Plexus MegaX Review – Is Plant-Based Omega The Right Choice?

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Plexus MegaX-Review

Plexus is a supplement company that claims their products will help you feel better, and they also tell us their products can help you look, eat, focus, and LIVE better. They’re on the cutting edge of health science and produce products that help your body get rid of the bad stuff, improve digestion, and feed your system the compounds that benefit it most. 

They also strive to be non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten-free whenever possible. 

All of this includes their answer to your need for a full-spectrum, 100% vegetarian blend of omega oils that provide the benefits of fish oil while avoiding the nasty aftertaste and risk of heavy metal toxicity, and it’s called Plexus MegaX!

The question is, is this supplement really the right choice for your omega needs? Let’s take a closer look in this full review of Plexus MegaX.

Plexus MegaX

About Plexus MegaX 

Plexus MegaX is a broad-spectrum blend of plant-based omega oils that is not only suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it also eliminates the dreaded fishy aftertaste so common with fish oil supplements. It provides alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is the only essential form of omega 3 fatty acids–meaning your body doesn’t produce it, and you need to get it from an outside source. 

Plexus MegaX - The Plant-Based Omega

Other fatty acids it provides include omega 5 & 7, both of which we’ll go over the benefits of in just a bit here. In the meantime, we’ll also let you know that by being vegetarian, MegaX is free of heavy metals, including mercury that some fish oils may contain; and being produced by Plexus also means it’s both non-GMO and gluten-free. 

Plexus MegaX Benefits

Supports Heart Health

While fish oil supplements such as OmegaWell Fish Oil are popular for their heart health support, those that need a vegan or vegetarian alternative (or simply don’t want the fishy taste) can find that same benefit from Plexus MegaX.

We all hear of the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for our cardiovascular health, though what we don’t hear so much about are the benefits of such compounds as palmitoleic acid, which is a type of omega 7 fatty acid. It’s not only fun to pronounce, but it also helps increase HDL (high-density lipoproteins, which are the good kind) while decreasing LDL (the low-density bad kind) cholesterol. It does this by balancing C-reactive protein, which is an inflammatory marker of heart disease. 

By acting as a potent antioxidant, omega 5 also protects your cardiovascular health, as well as other aspects of your health that may be affected through the ravages of oxidative stress, including brain health. 

Plexus MegaX - Supports Heart Health

Supports Brain Health

Hey fathead! Guess what? Since your brain is made up of around 60% fats, being called a fathead is really kind of like being called a regular ol’ human being! But let’s not assume that means just any fats since a big part of your brain’s fats (about a third of them) need to be omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS’s) for optimum performance. 

Put it this way: you can have plenty of fat to spare around your middle and still experience brain fog, poor memory, and other symptoms of a diet lacking in healthy fats, so just noshing a stick of butter or doing shots of Wesson Oil isn’t the answer. Instead, you need a balanced supply of omega 3/6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s); and the other non-essential fatty acids in this full-spectrum oil are also beneficial to your brain’s health. 

Plus, getting enough PUFA’s also helps reduce levels of the wrong kind of fats in your bloodstream. 

Supports Healthy Lipid Levels 

Fat is a wonderful, though commonly misunderstood, macronutrient. For instance, we often associate cholesterol as being something bad, period, when in fact we need it for such important functions as supporting cell membranes and helping produce hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.  

That said, it IS true that too much of the wrong kind of cholesterol—that would be LDL—is associated with inflammation and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. The good news is that HDL helps move LDL away from your arteries and back to your liver, where it’s broken down and disposed of, though HDL is also careful to leave beneficial amounts behind. 

And yes, you do need some LDL, just not an overabundance. 

It should also be noted that HDL is made up of PUFA’s while LDL is made up of saturated fats, such as from conventionally raised beef, butter, or other “hard” fats. 

Helps Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Stress

Good fats help lower inflammation, boost brain health, and help to produce hormones including cortisol, vitamin D, testosterone, and estrogen. 

And, all of this affects symptoms of chronic stress in a positive manner. 

For instance, vitamin D has been recognized for its positive effects on mood and immune health, and PUFA’s are also associated with a positive mood and lowered anxiety levels. 

Another benefit of getting enough good fats when under heavy stress is its effects on your appetite, which can otherwise be controlled by some out-of-control hormones. It helps you feel fuller longer, which reduces your urge to answer the call of those sugar cookies in the break room, and it also helps re-balance endocrine hormones for a lowered stress response.

Plexus MegaX Ingredients

Plexus MegaX contains an Omega 3 blend, an Omega 6 & 9 blend, and an Omega 5 and 7 blend. Below we will take a closer look at these blends and what they include.

MegaX Ingredients

Omega 3 blend (300 mg), Omega 6 & 9 blend (300 mg) & Omega 5 & 7 blend (100 mg)

MegaX gets its oil blend from such sources as Ahiflower seed, which is exceptionally high in omega 3; pomegranate seed oil, which has compounds that resemble alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids; and avocado oil, which is high in oleic acid. 

This is important, since both ALA and oleic acid are potent antioxidants that can reduce inflammation along with all its health risks, and we’ve already discussed the relationship of omega 3 fatty acids with brain health, cholesterol management, and stress reduction—not to mention its many other health benefits. 

There’s also the omega 6 & 9 blend, which you need to balance and manage healthy cholesterol levels, reduce the body’s inflammation response, and other functions alongside omega 3 fatty acids. Too many 6’s without enough 3’s, though, leads to the opposite condition of increased inflammation and LDL cholesterol, so it’s important that these stay balanced. 

Finally, there’s the omega 7 & 5 blend, which, being particularly beneficial to your hair, skin, nails, AND weight management is there to make you look mawwvelouse, daawling. 

For instance, there’s a reason sea buckhorn oil is used in so many skincare products, which is that it’s a rich source of omega 7, AKA palmitoleic acid. This is important since palmitoleic acid helps your body produce more collagen, which is the protein that keeps your skin elastic, your hair strong, and your nails from looking like worn-out digging tools. Plus, it helps boost enzymes your body needs for the breakdown of fats while also inhibiting the synthesis of new fats.

Then there’s omega 5, AKA punicic acid, which is not only a potent, skin-protecting antioxidant, but also promotes keratinocyte proliferation to stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis (that’s the outside layer of your skin, just in case you didn’t know). 

Altogether, these fats team up to reduce inflammation, promote hormone balance, keep your heart healthy, keep you looking good, and even give your body something better to run on than sugar (hint: running on sugar makes you fat, though running on fat keeps you lean!). 

Does Plexus MegaX Work?

While mostly, the answer is yes, this product does work, some say your brain needs animal fats for optimal brain health. That’s because while ALA and EPA are important for your brain’s health, what it really needs is eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), arachidonic acid (ARA), and perhaps most importantly, docosahexanoic acid (DHA), which makes up around 20% of the fats in your brain and has such important functions as protecting your brain’s circuits and maintaining the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. 

DHA is also critical in the early development of the cortex—AKA the part of your brain responsible for complex problem solving, focus, and decision making—as well as other functions important to your brain’s health. The bummer of a vegan diet, however, is that while plant oils contain ALA and EPA, they contain no DHA (or at least very little, from what we understand).

This doesn’t mean that this product doesn’t work at all, just that for optimum brain health as well as a few other benefits we’re running out of room to go over, you may also need to add grass-fed meat, ghee butter, wild-caught salmon, or other animal sources of high-quality fats to your diet. 

Who is Plexus MegaX Best For?

Not only is this product suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but it’s also great for anyone seeking healthy skin and cardiovascular health, and wants to win the battle of the bulge. It contains mostly plant seed oils that are essential to your health, so unless you’re sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients, MegaX is suitable for virtually everyone. 

This includes athletes looking for supreme cardiovascular function, balanced androgen production, and less damage from exercise-induced free radicals. 

Plexus MegaX Suitable for Vegetarians

Claims vs. Reality

Other than possibly not being the end-all solution to your brain health needs (and there’s likely other research to be found countering this claim, by the way), yes, this product can help reduce inflammation, boost the health of your hair, skin, & nails, and even help you manage your weight. 

Is Plexus MegaX Safe?

MegaX is mostly oils that your body needs or already formulates, so there’s not a lot of health or safety risks so long you use this supplement as directed. This includes the label requesting that it not be used by anyone under 18-years of age, along with the usual warnings about seeing your doctor before using this product if you’re pregnant, nursing, or on medication. This is interesting since omega 3’s are so important to developing brains, though we’re guessing it may have to do with dosage. 

Where to Buy Plexus MegaX

At $44.95 for about a month’s worth, this one is on the steep side. Though we’re not certain how expensive sourcing or extraction is for Plexus, we nonetheless suspect they may be trying to charge you for the sizzle along with the steak. 

For instance, Flora makes a vegetarian DHA oil called Udo’s Oil DHA 3/6/9 Blend that not only contradicts there being no vegetarian source of DHA (told ya!) but costs only $32.39 per month when you sign up for auto-ship. It’s also expeller pressed, unrefined, organic, and produced in a low-light, oxygen-free environment, so they at least let you know why it’s not completely inexpensive. 

Then again, you can lower the product’s cost to $37.95 by signing up for auto-ship, and capsules are more convenient than measuring out portions with a teaspoon. MegaX is also a good product with loads of benefits that Udo’s may be lacking, such as the high omega 5 & 7 content, though we’re too lazy to look into it right now. 

Plexus Website

Along with Plexus’ site, you can purchase MegaX on Amazon or through one of many Plexus independent dealers, since they appear to be another version of Herbalife, there to make you rich quick. 

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