Juniper Life Review – Is This Transformation Program Worth The Cost?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Juniper Life is a transformation program designed to be a comprehensive 4-product combination to improve your health. Juniper Life originally launched in 2017. The Transformation Program puts all of their products into one kit. This includes both capsules and an oral spray.

According to the company’s LinkedIn page, they have 2-10 employees. This indicates Juniper Life does not manufacture its own products. Based on this information they may have developed the formulas and then contracted another company to make their products.

Transformation Program by Juniper Life

Juniper Life Transformation Program Benefits

Improved Cognition

Ingredients within Empower and Ignite have shown some evidence to affect mood and cognition.

Increased Fat Burning

Ignite is formulated to be Juniper Life’s premier fat burning product. The formulation is designed to aid in weight-loss by boosting your metabolism and improving your energy levels.

Appetite Suppression

Empower is an oral spray that should be taken before meals. It’s designed to help cut cravings making it easier to make smart food decisions. This pays off in the end by helping make dieting easier.

Support Microbiome

Ingredients found strewn throughout each of Juniper Life’s products can impact the microbiome. Some of these ingredients help to kill off bad bacteria while others work by enhancing good bacteria in your gut.

Support Immune System

Several ingredients within multiple products in the Transformation Program impact the immune system. Certain ingredients directly support immune health by acting as an antioxidant. Other ingredients may have an indirect impact by improving hormone function.

Juniper Life Ingredients

Juniper Life Supplement Facts

Empower – Instant Willpower

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is a shrub that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. One of the ways it can help is through its ability to alter taste receptors. This can help to cut your cravings. Much of the research recommends about 300mg twice a day to help with metabolic syndrome. Empower includes Gymnema in a proprietary blend that’s only 50mg total.

Peppermint Oil

This essential oil may aid in cutting sugar cravings. Peppermint oil helps to trigger serotonin production which is linked to reducing carb cravings. Peppermint oil when taken orally can work as an antimicrobial agent. As a result, at targeted doses, peppermint oil can help to rebalance the health of the microbiome.

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana is a plant found throughout the Amazon river basin. The seeds are filled with several stimulants, like caffeine, and antioxidants like catechins. Caffeine has been shown to suppress appetite as well as promote the feeling of energy. This is why you will often see guarana on the label of energy drinks. Most research looks at does around 50-75mg. The Empower product does not contain that much guarana in its proprietary blend.


5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a product of the amino acid tryptophan. 5-HTP is needed to produce serotonin. By supplementing with 5-HTP you can boost serotonin. With elevated serotonin, you can combat cravings, in particular sugar cravings.

Biotin & Chromium

Biotin is vitamin B7. It is required by the enzyme glucokinase which is involved in glucose metabolism. Chromium is a trace mineral with a big role. This mineral is required by our insulin receptors to function properly. Without it, insulin cannot efficiently tell your cells to absorb sugar from your blood.

Ignite – Healthy Weight Loss

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is really more of a prohormone than it is a vitamin. It is involved in countless processes, especially those related to the immune system. Doses of vitamin D often range between 1,000 and 10,000 IU for adults. Studies have shown overweight and obese individuals often have lower vitamin D. There are several forms of vitamin D. The preferred and most bioavailable form is Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). 

Irvingia gabonesis

The African mango, Irvingia gabonesis, is rich with fiber. Studies have shown that taking as little as 150mg twice a day can aid in weight loss. Researchers think it does this by boosting a hormone called leptin.

Cissus quadrangularis

This vine has been used in traditional medicine throughout parts of Africa and Asia. Research has suggested that c. quadrangularis can aid in weight loss for obese individuals. The effects were even greater when combined with Irvingia gabonesis.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange contains an alkaloid called p-synephrine. P-synephrine is the primary molecule responsible for all of the benefits attributed to bitter orange. This alkaloid has been shown to act as a mild stimulant when dosed around 100mg a day. The stimulatory effect can both suppress appetite and increase metabolism.

Black Pepper

Piperine is the primary active component in black pepper. It can help to increase the absorption of other supplement ingredients. However, it can also help to increase the absorption of other, potentially harmful, compounds as well.     

Go Active Blend – 390mg

Green Tea

Green tea has been used for thousands of years. It is rich in antioxidants, called catechins, a small amount of caffeine, and the amino acid L-theanine. Together these compounds can increase energy, improve focus, and reduce inflammation. However, most research appears to show green tea has a small benefit on overall health.

Eria Jarensis

Eria Jarensis is an herb that contains a compound called n-phenethyldimethylamine. At this time there doesn’t appear to be any significant research on the plant. N-phenethyldimethylamine is a long-lasting stimulant. Its effects are similar to amphetamines like Adderall.

Optimize – Metabolic Liberator

B Complex

B complex refers to several different vitamins. Optimize includes niacinamide (B3 derivative), pyridoxine (B6), methyl folate (B9), and methylcobalamin (B12). These vitamins are required to create energy and burn fat. Many supplements contain a combination of B vitamins to help overall health and metabolism.

When it comes to B vitamins, form matters. For example, vitamin B3 includes both niacin and niacinamide. While they are similar they have slightly different benefits. Additionally, the label doesn’t specify what type of methyl folate they are using.


This trace mineral is a critical component of thyroid hormones, T4 and T3. Without iodine, thyroid hormone production will decline. Low levels of thyroid hormone, or hypothyroidism, results in things like fatigue, weight gain, and depression. Too much iodine is also a concern though. When people consume too much iodine, it may trigger an autoimmune thyroid condition known as Graves’ Disease. Normal thyroid function is necessary to maintain healthy body weight.

Metabolic Blend – 488mg

Acetyl L-Carnitine

For fatty to be burned for energy, we need acetyl L-carnitine. There is an enzyme within our cells called carnitine transferase. Fatty acids are transported by carnitine transferase to the mitochondria to be broken down for energy. Acetyl L-carnitine is commonly dosed between 1-3g per day, far above what is in this product.


Like many other ingredients already covered, berberine is a plant alkaloid. Berberine is found in many metabolic supplements (such as Active PK) It has comparable effects on the diabetic drug metformin. However, it is not as powerful. It is a fantastic preventative supplement ingredient that can improve blood sugar metabolism. Common doses are in the neighborhood of 1g per day.

Brown Kelp

This ingredient will be rich in iodine. While there are other phytonutrients in brown kelp the majority of its health benefits will be due to its iodine content.

Green Tea – See above

Protective Blend

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Many people consider alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is one of the most potent antioxidants. Several studies have shown ALA can help a variety of conditions that range from diabetes, cognition, and neuropathy. Most research supports using 300-600mg per day.


Another amino acid, taurine is commonly found in energy drinks. This is because taurine works as a mild depressant on the cardiovascular system. It counteracts the stimulatory effects of things like caffeine. Along with this, it also works as an antioxidant protecting our cells and DNA.


Green tea is one of the most common sources of l-theanine. The calming tranquility people experience when they drink green tea is due to its l-theanine. That is because l-theanine works on the brain and slows brain wave activity. It can even enhance focus.


The health benefits attributed to red wine are thangs to a phytochemical called resveratrol. David Sinclair, Ph.D. was the one to really understand how resveratrol works. This miracle compound appears to repair damaged DNA, reduce inflammation, improve blood sugar, and much more by activating proteins called sirtuins. He has said in interviews he takes 1g per day.


Found throughout the plant kingdom, quercetin is a potent molecule. While it does have antioxidant benefits, it can also bolster the immune system by working with mast cells. Some studies have even show quercetin can benefit blood pressure by protecting blood vessels.

Fortify – Protective Recovery

Vitamin D see above


Zinc is an essential trace mineral. It plays a role in everything from hormone metabolism to immune support. Zinc is often recommended to help the dry, scratchy throat people get from a cold. A zinc deficiency can also contribute to low testosterone levels in men. Supplementing with zinc can both boost the immune system and hormone production.


Manganese another essential trace mineral involved as a coenzyme in several pathways. The most recent reports point out that manganese deficiency is quite rare. The RDA for manganese is about 2mg per day.

Chromium see above

Recovery Blend – 470mg

Rhodiola Extract

People have been using adaptogens like Rhodiola for thousands of years. This herb can improve our body’s ability to respond and handle stress. Often times it does this by interacting with cortisol. Rhodiola is commonly dosed around 200mg multiple times throughout the day.

Cordyceps sinensismycelia

Mushrooms have long been used by humans. Over 750 species have been identified within the cordyceps genus but only 35 of them have any research to support their medicinal use. Cordyceps sinensis has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, antihyperglycemic, antiapoptotic, immunomodulatory, nephroprotective, and hepatoprotective agent.


This bioflavonoid has exploded over recent years as the most common natural anti-inflammatory. It is one of the primary components of turmeric. Curcumin works similarly to aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Doses can range, but it’s often recommended to take 1000mg in divided doses throughout the day.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf contains a variety of antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic compounds. These compounds belong to a group of chemicals called phenols. Olive leaf extracts are often used to influence the diversity of the microbiome.

Immune Blend – 460mg

Transfer Factor

Chemicals or compounds that come from plants or animals that aid the immune system by “tagging” foreign substances are called transfer factors. Most transfer factors come from animals. There are several different types of transfer factors but the label does not specify.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

As we already mentioned, there are thousands of different mushrooms. Some of them help to boost our immune system. Other mushrooms have little to no effect what so ever. Reishi mushrooms have been shown to increase natural killer cells and other white blood cells. Many studies supporting reishi mushroom extract have been in test tubes rather than on individuals.

Baker’s Yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The cell surface of baker’s yeast is comprised of several different structures. S. cerevisiae contains one particular structure called a beta-glucan. Evidence suggests that beta-glucans can support the immune system by increasing macrophage activity. Doses are often around 200mg.

How Does The Juniper Life Transformation Program Work?

The Transformation Program by Juniper Life is made up of 4 separate products and a lot of ingredients. Several of these ingredients have a consistent history of being beneficial. Other ingredients do not have that same level of evidence backing them. It is definitely possible that the Transformation Program will work, but we can’t be sure if it’s 1 product or all 4 that are beneficial. We can’t be sure if it’s a few ingredients from several products or all the ingredients.

Claims vs. Reality

The Transformation Program makes a lot of claims on its website. Most of these claims are related to reducing inflammation by modulating the immune system, reducing sugar intake by blocking cravings, and the use of stimulants like caffeine.

The products also contain some trace minerals but ignore others. The inclusion of magnesium would make a substantial contribution. Manganese deficiency is exceptionally rare, but as much as 70% of Americans are magnesium deficient.

The Transformation Program may be overly complicated with all of its ingredients. Not to mention some of the products are supposed to be taken multiple times throughout the day at different times. The proprietary blends make it difficult to discern both ingredient quality and ingredient doses.

Transformation Program by Juniper life

Where to Buy Juniper Life and Cost

Juniper Life – $109

Amazon – $89Juniper Life Transformation Program Website

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