Ghost Size Review – Can This Supplement Help You Build Muscle?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Ghost Size Review

Building muscle is one of the best fitness goals that anyone can never say no to. It might be wise to do so if you are a strength trainer, a bodybuilder, or if you want a more leaned, tone look. No matter what your training for, it’s always a good idea to rely on the usual stapes of muscle-building — intense weight workouts and a protein-packed diet. Sometimes, though, that’s not enough. You might need a little extra “oomph” that you can find in supplements. Can you gain muscle safely? The answer is yes.

Ghost Size is a supplement that will help you build muscle rapidly. It’s a great alternative compared to other options that may contain harmful ingredients that trigger serious side effects. If you are looking for something that will complement your strength training and muscle building exercises, Ghost Size could be exactly what you need as part of your routine.

The only issue? There are so many muscle building supplements out there, such as Animal Stak and Alpha Jym. So, how do you know if Ghost Size is the right supplement for you? We’ll take a closer look at Ghost Size, its ingredients, its claims, and more in this review, so you can decide for yourself.

Ghost Size Supplement

What Is Ghost Size?

Ghost Size is a powdered supplement that contains creatine. You can mix it with your whey protein shake if you are looking for that extra boost in building muscle. This is made from ingredients that trigger little to no side effects. And it’s perfect for any strength trainer or anyone looking to gain some lean muscle. Unlike some supplements, Ghost Size will reveal every ingredient that is contained. If you are looking for a supplement brand that is transparent, Ghost supplements are perhaps the best brand to consider looking into.

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Ghost Size Advantages

  • Perfect for gaining muscle
  • Can be mixed with whey protein shakes
  • Great tasting flavors
  • Can help build endurance and stamina
  • A good dose of creating in one scoop
  • Includes a transparent list of ingredients
  • Easy to mix


Who Makes Ghost Size?

Ghost Size is part of the line of supplements made by Ghost Lifestyle. The company is based in Henderson, Nevada. Aside from making Ghost Size, the company makes various supplements that are mostly drink mixes. These include but are not limited to Ghost Whey Protein, Ghost Legend Pre Workout, Ghost Amino, Ghost Burn, Ghost Pump, creatine supplements, nitrous oxide mixes, and more. They also sell their own line of apparel and gear for those who go to the gym regularly.

As of today, Ghost Lifestyle continues to create and sell high-quality supplements that have been a huge help for their customers. Most of their customers are strength trainers, endurance trainers, or bodybuilders, among others.

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Ghost Size Ingredients

Ghost Size contains the following ingredients: Full-Yield Creatine (including creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride), betaine, CaroSyn Beta-Alanine, Epicatechin, and AstraGin Extract.

Ghost Size also contains other ingredients; however, they do vary depending on the flavor.

Ghost Size Supplement Facts

How Does Ghost Size Work?

As directed, you use one scoop of Ghost Size and mix it in your whey protein shake. Alternatively, you can mix it with Ghost Legend, which is a pre-workout that you can drink 15 to 30 minutes prior to workout. Either way, you’ll be able to drink a scoop of Ghost Size for the purpose of building some lean muscle. Ghost Size contains creatine, which helps your muscle produce energy when you are lifting. And it will also be helpful in the recovery process after an intense workout.

There are other ingredients in ghost size that are key. For example, betaine is the perfect ingredient when you are looking for a muscle builder that will help you recover from your workouts much faster. Recovery between workouts tends to take longer than normal if you are focusing on intense strength training and muscle building. Plus, you can recover faster so you can be able to get back at it and continue smashing your personal bests and fitness goals.

Aside from betaine, Beta-Alanine is another ingredient that works to help make muscle recovery a lot faster. It will also help you build plenty of strength so that you can lift heavier without the struggle. The heavier you lift, the stronger you are. This is an ingredient that is mostly found in pre-workouts. No wonder why a lot of users mix Ghost Size with their pre-workout. Of course, with a good pre-workout mix, you can prep for heavy, intense lifts that are a must for building muscle and getting stronger.

Epicatechin is another ingredient that is a worthy inclusion in Ghost Size. That’s because it helps prevent any kind of muscle mass loss. The last thing you want to do the opposite of your goals and lose muscle. And it will also inhibit the release of myostatin, a protein that prevents any kind of ridiculous muscle growth. Lastly, the AstraGin is included as a way to quickly absorb the nutrients in your body.

Ghost Size for muscle building

Is Ghost Size Safe?

This contains no soy or any known food allergens. As for side effects, they are usually mild and minimal. They include but are not limited to upset stomach, face tingling, and muscular water retention.

Where To Buy Ghost Size

You can purchase Ghost Size directly on their website or on GNC’s website. On GNC you can purchase a container of 30 servings for just $39.99. You may also buy it from other online retailers if it’s available. The price may differ compared to the Ghost Lifestyle website.

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Ghost Size: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a great way to build muscle, a supplement like Ghost Size might be a good option. Whether you mix it with a protein shake or a pre-workout, it will help you build some serious muscle. Plus, it comes in great flavors as well, so you won’t be drinking anything that will leave you with any bitter tastes in your mouth.

The versatility of Ghost Size is quite impressive since you can drink it before a workout or with a protein shake on your off days. There might be nothing quite like Ghost Size when it comes to a muscle-building supplement.

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