Apothekary Mind Over Matter Review – Should You Buy This Supplement?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Apothekary Mind Over Matter

These days, it’s becoming more and more common for people to try out all sorts of supplements to get an edge in cognitive performance and productivity. This used to be reserved just for top-level CEOs, athletes, and other high performers, but the fact is that many people today, including just your average Joe, are looking for ways to improve mental performance. 

And sure, there’s coffee or your run-of-the-mill gas station energy drink. But what if you’re looking for a more unique, safer, and more effective alternative?

Well, we may have found one, and it’s called Apothekary Mind Over Matter. 

So, keep reading this Apothekary Mind Over Matter review to learn all about this supplement, including its ingredients, possible benefits, pricing, and if it truly is effective. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter

About Apothekary Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is advertised as a brain health supplement for energy, stress reduction, and cognitive function. It is made by Apothekary, a company dedicated to using a plant-based approach for various ailments.

Apothekary is advertised to be, as they put it, “Mother Nature’s Pharmacy”. In addition to Mind Over Matter, they’ve produced a variety of other supplements including Stop Your Wine-Ing, Chill The F* Out, Lion’s Mane, and more.

Apothekary Supplements And Boxes

Mind Over Matter contains a triple-mushroom blend of some of the top functional mushrooms out there (no, there are no psychedelics in here…huge difference!). Plus, it comes in a powdered form, and you can mix it into any of your favorite drinks, such as coffee or smoothies. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Benefits

Featured by their triple-mushroom blend, Apothekary Mind Over Matter claims to deliver these health benefits:

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function
  • Increased Energy
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Immune Health
Apothekary Mind Over Matter Benefits And Use

Enhanced Cognitive Function

There are so many things out there that can make it hard to focus and be at your top cognitive function at all times. Distractions from your phone, poor sleep, too many obligations, and other factors can make optimal cognitive function near impossible. 

But Mind Over Matter claims to enhance cognitive function and overall brain health with its primary ingredients. You may be able to increase your focus, attention, and mental clarity, while also getting rid of the all-too-common brain fog.

Increased Energy

If you don’t have enough energy, not only can it be hard to get through the day, but you also might enjoy life a little less. After all, energy is what makes us, us, and who wouldn’t want more of it?

Fortunately, Mind Over Matter claims to give you back the energy you once had by upgrading your brain and nervous system, all without stimulants. 

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

There’s not much that can make life less enjoyable than having constant stress and anxiety. On top of that, being stressed all the time can make it harder to work at your best too. 

But Apothekary Mind Over Matter is advertised to reduce stress and anxiety while giving you a calmer, more relaxed state of mind, and by using only natural substances! 

These definitely sound like some worthwhile benefits. But does Mind Over Matter actually enhance your mental performance and other areas? Read on to find out as we continue this Apothekary Mind Over Matter review. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Ingredients

Mind Over Matter has three main ingredients:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Reishi Mushroom
  • Chaga Mushroom

But it also has coconut cream powder for flavoring and possible additional health benefits. Continue reading below to see what these ingredients may have to offer. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Drink

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s mane mushroom is a functional mushroom that doesn’t just sound cool; it also seems to be loaded with many possible health benefits. 

It contains a variety of compounds that may help decrease inflammation. And it also seems to be beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. 

Plus, lion’s mane mushroom can help repair nerve damage in the brain and may even reduce symptoms of dementia. 

Its benefits for brain health are also why it’s in many cognitive products, such as Staq Performance.

Recommended dosage: 1,000 to 3,000mg (tentative, due to not many studies)

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is another functional mushroom with a few health benefits. 

Most notably, reishi mushroom seems to improve immune health and overall immune function. 

Plus, it may help reduce stress, improve gut health, and fight off inflammation. 

(You can find it in many mushroom-based supps, such as Ryze Mushroom Coffee).

Recommended dosage: 1.5 to 5g

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushroom has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, sometimes even being called the “king” of medicinal mushrooms (but I wonder how lion’s mane or reishi feel about that…).

And Chaga, like the other mushrooms mentioned in here, has a number of bioactive compounds that may deliver health benefits. 

Specifically, Chaga may be able to fight off inflammation, control viruses and boost immune health, improve digestion, and even reduce fatigue. 

Overall, Chaga rounds out this mushroom trifecta in Mind Over Matter quite nicely. 

Recommended dosage: 500 to 1,500mg (tentative, due to lack of human research)

Coconut Cream

Finally, Mind Over Matter has coconut cream, but this is mainly just for flavor. You may get some benefits from it, though, such as healthy fats and certain vitamins and minerals. 

Does Apothekary Mind Over Matter Work?

It is pretty likely that Mind Over Matter by Apothekary will work as a cognitive supplement. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Powder

Of course, individual results may vary since everyone reacts differently. 

And I also want to note that the ingredients don’t have a huge amount of research on humans, even though there is a lot of positive evidence in other studies. Just keep that in mind, though. 

Overall, Mind Over Matter has a solid triple-threat of medicinal mushrooms that may offer not only cognitive enhancement, but also stress reduction, improved gut and immune health, and reduced inflammation. 

I really wish they’d put exactly how high the dose of each mushroom is in here (like what they do in 5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend). Without knowing this, it’s impossible to say how effective it will be. 

But I’m giving Apothekary the benefit of the doubt here since they seem like a genuine company with a real interest in benefiting their consumers. But there are certainly ways this product could be better too.

Claims vs. Reality

Given that the dosages are unclear, and the fact that there isn’t a lot of human evidence, the claims can’t be too bold. And make sure to keep your expectations in check. 

This isn’t to say that Mind Over Matter won’t have any benefits. In fact, Mind Over Matter should deliver a number of benefits, such as cognitive support, gut and immune support, anti-inflammatory effects, and stress management. 

But just don’t expect Mind Over Matter to turn you into a high-level performer that can effortlessly work 18 hours a day while staying completely at ease.

The reality is more like this: a little bit better productivity and focus; a bit of a reduction in stress and anxiety; and greater general feelings of health and wellness. 

And for a supplement, that’s a pretty darn good resume right there. 

Who is Apothekary Mind Over Matter Best For?

Apothekary Mind Over Matter is best for people who are looking for a natural, stimulant-free way to aid their cognitive performance and overall health on a daily basis. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Bottle

You also could combine it with caffeine or other stimulants if you’re looking for a more significant cognitive and energy boost. 

How to Take Apothekary Mind Over Matter

You are supposed to take Mind Over Matter to your favorite beverage or drink. 

It’s likely best to take Mind Over Matter in the morning on a daily basis. 

Just mix in one (or possibly two) teaspoon(s) into a plant-based milk, tea, coffee, smoothie, or other drink of choice. 

Apothekary also suggests adding in a little bit of a natural sweetener to counter some of the earthy, savory flavor. 

apothekary mind over matter

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Apothekary Mind Over Matter

  • Stimulant Free
  • Formula includes medicinal mushrooms
  • Benefits cognitive function, energy, and immune health

Is Apothekary Mind Over Matter Safe?

The medicinal mushrooms in Mind Over Matter are generally safe to consume in the recommended amounts. 

However, some possible side effects include allergic reactions, changes in blood pressure, changes in blood sugar, upset stomach (and other digestive symptoms), and headache, among others. 

Always talk to your doctor before starting any supplement. 

Where to Buy Apothekary Mind Over Matter

You can buy Mind Over Matter on the Apothekary website at this product link

apothekary mind over matter site

Like most of their supplements, you can buy Mind Over Matter as a 12-serving container, 45-serving container, or 10 travel packs. 

Apothekary Mind Over Matter One-Time Purchase Pricing:

You also have the option of subscribing, which will save you 15%.

Apothekary Mind Over Matter Subscribe & Save Pricing:

Overall, Mind Over Matter is somewhat expensive, but you can also save a lot of money by buying in bulk and using the Subscribe option. 

So, if you end up liking Mind Over Matter, it’s probably best to choose the subscribe option for the 45-serving container. That price is just over a buck per serving, which is great for this type of supplement. 

Final Verdict: Apothekary Mind Over Matter Review

That’s a wrap on this Mind Over Matter review. And it looks like Apothekary has delivered with another solid supplement. 

Is it perfect? Definitely not. As I’ve talked already about dosage concerns. 

But the ingredients are all high-quality and should likely offer some benefits for cognitive function, brain power, stress reduction, and more. Mushrooms truly are some powerful substances, and it’s nice to see a product that uses a good mix of them. 

And that’s why I recommend it as an option for people looking to get a slight boost in cognition and all-around wellness.

So, if you want to try out Mind Over Matter for yourself, check it out at this link.

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Jack Cincotta, MS

Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.

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