Equip Prime Protein Review – Is This Protein Powder Better Than Whey?

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Equip Prime Protein Review

Your body needs protein no matter what you do. You may think it’s only important for bodybuilders, athletes, or other people who participate in exercise programs, but that’s not true. It’s important for everyone to take in enough protein because your body needs it to function properly.

Prime Protein by Equip Foods consists of beef isolate protein. It’s an all-natural protein extracted from the beef of grass-fed cows. It comes in a resealable bag that contains 30 servings of powder. You can mix it with liquids you like, put it in smoothies, or even add it to food recipes. Prime Protein powder is said to have more of what your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Naturally, Equip Prime Protein is being compared to other types of protein on the market, especially whey. So, how does it measure up? In this Equip Prime Protein review, we’ll put this powder to the test to see if it can stack up to the competition and if it’s truly worthy of becoming your new protein powder. Ready to see if Equip Prime Protein is worth purchasing? Let’s get started now!

Equip Foods Prime Protein

What is in Equip Prime Protein?

This is one of the biggest things that sets Prime Protein apart from its competition. There aren’t a lot of ingredients in this protein supplement powder. In fact, the chocolate flavor has just three ingredients.

  • Grass-fed beef protein
  • Cocoa powder
  • Stevia extract

That’s it. No artificial sweeteners. No fillers. No preservatives. The ingredients are all-natural. 

One scoop of Prime Protein consists of 100 calories, 2 grams of carbs, and 21 grams of protein.

What is Prime Protein Good for?

Equip Prime Protein is good for building muscle through better recovery. It also helps you to increase your muscle strength. Lean muscle mass then burns body fat at a higher rate.

This protein supplement is good for all kinds of people. It’s excellent for those wishing to supplement their diets with more protein to help them reach fitness goals. It’s also a good addition for anyone looking to stick to a healthy diet. 

Equip Prime Protein Benefits

Beef protein taken from grass-fed cows is a more complete fuel source for the body than whey or plant-based proteins. It provides collagen and gelatin that your body needs to fuel several essential functions. These substances consist of various amino acids that help sustain your bones, joints, skin, gastrointestinal lining, ligaments, and more. 

Equip Prime Protein isn’t chocked full of junk like so many other protein powders are. There are no fillers and nothing artificial. Equip Foods doesn’t add any hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, or preservatives. Fillers don’t give you the benefits you’re looking for from a protein powder and can even dilute it, rendering it less effective. 

Your protein supplement should increase your muscle recovery, build muscle, increase strength, increase lean muscle mass, and boost your energy. Prime Protein does that well because of its all-natural formula.

Prime Protein By Equip Foods - fuel source for the body

Beef Protein vs. Whey

As beef isolate protein becomes more popular, we’re seeing more people comparing it to the whey protein we’ve all been taking in for many years. People are referring to it as the new whey protein. But is it better than whey? Let’s look deeper.

One of the things people like about beef protein is it has a higher protein content with less carbs and fat. But there are extra benefits that come from the amino acid profile of beef isolate protein. 

Beef protein is loaded with amino acids. The thing that it doesn’t have as much of is leucine. That’s a downfall for beef protein because leucine is a key player in protein synthesis, which means it helps your muscles use the protein more efficiently.

You’ll notice a big difference in the way these two powders mix with liquids. Whey protein mixes, such as High Impact Whey Protein or Gnarly Whey Protein, are much easier and come out with a smoother texture. Beef protein will likely leave clumps in your shaker bottle. It’s because of the collagen and beef gelatin. Whey may mix better, but it’s usually due to the fillers and unnatural ingredients.

There’s also an index that measures bioavailability. Whey protein has a higher level of bioavailability, which indicates your body has an easier time processing whey protein than others with a lower number on the index.

Beef is further down on the index than whey protein. But that’s without accounting for the fillers, preservatives, antibiotics, and other unnatural substances that often get added to whey protein powders. Prime Protein doesn’t have anything unnatural in it. 

Equip Prime Protein vs. Other Beef Protein Brands

If you take one look at the ingredient list on a bag of Equip Prime Protein powder and compare it to most other brands of beef protein, you’ll notice a big difference. The list on the Prime Protein package is far shorter than any of the others.

This is because there are only three ingredients needed. Equip Foods uses only natural substances found in beef. Muscle meat makes up 70% of the mixture. The other 30% consists of micro-nutrients, collagen, and gelatin. 

Prime Protein By Equip Foods - Grass Fed Beef Isolate Powder

Other brands of beef protein have items included in the ingredients lists that are artificial and hard to pronounce. Your body doesn’t need unnatural ingredients. Prime Protein gives your body more of what it needs for muscle-building and recovery.

Beef protein powders have a price range that runs between about $.80 per ounce up to almost $2.00 per ounce. Equip Prime Protein is priced at the higher end of the range because you get only what your body needs and no extra junk.

How Is Equip Prime Protein Made?

The first step in making any beef protein isolate powder is to isolate the protein. This is done by boiling and reducing the beef down to liquid. The fat and carbohydrates are skimmed off the top, leaving mostly just protein behind. 

The protein then must be spray dried until it is in powder form. Higher quality beef produces higher-quality beef isolate protein. Equip Foods uses only grass-fed beef to make their protein powder. This ensures you get high-quality protein, as well as a better amino acid profile.

The beef isolate protein powder is mixed with cocoa powder for chocolate or coconut milk and organic vanilla powder for vanilla.

Prime Protein By Equip Foods - Supplement Facts

Amino Acid Profile

The amino acid profile specific to Prime Protein powder is considered proprietary information, so we can’t share it exactly, but we can look at the average profile for beef isolate protein. Here’s a partial list of important amino acids found in beef (per 100 grams).

  • Alanine-8.8
  • Arginine-7.3
  • Glycine-20.1
  • Leucine-3.3
  • Proline – 11.1
  • Isoleucine-1.7
  • Methionine-1.2
  • Phenylalanine-2.3
  • Threonine-2.1
  • Tryptophan-0.3
  • Valine-2.8

How to Use Prime Protein

You use Equip Prime Protein by adding it to your favorite beverage, such as a juice, water, or milk type. You can also blend it into smoothies or bake it into foods.

The best time to use Equip Prime Protein is after working out. It helps your muscles recover and repairs ligaments. This process then leads to muscle building. You can also use Equip Prime Protein as a meal replacement.

How Does Equip Prime Protein Taste?

People often ask if beef protein powder tastes like beef. Equip Prime Protein does not taste like beef. It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Existing customers report the chocolate flavor tastes like brownies. Both flavors are slightly sweetened with Stevia.

Is Equip Prime Protein Safe?

Equip Prime Protein is a safe product when used correctly. We do have some safety tips and guidelines for using beef isolate protein, though. 

Don’t use more than the recommended amount for your age and body type. Too much beef protein will cause dehydration. Make sure you drink enough water every day. 

Other side effects of taking in too much beef protein include nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, and indigestion.

Prime Protein By Equip Foods - Safety Use

Where to Buy Equip Prime Protein

Equip Prime Protein can be purchased directly from the official Equip Foods site here. It is available in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. A one-time purchase of Prime Protein will cost $59.00.

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If you really like Equip Prime Protein, though, you can choose to go with their subscribe & save option which will save you 15%, bringing the price down to $50.15.

Equip Prime Protein Website

The Bottom Line: Equip Prime Protein

Prime Protein is a beef isolate protein powder by Equip Foods. It’s made of only all-natural substances. This protein supplement has no fillers and junk ingredients like so many other protein powders do. There are no hormones, no antibiotics, and nothing artificial. 

This is an excellent supplement that provides more protein than most other similar products on the market. It’s safe to use, tastes good, and provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function properly. It helps you build muscle, gives you healthy skin and hair, boosts your energy, and increases strength. We recommend this supplement for anyone looking to take in more protein that will help maximize their benefits.

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