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Flat Belly Fat Burner Review – Is This Fat Burner Worth The Price?

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For years fat burning supplements have been one of the most in-demand supplements on the market because of the common desire to lose weight. A lot of people struggle to lose unwanted pounds, and this can be especially hard for females depending on how balanced their hormones are or are not.

Whether it’s a sedentary lifestyle, metabolism issues, or a general inability to lose weight, women everywhere can unite over the common struggle to lose weight. While a supplement alone can’t cause you to lose unwanted pounds, there are supplements that, along with a caloric deficit, will help you get leaner more quickly than not.

There are quite a few fat burning supplements out there, from Light Weight Baby to Synedrex to the one we’ll look at now – Flat Belly Fat Burner. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at Flat Belly Fat Burner by Lean Envy. We will cover the Flat Belly Fat Burner pros, cons, price, where to buy, and, most importantly, whether or not its worth your money.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Flat Belly Fat Burner Bottle
NOTE: We currently recommend Skald over Flat Belly Fat Burner. Here’s why

About Flat Belly Fat Burner

Flat Belly Fat Burner is, as the name suggests, a fat-burning supplement created by Lean Envy.

As the name also suggests and implies on its product description, Flat Belly Fat Burner mainly intends to burn “stubborn” abdominal fat and deal with bloating as well. The supplement promises to help fix this problem, using a variety of natural ingredients to do so.

Flat Belly Fat Burner boasts high-quality natural ingredients – including pepper, green tea, cayenne, caffeine, and ginger. These ingredients promise to aid in digestion, metabolism, and increase fat burning.

Other ingredients – such as cocoa seed powder extract and carnitine – are intended to burn fat and boost energy by increasing your body’s thermogenesis. Later on, we are going to break down and review whether or not these ingredients in the Flat Belly Fat Burner supplement actually work or not.

Flat Belly Fat Burner

Flat Belly Fat Burner Ingredients

As we mentioned above, one of the main claims of the Flat Belly Fat Burner is that it uses all-natural ingredients to help you lose weight quicker. The ingredients included are green tea leaf powder, cocoa seed powder, ginger root powder, Guarana, Advantra Z citrus uranium powder, cayenne powder, choline, gardenia Cambodia fruit powder extract, guggul gum powder extract, 50% Trans-Resveratrol, Carnitine, DigeSEB Super, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Let’s dive into some of these ingredients so you can understand better what you are putting in your body.

Flat Belly Fat Burner Supplement Facts

One of the main purposes of the supplement is to help you burn fat. Most of the ingredients in the supplement do exactly that, help you burn fat by increasing your metabolism. These ingredients include Green Tea Leaf Powder, Guarana, Gardenia Cambodia fruit powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Choline, and Advantra Z.

Green tea leaf powder and green tea leaf extract are extremely common weight loss products. Chances are if a supplement promises weight loss benefits, then it includes a green tea leaf powder or in extract form, which this product has both of.

Advantra Z is a common dietary supplement that includes bitter orange, a factor that is known to cause weight loss. While this supplement is popular, there are some things to watch out for. One thing to notice is that most of the positive studies around the drug were funded by Nutratech, the company that makes and sells the drug. According to the research funding disclosure, “All (study) authors have served as consultants for Nutratech, Inc., a company that markets bitter orange extracts. Nutratech Inc. provided some of the unpublished research reports.”

Choline is a nutrient that impacts a variety of body functions, including increasing your metabolism by impacting your nervous system. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a compound that breaks down carbohydrates and creates energy that the other organs in the body use.

DigeSEB Super is a digestive enzyme that helps with the digestion process of the supplement itself.

Overall most of the ingredients are, in fact, natural. The thing to consider is the number of ingredients that are working towards increasing your energy, increasing your metabolism, and in turn breaking down fat. If you are going to take this supplement, take other forms of caffeine out of your diet because this supplement alone provides a large amount.

Flat Belly Fat Burner Benefits

Flat Belly Fat Burner claims to help with a variety of things, but in particular:

  • Helps reduce bloating
  • Helps burn stubborn fat
  • Helps increase energy

The supplement also promises the use of high quality, all-natural ingredients, packed into easy to swallow capsules. This makes it an easy supplement to take with minimal effort needed.

Flat Belly Fat Burner Benefits

1) Easy To Swallow Capsules

Flat Belly Fat Burner’s easy to swallow capsules makes it great for people who are having a hard time swallowing capsules. While normally a problem of children or the elderly, some adults may have a problem swallowing capsules or pills as well.

2) Helps Burn Stubborn Fat

A variety of Flat Belly Fat Burner’s different ingredients promote fat burning – such as caffeine, green tea, cocoa powder, etc. Fat Belly Fat Burner claims it can help you burn fats, especially in the stubborn, abdominal fat area. However, I must note that spot reduction (or burning fat in a certain area, usually the belly) is mostly impossible; the only way to burn fat is to burn it evenly.

3) Helps Reduce Bloating

Flat Belly Fat Burner claims that it can also aid in bloating, which will help you make your belly look slimmer. DigeSEB Super is a digestive enzyme that helps with the digestion process of the supplement itself while helping with bloating too.

4) Helps To Increase Energy

Aside from fat burning and fighting off bloat, Fat Belly Fat Burner can also give you more energy, thanks to its ingredients that increase the thermogenesis of our body like green tea extract.

5) High Quality, All-Natural Ingredients

As seen in the ingredients, many contents of Flat Belly Fat Burner comes from fruit or spice extract, making it a truly natural fat loss supplement.

Is Flat Belly Fat Burner Safe?

Just like any supplements or medicine, it is important you take the proper dosage for you. Otherwise, you might feel unexpected side effects.

In the case of Flat Belly Fat Burner, if you are sensitive or have low tolerance over caffeine, you may want to take caution because Flat Belly Fat Burner’s caffeine content (115mg) can be high for some users. The other thing to be careful of is a possible reaction to  Advantra Z, a dietary supplement that is included. There is not much research done on this product, aside from research done by the company that makes and markets it.

Should You Buy Flat Belly Fat Burner?

I would say that Flat Belly Fat Burner is worth trying. However, I want to note a few things.

First, spot reduction (i.e., reduction in belly fat) is almost impossible. This is because our fat burns evenly, not compartmentally – that is, with each different body part. So, if you take this supplement because you want to burn your belly fat, you might get disappointed because it will take time to burn your belly fat and fat in general. The pill will not magically target your belly fat to slim it down, but instead slim out your body over time if you are also eating a caloric deficit.

Nevertheless, the pill, based on its ingredient content, can still provide a helping hand whenever you are burning your fat or losing your weight. And also, while spot reduction is impossible, its anti-bloating effects can have an effect on your body by making it look slimmer, again, depending of course on your current body size.

But at the end of the day, fat burning and getting into shape takes time, effort, and commitment. I should stress that Flat Belly Fat Burner, or any fat loss supplement for that matter, is not a magic pill that will magically make you slim in a week or two.

It’s also important to note that if you take the supplement, but have an unhealthy diet and are not exercising regularly, it will be practically impossible for you to lose weight.

Flat Belly Fat Burner is just a supplement, but the main driving force behind fat burning is a healthy lifestyle – proper diet, regular exercise, and enough sleep! If you have the right mindset, Flat Belly Fat Burner can be your ally. But if you have a wrong mindset, you might be disappointed with it. Discipline is still key!

NOTE: We currently recommend Skald over Flat Belly Fat Burner. Here’s why

Where To Buy Flat Belly Fat Burner

If you want to buy Flat Belly Fat Burner, you can purchase it here on their official store page. It costs $40 for one bottle, which provides 90 capsules. You are instructed to take two capsules a day, which means the bottle lasts for a month and a half.

Flat Belly Fat Burner Website

Is Flat Belly Fat Burner Worth Buying? 

We are going to have to say pass on this supplement. While most of the ingredients are natural, there is a large amount of caffeine in the pill, and the inclusion of Advantra Z makes it concerning.

Flat Belly Fat Burner Review
  • Taste
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Ingredient Dosage
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternatives
  • Value


Flat Belly Fat Burner is a fat burning dietary supplement manufactured and sold by Lean Envy. This supplement is formulated to help burn stubborn fats in the abdominal area commonly found in the belly. Flat Belly Fat Burner claims to help reduce bloating, boost metabolism, and aid in digestion. It contains natural ingredients that help in detoxing the body, which results in rapid long term weight loss. Read our review of Flat Belly Fat Burner and find out if this fat burner is really worth the money.

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