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Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Review – Can This Product Really Replace Your Meals?

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Meal replacement products can be found all over the health and wellness industry today. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at Ambronite Complete Meal Shake – Big Bag. Ambronite is a Finnish company founded by five entrepreneurs, intent on delivering the world’s first organic drinkable meal – please don’t call it a supplement. 

The company name, Ambronite, is based on the Greek word ambrosia – the food of the gods. Certainly aspirational. This may be our first review of a company initially funded by crowdfunding through Indiegogo. Ambronite doubled its initial funding target and has never looked back. The company’s mission is admirable, “To transform humans and our planet from surviving to thriving, through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle,” they reinforce that mission by donating their time, products, and a share of sales to help organizations supporting sustainable food production around the world. 

Impressive so far. But with so many meal replacement options out there, from Huel Black Edition to Keto Chow, you may want to learn more about Ambronite Complete Meal Shake before you buy. We will delve into this product, its key ingredients, the benefits of this drinkable organic meal, and how it truly performs in meeting its claims in this review of Ambronite Complete Meal Shake.

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake

What Is Ambronite Complete Meal Shake – Big Bag

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake is a powdered meal replacement product; the company avoids using the word supplement, formulated to deliver 400 calories per serving. The product contains a combination of quality, plant-based proteins, healthy fatty acids, prebiotic and fiber-rich carbs, greens, berries, and fruit, all from real food, sourced from ten different countries. The company likes to say the product is two in one, a plant-based meal shake, and a greens drink. There are no GMOs, dairy, soy, or artificial additives in the product.

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake is manufactured in Finland in facilities that follow the European Union (EU) food laws and regulations, including good manufacturing practices (GMP) and HACCP. Further, the company’s manufacturing practices are approved and supervised by the Finnish Organic Certification and Inspection Body, and their facilities are registered with the US FDA. An independent third-party lab tests the finished powder and all ingredients for quality and purity. The company’s quality control, certifications, and processes meet or exceed US-based nutritional supplement companies’ best-in-class processes.

Complete Meal Shake is available in Pouches, ideal for on-the-go usage, and the Big Bag, which contains four full meals, best for use at home or the office. There are three flavors, Original, Berry, and Banana. Each Meal Shake is designed to quench hunger for a full four hours. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Bag

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

There are seven major components to this meal shake/greens drink:

  • Plant-Based Proteins, from oats and almonds, nutritional yeast*, and greens – (both Spirulina and Chlorella are relatively high in protein)
  • Carbs, Prebiotics, and Fiber Rich apples, oats, and guar gum (from the guar bean)
  • Healthy Fats – Almonds and Flaxseed for omega-3s and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Greens – Nettle Leaf, Spinach, Spirulina, and Chlorella (the Spirulina and Chlorella are algae)
  • Berries – Cranberry, Bilberry, Black Currant, Sea Buckthorn
  • Phytonutrients, from Spirulina and Chlorella 
  • Vitamins & Minerals – twenty-nine food-based vitamins and minerals 

Each Ambronite Complete Meal Shake delivers 400 calories, with 25 grams of plant-based proteins, providing a complete range of amino acids, 15 grams of fats, and 43 grams of carbohydrates, 8 of which are dietary fibers. 

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The Key Ingredients segment of most reviews requires a definition and description of the ingredients. Not so with Ambronite as the product contains only real foods and the nutrients they provide. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

*The one ingredient that requires a bit more explanation is nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast, similar to the yeast that people use in baking, is both dairy and gluten-free, and is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Recommended Dosage

Our first issue with the company and the product is the confusing package size and number of servings, not to mention pricing. The Nutrition Panel states, Serving Size 1 Scoop, 1.3 oz./38 grams. Servings per container 10. Simple enough. Except the Nutrition Panel also says Calories 160 and Protein 10 grams – what happened to our 400 calories and 25 grams of protein?

We discovered under a Usage heading that a single serving of Complete Meal is not a complete meal but a healthy snack or breakfast. To constitute a complete meal requires two and one-half scoops of Complete Meal. So how many servings are in a package? One Big Bag contains the equivalent of four meals or ten snacks. A snack is one scoop, 1.3 oz./38 grams, versus a meal is two and one-half scoops, roughly 3.4 oz/95 grams. 

We don’t believe the company is intentionally attempting to be misleading. They plainly state the Complete Meal Big Bag is four complete meals. Perhaps it’s just this writer’s issues with advanced math. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Benefits

Ambronite’s benefits tend to focus on convenience, satiety, and taste in a departure from most supplement companies. They stress that their product is a complete meal replacement from natural food ingredients, delivering all the nutrients a body needs, plus five servings of greens, veggies, and berries.  

In the FAQ section of their site and customer testimonials, weight loss and recovery are mentioned as potential benefits.

Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps build muscle and repair tissue. Macronutrients provide the calories (energy) for bodily functions such as growth and metabolism.  Proteins are complex molecules, made up of amino acids that help build stronger bones and muscles, and may aid in weight loss. The Complete Meal Shake, at 2.5 scoops, delivers a healthy serving, 25 grams of high-quality plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile. 

Complete Meal Shake

How Does Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Perform – Claims versus Reality

There is no doubt the product delivers precisely what the site claims. It is a meal replacement and at 400 calories, with 25 grams of protein, and 43 grams of carbohydrates, including 8 grams of fiber, the product should provide sufficient energy for the promised four-hour period. The company has made continuous adjustments to the texture and taste profile:  

  • Version 2 – oats were added lessen clumping 
  • Version 3 – added flaxseed and removed walnuts to improved taste.
  • Version 4 – added more berries to sweeten the product 
  • Version 5 – added even more berries and agave syrup
  • Version 6 – replaced the agave syrup with coconut sugar

However, the taste is still suspect and cited as a primary reason many people discontinue using the product. This is not uncommon in plant-based proteins, which often have a chalky taste and texture. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake On The Go

Is Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Safe?

All the real-food ingredients in Complete Meal Share are generally regarded as safe. Some protein powder drinks may cause digestive distress, and excessive intake can cause headaches, nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

We suggest you check with your medical professional before adding any new supplement (or meal replacement) to your regimen. 

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Drink

Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Pricing

On Amazon, the product costs $74.99 for three Complete Meal Shake – Big Bags (10-servings per bag) plus an Ambronite shaker bottle. The product’s name is different on Amazon, Drinkable Supermeal, but the nutritionals remain the same as on the Ambronite site. 

The company website ( lists three Big Bags (4 meals each) at $78.90. That equates to $6.575 per full meal serving. You can order in increments of three bags, and the larger the order, the lower the cost per serving. To achieve a cost per serving of less than $6.00, you will need to order a minimum of twelve bags, at $277.70. There is free shipping for orders over $150.00. For orders between $100 – $150, shipping charges are $4.90, and orders less than $100 incur a shipping rate of $9.90.

Just for a bit of perspective regarding pricing – two of the leading brands in the nutritional supplement space, Garden of Life and Vega, offer comparable meal replacement products with a cost per serving of $1.46 (GOL) and $2.94 (Vega).

The company does offer a unique, 30 Day, 110% Money-Back Guarantee.

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Where To Buy Ambronite Complete Meal Shake – Big Bag

The company website seems to be the best place to buy Ambronite products due to its tiered pricing platform. The product is available on Amazon; however, we could not find it on other websites or in traditional brick and mortar stores. 

Ambronite Website

In Summary: Ambronite Complete Meal Shake

We are favorably impressed with Ambronite’s nutritional philosophy, mission statement, certifications, and charitable work. The Complete Meal Shake delivers on its claims and uses excellent ingredients. The company continuously works to improve taste and consistency. They are transparent about their ownership, marketing, labeling, and packaging. Ambronite uses an independent third-party facility to test all finished products and ingredients, and they stand behind their brand with a 110% money-back guarantee. 

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Ambronite Complete Meal Shake Review
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Ambronite Complete Meal Shake is a meal shake replacement manufactured by Ambronite. This meal replacement shake is packed with nutrients and minerals, which aim to support the body’s needs and keep the body full to help with weight loss and a balanced daily diet. Ambronite Complete Meal Shake contains all-natural and all plant-based ingredients, including a combination of high-quality proteins, healthy fatty acids, prebiotic and fiber-rich carbs, as well as greens, berries, and fruit. Learn more about this meal replacement to see if it is the right choice for you in our review of Ambronite Complete Meal Shake.

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