you like. Using the exercise library, you can learn each exercise and manage your workout yourself. 

If you end up wanting that extra ability to start the workout inside the app and follow along with it, you can always purchase the monthly or yearly subscription. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, the free version will give you more than enough to get started on a plan — it’ll just require a little more prep work. 

Comparison To Alternatives

There are several hundred thousand health and fitness apps in the app stores today. There are apps that require a physical tracker, like LETSCOM and FitTrack Atria, apps focused on audio workouts, like Aaptiv, and many more. For the most part, they’ll be categorized into one of three categories — workout apps, nutrition apps, and hybrid apps that do both. 

Sworkit would be considered a workout app since it doesn’t focus on nutrition at all. Looking at similar apps that have gained popularity recently, Sworkit isn’t alone. In terms of free apps, Sworkit does a great job of giving you access to exercises and building quality workouts. As far as paid apps go, Sworkit has a ways to go.

One of the things I think Sworkit is missing is the social aspect of fitness. The need to compete with friends, connect with like-minded individuals, and meet new people has never been more prominent in our society. Fitness apps that don’t deliver this will be missing out on a lot of value. 

At the same time, I love Sworkit’s selection of exercises and workouts. The pre- and post-natal workouts, kid workouts (which are always free!), sports conditioning, older adult workouts, and rehabilitation workouts are extremely unique. 

Again, you’ll have to pay the monthly fee if you want to get the full experience here. Otherwise, you can research their exercise library and do it yourself!

Final Verdict For Sworkit

I really like what this app has to offer, but I also hate what it doesn’t have to offer. If you’re simply looking to learn new exercises and workout combinations, this is a great app for you. If you’re looking for an app you can use to build, track, and share your workout history, I think there are better options out there. 

In my opinion, Sworkit will have to hide which exercises are in each workout to make their monthly subscription worth it — especially since it’s extremely easy to duplicate the workout outside the app. If they can’t do that, they will have to introduce more of a one-on-one personal trainer feel to each workout (not a robot voice). 

The social aspect would also help in this regard. 

For now, I would recommend downloading the free version and keeping the exercise library handy in case you need it. Although that’s where a majority of the value resides with this app, it’s a pretty good value, given that it’s free.

Overall Rating:
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