Huel Black Edition Review – Does This Meal Replacement Have What You Need?

Huel Black Edition is one of the main products sold by Huel: a leading meal replacement company that works to create low-carb, high-protein meal replacements.

One of the best things about Huel Black Edition, as well as other Huel products such as their original Huel supplement drink, is their trademark of high macronutrients, hence giving your body the necessary components for a meal replacement! In fact, their macronutrients are so high that some critics even complain about such abundance. But as Huel explains, such abundance in amount is great and even useful for high-end performance needs like those of athletes or weight lifters.

There is much more to learn about Huel as a brand, and this specific product. We will dive into the following in the rest of the article:

  • Detail the actual product
  • Review the pros and cons of its ingredients
  • Discuss consumer’s reviews
  • Share where you can purchase the product
  • Provide pricing details
  • Give our review out of 5 stars

Let’s get started with our review of Huel Black Edition.

Huel Black Edition

About Huel And Huel Black Edition

Huel Black Edition is one of the main products of Huel, a company that specifically creates meal replacements. The name Huel actually comes from two-hybrid words: Human and Fuel. Unlike other meal replacement companies or manufacturers, Huel, sticking to their brand name, creates meal replacements that provide all of the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein, carbs, and fiber, among others.

Huel is also proudly plant-based as they want to create sustainable and affordable food at minimal or no cost to animals and the environment. Huel products are typically made from ingredients like pea, rice, oats, flaxseed, coconuts, and sunflowers.

Huel Black Edition is a manifestation of this mission. Now, what can we expect from Huel Black Edition?

According to the product’s page, Huel Black Edition is a powdered food that is nutritionally complete (full of essential nutrients). It is very high in protein, high in fiber, reduced carbs, rich in phytonutrients, and low in sugar and salt.

Best of all, Huel Black Edition is non-GMO. It does not contain any animal products and soy, and it is also lactose-free.

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Huel Black Edition for working out

Huel Black Edition Ingredients

Huel Black Edition comes in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. Both include similar ingredients and have a relatively long ingredient list.

Huel Black Edition is:

  • Lactose-free
  • Plant-based
  • Soy-free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO

Huel Black Edition is made up of an alternative macro split profile of 17:40:40:3 (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber) and includes all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

Huel Black Edition supplement facts

Ingredient Highlights

Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein One of the biggest draws to Huel Black Edition is the amount of protein that it contains. A single serving gives each consumer 200g, making the intake great for those that are in need of extra protein. The powder also includes every essential amino acid, derived from the two different vegan sources: pea and brown rice protein. This is a great alternative to whey protein, as it brings those amino acids as well as makes it accessible for those who eat plant-based.

Ground Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil Powder, and MCTsUsing a blend of flaxseed and sunflower oil powder, the consumer is able to consume a significant and healthy amount of healthy fats. This is good whether you are a bodybuilder looking to increase omegas or someone who simply needs to up their fat intake for health reasons. Either way, fats, and coconut oil, in particular, are great in increasing your energy levels and increasing the fat burning process in your body.

Huel Black Edition Benefits

1) Nutritionally Complete

It is perhaps the signature of Huel – to provide a nutritionally complete meal for their customers. This certainly goes the same for Huel Black Edition. Huel Black Edition has all of the key and essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, etc.

2) Low In Carbs

Huel uses a low-carb, high-protein formula, so if you are following a low carb diet, Huel Black Edition and other Huel products can work great for your diet and lifestyle.

3) Its Unique Nutrient Distribution Is Great For Those Who Want To Lose Weight Or For A Workout Boost

Not all people enjoy a high protein count, and in that case, Huel is not for you. But if you want to improve your weight loss or improve your workout and overall physical performance, then Huel Black Edition is for you. After all, their formula is actually used for athletes and helping to maintain their performance.

4) It Is Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Non-GMO, Plant-Based, And Contains No Allergens Or Artificial sweeteners

Huel Black Edition is a great product for those that are on any sort of restricted eating diet. If you are avoiding gluten or soy, then Huel Black Edition (as well as other Huel products) will work great for you.

While not necessarily considered a vegan product, Huel Black Edition is a plant-based product made to protect the animals and the environment by minimizing effects against them. They also strive to make food and nutrient consumption more sustainable and affordable.

5) It Has A Great Bag

Now, this is something most people would think about – and for a good reason – but Huel Black Edition simply has a great packaging design, which is a black, minimalist design. Best of all, the bag is thick, securing your food; this is especially great if you are coming from a distant city or country.

Huel Black Edition ingredients

Huel Black Edition Cons

Although Huel Black Edition is a great product in and of itself, it may still not work for everyone.

One of the main complaints against Huel Black Edition is its high protein amount, which is not good for everyone. So, if you are planning to try out Huel and you are sensitive to protein, be wary of trying it or, if you really want to, just limit your consumption to the amount that your body would be comfortable at.

Keep in mind, though, that Huel’s high protein is not necessarily bad; some people just can’t digest that amount, and that’s okay.

Another thing: taste. Huel Black Edition’s taste is not necessarily bad; in fact, it has a great texture that many would love! It’s just that, due to its nutrient amount, it overpowers even our favorite flavor – chocolate! Some would even recommend its vanilla flavor over the chocolate, but it’s all based on preference.

Where To Buy Huel Black Edition

Huel Black Edition website

If you want to purchase Huel Black Edition, you can purchase it in their store! You can also order it off of Amazon here.

Should You Try Huel Black Edition? Does It work?

All in all, Huel Black Edition is a great product, and I suggest you definitely should try it! Who knows, you may even include it in your daily diet routine! In particular, if you are an athlete, a bodybuilder, or someone who works out frequently, this might be a great option to test.

Huel Black Edition Review
  • Taste
  • Ingredient Quality
  • Ingredient Dosage
  • Company Trustworthiness
  • Comparison to Alternatives
  • Value


Huel Black Edition is a dietary supplement designed to increased protein intake for lean muscle mass production. It is designed to promote fat loss while keeping your body healthy and full of energy. This product also claims to help to boost energy and keep the digestive system healthy. Additionally, Huel Black Edition contains all-natural ingredients so the product is vegan and organic. Find out if this is the right choice for you in our review of Huel Black Edition.

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