Organixx Magi-Complexx Review – Is This Supplement Effective?

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By Scot Mills

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Organixx Magi-Complexx Review

Organixx is a company that only wants to deliver you supplements that can make a powerful difference in your health and life. They claim to use only the purest and most natural ingredients on earth, and they keep it organic whenever possible. They also use a proprietary fermentation process to make surer their supplements are highly bioavailable. 

Organixx Company

This includes their organic turmeric inflammation supplement, Organixx Magi-Complexx, which they claim brings you therapeutic doses of compounds known to fight inflammation along with other health benefits. 

The question is, is Organixx Magi-Complexx truly worth using? We’ll take a closer look at its ingredients, benefits, and more in this complete Organixx Magi-Complexx review.

Ready to see if this is the supplement you’ve been waiting for? Let’s get started!

About Organixx Magi-Complexx

Magi-Complexx is an anti-inflammatory supplement from well-known health and wellness company, Organixx. In addition to Magi-Complexx, Organixx has produced a wide variety of popular supplements, including Organixx 7M+, T-Plexx, ProBiotixx+, Multi-Vita-Maxx, and more. Organixx Magi-Complexx is a simple formula meant to help you with a big problem: inflammation due to oxidative stress. 

Magi-Complexx Organixx

As you likely know, inflammation leads to many bigger health problems, and compounds such as turmeric and Boswellia can help. That’s because, along with myrhh, this combination forms as potent of antioxidant support as you’re likely to find anywhere. 

In fact, the turmeric alone—or rather, its active ingredient, curcumin–has long been used to help with systemic inflammation, slow wound healing, skin irritations such as eczema, and sore, aching joints due to arthritis. 

And by including the other two components of this formula, myrrh, and Boswellia, these effects are enhanced for even greater benefits that can help you look and feel your best.  

Organixx Magi-Complexx Benefits

Helps Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease

Okay, let’s channel Mr. Mackey for a moment, and let you know that inflammation is bad, mmmkay. Not only does it contribute to poor hormone balance, obesity, and painful, arthritic joints, it also leads to many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. 

But lowering your body’s inflammation safely and naturally using compounds with many centuries of success behind them can right the wrongs that ruin your quality of life. This includes helping your immune system remain as strong as possible to ward off illness and disease—not to mention helping keep the belly flab at bay. 

Magi-Complexx Organixx-reduce inflammation

Boosts Your Body’s Wound Healing Ability

Your immune system is busy. Not only is it occupied warding off pathogens and repairing wounds, but it’s also tasked with fighting the effects of oxidative stress. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation due to oxidative stress leaves your immune system feeling like you do in a job where you have too many hats to wear: spread thin, and not able to perform each individual task as well as you should since you simply don’t have the resources to keep up. 

That’s why alleviating chronic inflammation frees up your immune system to attack problems with full force, which ironically includes its own use of acute inflammation to ward off the evils of chronic inflammation.  

Confused? Don’t be, as not all inflammation is bad, since while chronic—or long-term, lingering—inflammation does lead to poor health, acute inflammation is a device your immune system uses to release white blood cells and help you heal more quickly. 

Clinically Proven to Positively Impact Cardiovascular Health

Though it’s a topic of ongoing research, the buildup of fatty acids and plaque in blood vessels appears to be the inciting event in many heart attacks and strokes. Since your immune system senses that this buildup is not a good thing, it responds by blocking plaque, etc., from blood flowing in your veins, which can then rupture away from the cell wall and cause blood clots. 

But per Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopath Physician, the curcumin in turmeric has not only been clinically proven to improve these factors of cardiovascular health, but it can also combat the pain of arthritis, improve your mental outlook, and help with other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and colitis as well. 

Organixx Magi-Complexx Ingredients

Magi-Complexx Wise Nutrition Blend (Fermented organic turmeric, Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) extract, and Myrrh) 1000 mg

Magi-Complexx Organixx Ingredients

Just to alleviate confusion, let’s start by letting you know that the active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, and is what helps this tasty spice have such a potent health benefactor. It, along with the other two active ingredients in Organixx Magi-Complexx, myrrh, and Boswellia, combine for a multi-pronged attack on oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. 

But while turmeric itself gives curries their rich, yellow color and deep, earthy flavor, the amount of curcumin in it, along with its lack of absorbency, mean you can eat curry until the cows come home for only minimal benefits at best. This doesn’t mean you need to leave curry and other dishes spiced with turmeric off the menu, just that for full benefits, you need a potent dose that’s either combined with piperine, which is a natural component of pepper that improves bioavailability, or better yet, do as Organixx has done and use the triple fermented version for best absorbency. 

They also add the resin from the bark of the Boswellia trees, which has been used since biblical times for its pleasing aroma, pain relief, and to improve joint function. This goes along with the resin of the Commiphora myrrh tree, which has also been long used as incense, perfume, and for its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory properties. 

In short, your immune system is going to thank you for allowing it to do its job unfettered by the presence of chronic inflammation, and all thanks to the safe, organic, and highly bioavailable plant compounds in Organixx Magi-Complexx. 

Does Organixx Magi-Complexx Work?

These are ingredients that have worked for thousands of years, and even have modern medicine discovering their efficacies, so yes, we’re all good when it comes to Organixx’s claims. 

Plus, they use top-quality ingredients that are free from pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modifications. This helps assure you that no weird ingredient will stir up the gene pool somewhere down the road… 

Who is Organixx Magi-Complexx Best for?

Though Organixx covers itself by telling you to consult with a doctor before using this product, it’s a good addition to the daily regimen of most healthy adults. This especially holds true if you’re overweight and working to change things for the better, as Organixx Magi-Complexx, along with a healthy diet and daily exercise, can reduce the inflammation that helps keep you plump. 

Magi-Complexx Organixx-Best for Adults

For athletes, gym rats, and others looking to recover from hard physical output, Organixx Magi-Complexx can help reduce soreness and speed recovery. 

Claims vs. Reality

If thousands of years of use in ancient medicine isn’t enough to back Organixx’s claims, modern science is. 

They also claim that fermented turmeric is the most bioavailable, which we’re going to have to take their word on for now since we couldn’t find any solid scientific evidence of such. 

They seem honest enough, though, so let’s just believe ’em. 

Is Organixx Magi-Complexx Safe?

There are reports of Boswellia causing nausea, diarrhea, and skin rashes in some, and it may also stimulate menstrual flow and cause miscarriages in pregnant women. 

So, if you’re pregnant, don’t use this stuff, and see your doctor first if you’re breastfeeding or on any medications. 

The good news is that Organixx offers a generous 1-year 100% money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy Organixx Magi-Complexx

Organixx Magi-Complex can be purchased directly from the official Organixx website here. They follow a tiered pricing system, meaning the more you purchase (and the more often), the more you save. We will detail the pricing and savings below.

Organixx Magi-Complexx Pricing:

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But wait, there’s more! If you really like Organixx Magi-Complexx, you can get some additional savings and free shipping by signing up for their subscribe & save option. How much are the savings? We’ll give you the details below.

Organixx Magi-Complexx Subscribe & Save Pricing:

Magi-Complexx Organixx Website

With all the deals and savings, Organixx Magi-Complexx can come out to a pretty fair price. So, if you’re looking to decrease your inflammation, Organixx Magi-Complexx may just be worth the try.

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