LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Review – Is This A Grade-A Medical Wrist Device?

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Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. From simple step counters to medical-grade wrist devices, trackers are popping up everywhere. The prices range all over the place as well. You can find fitness trackers that cost less than $20 and trackers that cost ten times as much. What is the difference between cheap and expensive trackers?

Simple models are just pedometers that count your steps every day. More expensive models offer a host of features, including heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, GPS tracking for your runs, and sleep tracking. Some of the fancy models will even connect with a smartphone or computer and let you download your data. The expensive trackers also use multiple sensors for accuracy that rivals medical devices.

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker promises high-end results at a budget price. Let’s dive into this fitness tracker to see what it promises and whether it really delivers.

Letscom Fitness Tracker

What is the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker?

The LETSCOM fitness tracker is a wrist-worn fitness tracker that performs several functions. The trackers include heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, full-day activity tracking, GPS tracking, and a multisport mode to track up to 14 different exercise activities.

The LETSCOM fitness tracker also syncs with your smartphone so you can receive calls, SMS and SNS notifications, and calendar information. With the right app, it can sync all your fitness data with your smartphone too. It charges with a standard USB cable and charger.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Capabilities


  • always-on heart rate tracking
  • step counter
  • a sedentary alert lets you know when you are sitting too long
  • sleep tracker
  • waterproof and sweatproof
  • terrific price


  • step counting is limited to trips longer than 30 steps, so it doesn’t reflect stop and go walking
  • some users report the heart rate information is not as accurate as other monitors


LETSCOM is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that makes smartwatches, fitness trackers, Bluetooth headphones, and other small electronic devices. They focus on products with high-end features at a budget price.

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How does LETSCOM Fitness Tracker work?

Let’s look at how the LETSCOM fitness tracker works and see what it can do for you. The most common feature of fitness trackers is the step counter. Step counters use gyroscopes and accelerometers to watch your movement. The counters know when you are sitting when you are walking, and when you are running.

This is valuable because it let you know how much you move during the day. Knowing how much you move enables you to track your motion from day to day and week to week and encourages you to move more.

The LETSCOM fitness tracker also has a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors use a sensor that’s in contact with your skin to track your pulse rate. Tracking your heart rate is the best way to gauge the intensity of a workout; there’s no guesswork involved. You can set heart rate targets to make sure that you really push yourself hard on the tough days, or goals to make you slow down on days that should be easier. World-class athletes have used heart monitors for years.

Sleep trackers have become popular in recent years to gauge the quality of your sleep. They use the same motion detectors that the step counter uses combined with a heart rate monitor. This information lets the app measure how long you spent in deep sleep, and how long you spent in restless tossing and turning.

The sedentary alert uses the same motion sensors as the other applications. It tracks how long you sit still and give you an alarm to encourage you to get up and move. Some studies show that extended sitting can be as bad for your health is smoking. Having a monitor reminds you to move every so often is great for your health.

How does Letscom Fitness Tracker work

What are the attributes of LETSCOM Fitness Tracker?

What good does all this data do? Fitness trackers help you maximize your workout and minimize problems like poor sleep and excessive sitting. There’s an old saying in business that what gets measured gets managed. This is true of your health too. By measuring what you do and tracking data over time, the LETSCOM fitness tracker helps you understand the progress you’re making toward your goals.

Perhaps the most critical part of using the fitness tracker is to have goals. It’s kind of like measuring your progress on a trip against the map. If you are driving from New York to LA, you can use a map to track how well you are getting there. If you’re out for a Sunday drive and don’t care where you go, using a map to track progress isn’t helpful.

Fitness trackers work the same way. By measuring your work, you can see progress toward your goals – but only if you have goals.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracke attributes

Where to buy LETSCOM Fitness Tracker?

The LETSCOM fitness tracker is available at for $28.99. 

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Website

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker: Is It Worth the Money?

If you are starting on your fitness journey, the LETSCOM fitness tracker is a good buy. The price is affordable, and it has all the features available on trackers that cost five times as much. Wearing a fitness tracker lets you start to see your habits and take control of your fitness. Once you see your habits and activities, you can address the problem areas that are keeping you from getting fit.

If you are already working out at a high level, this may not be the tracker for you. While it does have all the same functions as the high-end models, some users report that the accuracy isn’t as good as the fancy trackers. This is an excellent tool to help you get up off the couch and get moving. It’s probably not the best tool to use if you are prepping for an iron man or getting ready to run a long Spartan race.

Is LETSCOM Fitness Tracker worth the money

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