Ideal Greens Review – Should You Buy This NutraOne Superfood Supplement?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Ideal Greens Review

Over the last decade, supplementing with greens has become increasingly more popular as social media has taken over. Whether its seeing greens on your Facebook feed or your Instagram friend trying to sell you some, it’s evident that it is a trend that is here to stay.

If you are interested in buying greens, you might be overwhelmed by the amount on the market, and we understand that. There are tons of choices out there, from Vega Protein & Greens to Skinny Greens to Patriot Power Greens. Additionally, when buying any supplement, you want to make sure that you are investing your money in a quality product.

That’s why today we are going to share and take a closer look at a greens mixture that’s a great option to supplement with. This supplement comes from NutraOne, and it is called Ideal Greens. Without further ado, let’s get started with this review of Ideal Greens.

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What Is Ideal Greens?

Ideal Greens is a product of NutraOne, a US-based company that sells different food products and supplements for varying purposes such as muscle building, weight loss, cleansing, and detoxing.

Ideal Greens Chocolate Flavor

Ideal Greens, as the name suggests, is a greens supplement that aims to promote optimal health for everyone. Here are some of the benefits of Ideal Greens according to its product description:

  • No artificial flavors – Ideal Greens is naturally flavored, and it is sweetened with stevia, a sweetening herb that is used as an alternative to sugar.
  • Improve health and immunity – Ideal Greens prides itself on its detoxifying and antioxidant properties, which can promote optimal health for anyone who will use it.
  • Raw greens blend – Because it is a greens food product, Ideal Greens will clearly give you a loaded, fully organic greens blend. This will balance alkalinity, and it will provide you with the phytonutrients from vegetables that your body needs.
  • Probiotic blend complex – Aside from its antioxidant properties, Ideal Greens also contain a probiotic blend to promote healthy digestion in your body.

The question is, will Ideal Greens deliver on its promises? Let’s look at its ingredient content and see if it will deliver the benefits it claims to have.

Ideal Greens Ingredients

If you look at the ingredient content of Ideal Greens, you will see that its ingredients are conveniently categorized, so you will know which ingredients will bring out the following features. Here are the different groups of Ideal Greens’ ingredients:

  • Organic Greens Blend
  • Organic Fruits & Vegetable Blend
  • Prebiotic & Fiber Blend
  • Probiotic Blend

Based on its ingredients listed, we can say that Ideal Greens can deliver the benefits it promises to deliver. It is indeed loaded with different greens, fruits, and vegetables necessary to bring those antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Its prebiotic, fiber, and probiotic blend is beneficial for the digestive system, among many other things.

Ideal Greens ingredients

Ideal Greens Advantages And Disadvantages

There are many advantages that come with supplementing with greens, as well as a few disadvantages. Many green mixes have a sour, grassy taste to them, but this one skips that and tastes great.


1) It Is tasty!

While many greens supplements taste awful (and for understandable reasons), NutraOne managed to make Ideal Greens delicious by offering it with flavors of your choice. Currently, Ideal Greens come either in either chocolate or natural berry flavor.

Amazingly, some customers do testify to its tasty flavor.

2) It Comes 2-in-1

Most supplements come either as an antioxidant supplement or as a digestive supplement (probiotic & prebiotic supplements), but why not bring these two benefits into one product? Ideal Greens just managed to bring these two powerful health benefits together.

3) It Is Good For The Gut

Because of Ideal Green’s prebiotic and probiotic blend, it will be very beneficial for your gut. But, in case you don’t know how powerful gut health is, gut health is actually one of the most influential systems in your body. Your gut affects many parts of your body, such as metabolism, energy levels, mood, skin health, and even your hormonal systems, among others.

A good gut will promote benefits to these areas – but a poor gut will hurt these same areas, too! Hence, having a good or healthy gut is of utmost importance if you want to optimize your health – and Ideal Greens can just help you with that!

4) Formulated In A Safe Environment

Ideal Greens is formulated at NutraOne’s cGMP facility, hence ensuring that Ideal Greens are created in a safe and clean environment and conditions.


1) It Can Be Pricey

Ideal Greens is currently priced at $34.99. While not necessarily expensive compared to other greens supplement in the market, Ideal Greens can be pricey for some.

2) Stevia Is A Controversial Sugar Alternative

Although used as an alternative for sugar because of its supposed health benefits (or rather, that it will not bring the harm that sugar brings to our bodies), some studies show that stevia can cause cancer. In fact, stevia was once banned by the FDA for this reason, although the ban was later lifted, and now stevia is actually used on many food products.

On the good side, Ideal Greens used the stevia component rebaudioside A, which is less linked to stevia’s harmful effects. Nevertheless, it pays to pay attention when you are consuming products that contain stevia.

Is Ideal Greens Safe?

So far, there are no potential side effects that can come from Ideal Greens. If anything, it can be the side effects if you take too much prebiotic and probiotics. Of course, the side effects would be related to your digestive system. Other than this, there is no possible side effect so far.

Should You Buy Ideal Greens?

Ideal Greens is a greens supplement that is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifying properties, and probiotic blends, making it good for the digestive system as well. Ideal Greens aims to improve and provide optimal health for those who will use it – and its ingredients show that this product is loaded with fruits, vegetables, and greens to deliver such benefits.

Nevertheless, because of its stevia content, you may want to be careful when consuming it – although again, rebaudioside A, the stevia component used by Ideal Greens, is less or not linked to the harmful effects of the stevia herb.

So, the question is, should you buy it? I would say that Ideal Greens, considering its rich ingredient, is worth giving it a try. After all, it will not hurt if you try and see if the product will work for you.

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Where To Buy Ideal Greens

If you want to try out Ideal Greens, you can buy it on their official store here. It costs $35 for one container.

NutraOne Ideal Greens Website

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