DoFasting Review – Can This App Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals?

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By Ryan Brennan

Reviewed by Juliana Tamayo, MS, RDN - Last Updated

DoFasting Review

Have you ever wondered whether or not intermittent fasting is right for you? Have you ever tried intermittent fasting but failed to see the results you were hoping for? Are you sick of weight loss programs that don’t work? Don’t panic if you answered Yes to either of those questions. 

Intermittent fasting is still a new concept to many and is much easier said than done. On top of that, it isn’t suited for everyone; it takes an insane amount of patience and requires a level of accountability that most people aren’t prepared for. 

With that being said, thank goodness we have initiatives like DoFasting to give us the guidance we need when facing the many challenges of intermittent fasting. From the very beginning, they let you know whether it’s right for you or not. 

If you answered Yes to the questions above, DoFasting might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. That’s why we’re going to do a full review DoFasting to determine whether or not this app delivers on its promises when giving this temporary lifestyle change a try.

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Getting Started With DoFasting

On the surface, you might expect this app to simply give you guidance with intermittent fasting, but it’s much more than that. It calls itself a 3-in-1 solution because, in addition to helping you with intermittent fasting, it also provides nutritional guidance and workout regimens to follow. 

Better yet, they personalize everything — including the intermittent fasting method that best suits you — to ensure you’re receiving custom advice tailored to work well alongside your existing lifestyle. That means no strict dieting — just healthy dieting — and no insane workouts — just effective ones. 


To get started, you’re asked to complete a quick survey so the DoFasting team can get a better sense of your body type, lifestyle, and day-to-day decisions. Once you complete each question, they’ll be able to formulate a plan (fasting, nutrition, exercise) tailored to meet your desired goals.

Here’s a look at the questions they’ll ask you during the sign-up process:

  • What is your gender? (male or female)
  • How familiar are you with fasting? (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • At what time during the day do you feel hungry the most? (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • At what time do you usually eat breakfast? (either skip or select a time)
  • At what time do you usually eat lunch? (either skip or select a time)
  • At what time do you usually eat dinner? (either skip or select a time)
  • How do you prepare your meals? (myself, restaurants, both)
  • Fasting on weekends – is it for you? (impossible, maybe, easy)
  • How physically active are you? (newbie, intermediate, advanced)
  • What are your working hours? (either skip or select a time)
  • Describe your job? (sedentary, physical, both)
  • How willing are you to lose weight? (just want to try fasting, try fasting and lose weight, lose the most weight possible)
  • Enter your measurements… (age, height, current weight, desired weight)

After you complete the second question, they’ll give you a brief overview of what intermittent fasting is and what the benefits are. This is a nice little touch that shows they care about the user and want to ensure they understand what they’re getting themselves into. 

Once all questions are answered — or skipped — then you’ll arrive at a full breakdown of what you can expect when signing up with DoFasting. It uses statistics and results from real people with similar profiles as you; that way, you can see how others stacked up. 

This is a really cool feature that you have access to without signing up. It lets you know how long it’ll take you to reach your desired weight, whether or not fasting is safe for you, results you should expect after the first week, your current BMI, daily calorie recommendations, your water balance, and daily activity recommendations. 

It’ll even estimate your body change — including pictures to give you an idea of what a change might look like. If you like what you see, you can select the “Get a Plan” option and move on to the pricing.

DoFasting Pricing Options

Users are given several different options when paying for the app:

  1. Annual Plan – $264 charged annually
  2. 6-Month Plan – $92 charged every six months
  3. 3-Month Plan – $66 charged every three months

When you first click ‘Get a Plan,’ you’re met with a one-time offer that’s valid for the next 15 minutes. With the offer, the annual plan is just $66 (75% off), the six-month plan is just $46 (50% off), and the three-month plan is just $33 (50% off).

A little word of advice, you can complete the questionnaire as many times as you like. You’ll arrive at the same offer each time, so don’t feel left out if time runs out, and you didn’t get to accept the offer.

Fitness Clone readers can also use the code “CLONE30” to get an extra 30% off the discounted pricing listed above.

Once you select the plan you want, you’ll create an account by giving them your email address and complete the purchase by giving them your credit card/debit card info.

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DoFasting Features

As we mentioned above, DoFasting markets themselves as a three-in-one solution to your weight loss and health needs. While it focuses on the art of intermittent fasting, the app also provides nutritional and exercise guidance to ensure your goals are met with flying colors.

While that gives you a pretty good idea of what you get when you sign up for DoFasting, it doesn’t quite give you the full scope of things. Don’t worry; we’ll break down what to expect in more detail below. 


Intermittent Fasting

When introducing intermittent fasting to your lifestyle, there are several things you need to consider if you want to do it properly. First, you need to do your research and find the right type of intermittent fasting is best for you — whether it be 12:12 fasting, 14:10 fasting, 16:8 fasting, or any other type. 



Next, you need to determine when the best time to fast is and when the best time to feast is. Not only that, but you need to make sure you’re reminded of when those windows are throughout the day, especially since your busy schedule might cause you to forget. 

DoFasting provides you with the right intermittent fasting method based on the information you gave them during the survey — which is why you need to be honest with that. It’ll also choose the best times to fast and eat throughout the day, as well as send you friendly reminders, so you don’t forget. You can track your fasts from the dashboard of the app.



On top of that, they have an ‘Articles’ section that keeps you up-to-date with all the latest research, findings, studies, tips, and advice from experts in the field. 

Meal Recommendations + Tracking

Most fasting programs are designed to guide you on when to eat, and some might explain how much to eat, but almost none of them tell you what to eat when it’s that time of the day. This can throw off your ability to produce results from intermittent fasting and could put your health at risk.

DoFasting considers this when building the plan that works for you. Not only do they direct you how much you should eat, but they give you meal recommendations and recipes to ensure you’re eating the right things at the right time. 


This is a powerful feature that starts to bring your intermittent fasting efforts full-circle. With proper nutritional guidance, you’ll set yourself up for success when attempting to lose weight via an intermittent fasting method. 

When you come across meal recommendations that you love, you can save them for future reference. You can even modify the recipes based on your allergies and dietary preferences.

You can also use the DoFasting app to log your calories, water consumption, and steps (sync with other apps). While the calorie tracking is not as extensive as an app like MyFitnessPal, it is still a nice addition, especially if you want to track your entire healthy lifestyle using the DoFasting app.


And finally, we’ve brought this app full-circle with the ability to monitor your training routines and daily activity goals. As much as you don’t want to admit it, proper weight loss can’t be achieved by just eating the right meals at the right time. 



With your body changing every day, it’s important to maintain activity to improve overall health and wellness. That’s the concept behind DoFasting, providing you with easy yet effective exercise routines — to keep you as healthy as possible and continue to shed off that extra weight.

You’ll always know where you’re at with your calorie intake, you’ll always have suggestions for what you can or should eat right now, and you’ll finally eliminate all the guesswork out of the equation.

We were actually very impressed with the workouts section of the app. You can choose from a range of workouts, including:

  • Mobility
  • Abs
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Arms
  • Chest + Back
  • And more.

The workouts can be done from home, with or without weights (or resistance bands). The app provides easy-to-follow instructions for each of the exercises in the workout to ensure that you understand what you are doing and are using proper form.


Challenge Mode

If you’re looking for an interactive, unique, and fun little challenge when intermittent fasting, DoFasting has the feature for you. Challenge Mode has a variety of programs designed to challenge fasting enthusiasts of all levels. 

You can challenge your body for 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days — all while receiving the right fasting advice, tips, meals, training routines, and more. When you’re ready, you can graduate yourself to the ‘advanced’ challenge, where you set your own fasting times and prepare your own plan.

Progress Tracker

When losing weight, nothing keeps us more motivated than seeing our progress right in front of our own eyes. With the Progression Tracker feature, you’re able to do just that. They track your starting, current, and desired weight and allow you to view progress daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

This is where you get to hold yourself accountable. If you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, it’s important to re-evaluate what you could be doing better. Either way, never give up and keep going until you reach your goals — it’s the only way!

Is DoFasting Worth It?

It’s safe to say that when it comes to fasting apps, DoFasting is one of the more robust options. We love that this app is designed specifically for individuals who fast.

I like the combination of fasting, nutritional, and exercise advice. It truly gives you the full experience when fasting properly and staying healthy.

The price was one of the main issues we had with DoFasting in our initial review, so we reached out to their team and they were able to arrange a 30% discount for Fitness Clone readers (use the code CLONE30 at checkout).

With that being said, it’s an easy user interface and definitely worth the money if you’re willing to make that commitment. If not, there are certainly other options available out there that allow you to track your fasting and remind you when it’s time. Most even give you basic advice along the way to help you out. 

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DoFasting Competitors And Alternatives

We all understand there’s an app for everything, but it’s also important to understand that where there’s an app, there are others just like it. Fitness apps are not a new concept, and there are many on the market from Obé to Sworkit to Aaptiv. If you want your fitness app to focus on intermittent fasting, though, the market does become a bit slimmer. While DoFasting is a robust option that boasts three solutions in one app, there are a few other apps similar to this one that you should consider. 

At the end of the day, it’ll largely come down to preference. Most fasting methods are set in stone, and it’s not the hardest thing to figure out when the best time to fast is (when you know basic information about the person). 

To ensure you invest in the app, you find most valuable to your needs; we’re going to highlight some of the other fasting apps available on the app market today.


If you like a clean user interface and simple navigation, Zero is a good app for you. Compared to DoFasting, it won’t have as much of a focus on the training or meal planning, but is an excellent app for those that want to partake in the intermittent fasting community.

It allows you to select the method best suited for your lifestyle, allows you to make your own schedule, gives you valuable tips and advice, lets you take notes in a journal to track progress, and also keeps track of statistics to measure how well the intermittent fasting is working. 

There’s a free option, but you get the most features with the $70/year plan.


Fastient is another app with a heavy focus on fasting, but doesn’t have the nutritional and training guidance needed to truly get the most out of your experience. With that being said, it is easy to use, promotes a minimalist user interface, and is even more basic than Zero. 

The main features are a timer, a journal, and a tracker. There’s not a lot of advice and is more suited for the advanced fasters that simply need a place to store their information when they fast. It is, however, completely free to use and takes about one minute to get started.


BodyFast is the closest app to DoFasting of these three. It provides everything you need to monitor and succeed with intermittent fasting, including the ability to choose between dozens of different intermittent fasting plans.

In addition to that, it provides you with nutritional advice, exercise advice, and tracks everything you need to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. With several different notification options, you’ll never forget your fasting schedule again. 

There’s a free option, but most features are available for around $1.35 per week. 

Final Verdict: DoFasting

Intermittent fasting is something that should only be done with the right knowledge, research, or guidance. In order to do it properly, you need to follow very specific guidelines and make sure you’re both eating and exercising correctly. 

That’s why apps like DoFasting are necessary when trying intermittent fasting — especially if you’re a newbie. This app is ideal for individuals who are getting started with fasting and want to do it the right way. The fast-tracking is a cool feature and the recipes and workouts are very helpful for people who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

DoFasting App Tips

If you need assistance, give it a try for three months. Intermittent fasting usually takes about 10 weeks to start seeing real results, so you’ll know after three months whether you want to continue. 

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