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By Alexis Massie, MS

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mtn ops collagen review

Collagen supplements are all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise that there are many options out there. The question is, how do you know which supplements are worth using and which are worth losing?

That’s where we come in to help!

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at one specific collagen product called MTN OPS EVA Collagen Peptides (also simply called MTN OPS Collagen).

Does it offer the right ingredients? Will it provide the benefits you’re searching for? We’ll answer those questions and more in this thorough MTN Collagen review.

Let’s get started!

About MTN OPS Collagen

MTN OPS Eva Collagen Peptides is a collagen peptide protein powder created by a company called MTN OPS. This supplement company aims to improve the lives of individuals and their families through their products, many of which we have reviewed.

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Eva Collagen Peptides is named after Eva Shockey. She worked with MTN OPS to create this product, one that she knew would help all women just like it helped her. Containing 18 grams of collagen, 20 grams of protein, and being low sodium, this product is aiming to help all women look and feel their best.

Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies and in many animals. It is a building block for our skin, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Collagen has gained widespread popularity and is added to numerous supplements and in this case, is a supplement of itself. 

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Eva Collagen Peptides Benefits

MTN OPS Collagen offers several benefits that include healthier hair, skin, nails, joints, and ligaments. Collagen is a protein that is in our bones, muscles, blood, and skin. Along with other things we lose as we get older, collagen is another one of them. As we age, collagen breaks down and it is harder for our bodies to produce more. This is where a supplement such as this one can come into play to offer us several different benefits. 

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Healthy Glowing Skin

Our skin begins to show signs of aging due to the decreased production of collagen as we age. Our skin can also be damaged by environmental factors. Collagen helps to improve skin hydration by retaining more moisture in the skin. It has also been shown to improve skin elasticity by repairing the elastin and collagen protein fibers. This will help with those fine lines and wrinkles as we age and keep our skin looking young and glowing. 

Healthy Hair Growth

As we age, our hair begins to thin, which is not fun whether you are a male or female. Collagen can help to strengthen hair fibers to increase hair thickness. It can do this by helping to produce keratin, the protein that makes up our hair and by maintaining a healthy dermis which contains the root of each hair follicle. Collagen also acts as an antioxidant that can combat the damage done by free radicals from environmental factors, poor diet choices, and smoking. 

Healthy Nail Growth

Let’s face it, we don’t even need to age to have decreased nail growth and brittle nails. Collagen can help to speed up the nail growth process and strengthen those nails. 

Healthy Joints and Ligaments

Collagen is the primary protein in our bones, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen supplements, such as this one, have the potential to provide relief from joint and muscle pain by providing support, as well as elasticity to the connective tissue. Giving connective tissue support helps our bones, ligaments, and tendons to endure pressure during activity. Collagen also helps to aid in the repair of our ligaments and tendons after exercise. 

This type of supplement is made with bovine collagen, or tissues of cows. Let’s take a closer look at this supplement’s main ingredient to see how this product will help women achieve those benefits. 

Eva Collagen Peptides Ingredients

This product contains bovine collagen peptides. As stated above, this collagen comes from, you guessed it, cows. Note to those vegetarians out there, this collagen would not be an option for you. The process of making bovine collagen, in a nutshell, is the byproducts of cows are boiled in water and the collagen is extracted from the boiled byproducts. After it is extracted and broken down into peptides, it is then dried and turned into a powder or liquid to create a supplement. Bovine collagen has been shown to increase type I and III collagen in our bodies. Type I and III collagen make up most of our skin, nails, hair, ligaments, tendons, and bones. 

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With a benefit of this supplement being healthy, glowing skin, it seems appropriate that it can help to reduce wrinkles, as well as increase skin elasticity and moisture. As we age, the fibers in our skin called dermal collagen fibers begin to disappear and become torn which can cause wrinkles and those pesky fine lines. Collagen peptides have been shown to repair those damaged fibers and make them stronger. In a study on collagen peptide supplementation in mice, it showed that collagen peptide supplementation improved skin elasticity, but did not help with retaining any moisture. The dermis is the middle layer of our skin and the layer that is less efficient at producing collagen as we age, which can cause decreased skin elasticity. In a study on women ages 35-55, a daily collagen supplement showed to significantly improve skin elasticity compared to a placebo.  

Keratin is the protein that makes up most of our hair follicles. To create keratin, our bodies use amino acids. Collagen can be a house for these amino acids. Collagen is broken down by our bodies into these amino acids that can be used to create new proteins. Collagen is made up of the amino acid’s proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. Out of those amino acids, keratin is primarily made from proline. The consumption of collagen can aid in the creation of hair, however, there are not many studies done on humans to test out this theory to its full potential. 

Collagen can help to fight off free radicals. Free radicals can develop in our bodies from stress, air pollution, poor dietary habits, and other environmental factors. Studies have shown that collagen has the potential to be a powerful antioxidant agent to fight off these free radicals. However, most of these studies were done on collagen derived from fish, marine collagen, and not bovine collagen. Collagen peptides can help to protect the dermis layer of skin that houses the root of each hair follicle. By protecting this layer, it may prevent hair thinning as we age. 

Collagen peptides have the potential to help with healthy nail growth.  Collagen contains arginine and proline, which are both essential for nail growth. Arginine gives the nail beds and roots the nutrients and oxygen they need to grow. Proline aids in keratin production, which is what our nails are made of. In a study on 25 participants who consumed a collagen peptide supplement for 4 weeks showed increased nail growth rate and decrease in the frequency of broken nails. 

Collagen peptides may also be linked as a potential treatment for osteoarthritis. There have been extensive studies done on this that have shown positive results. One study shows that hydrolyzed collagen had significantly reduced knee pain and stiffness. However, this study was very small and did not follow the participants long-term and there was no control group. Another randomized study showed that six months after supplementation of 40 mg of collagen showed participants had significantly less stiffness, pain, and increased function than the other groups. In another study that included 180 active men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 years old taking a collagen peptide supplement, did lead to a significant reduction of exercised-induced knee pain. In an analysis of animal and human studies, collagen has also been shown to aid in cartilage repair. 

Do Eva Collagen Peptides Work?

Based on the studies on collagen and the benefits it can provide, Eva Collagen Peptides have the potential to improve our hair, skin, nails, joints, and ligaments. It is important to note that there have been more studies done on animals than humans, so more research on humans would be beneficial. This product does not specify the certain amount of time it will take for the supplement to work, which is a good thing, as not every supplement works the same for each person. The studies have also shown that a higher dose of collagen peptides is more beneficial than a lower dose. 

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The reviews on the MTN OPS website give Eva Shockey’s Signature Collagen Peptides 4.88 stars with 34 reviews. Amazon gives it a 4.2 with 52 reviews. Overall, the reviews are great but there are some out there that say the powder does not dissolve all the way into liquids, which can be bothersome to some people. With this being flavorless it is easily added to smoothies, shakes, water, coffee, you name it. People have also mentioned that they can see a difference in their nails and hair, so they are seeing progress with taking the supplement. An important side note, the FDA has not evaluated any of the statements made by MTN OPS and this supplement is not to treat, cure, or even prevent any disease or other health condition. 

Who is MTN OPS Collagen Best For?

These collagen peptides are advertised for women. As we age our bodies make less and less collagen, so this would be ideal for women ages 20-30 since that is when collagen production has been shown to begin to decrease. Eva, the creator of this supplement also wants to improve the lives of mothers and maintain that active healthy lifestyle. Being a mother myself, it is hard to find time to take care of yourself and supplements like these could give us that extra push we need to look and feel better, when we feel that things are falling apart. This product is not recommended for children. 

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MTN OPS Collagen

  • Ingredients include bovine collagen peptides
  • Formula features 18 grams of collagen and 20 grams of protein
  • Benefits skin, hair, nail, and joint health

Is MTN OPS Collagen Safe?

This supplement is considered safe with minimal side effects. Bovine collagen peptides have been shown to be safe when used in doses up to 10 grams daily for up to five months. There are other studies that show supplementation of up to 15 grams is beneficial and safe. Smaller doses have been shown to benefit skin and joint pain. Larger doses have been shown to improve muscle mass. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, it is best to consult with your doctor before use. 

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Side effects are generally rare, but can consist of constipation, decreased appetite, diarrhea, and kidney stones. 

Where to Buy MTN OPS Collagen

MTN OPS Eva Collagen Peptides can be purchased through the official MTN OPS website.

mtn ops eva website

MTN OPS Collagen costs $49.95 for a one-time purchase of a 30-serving bag. If you subscribe you can get 15% off and get the peptides for $42.46.

FAQ: MTN OPS Collagen

Is this product made in the USA? 

Yes, this product is made in the USA.

Is this supplement ok for vegetarians?

No. This supplement is derived from cows, which would not be suitable for a vegetarian diet

Does this supplement come in flavors?

No, this is a flavorless supplement. This makes it easier for it to be added to anything without altering the taste so you can enjoy your favorite drink with the added benefits of collagen peptides. 

Does this supplement have any other hidden ingredients? 

No, this supplement contains simple ingredients with no added sugars, or colors. This is a low-sodium product and contains an adequate amount of protein with the collagen peptides. 

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