Sane Vitaae Review – A Look At This Anti-Aging And Brain Health Formula

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Sane Vitaae Review

While aging with grace is possible for some of us, grace doesn’t necessarily want to age with everyone. Instead, many of us struggle with the effects of aging that include brain fog, low energy, and constantly wondering where the keys are. 

Okay, so even young people can be absentminded and haphazard with where they leave things, though poor memory is a common factor in our brain’s health as we get older. But Sane Vitaae wants you to avoid these problems with a safe, natural, and convenient formula that they claim will help you, Grace, and your keys stay united throughout old age.

The big question, though, is with so many anti-aging supplements out there, from Tru Niagen to Basis by Elysium Health, does San Vitaae truly measure up?

Here’s a look to see what we think in this ultimate Sane Vitaae review. 

Sane Vitaae Anti-Aging And Brain Health Formula

About Sane Vitaae

Sane Vitaae’s Anti-Aging Formula combines nutritional components known to benefit your brain’s health, especially when it comes to aging.  These include amino acids, plant compounds, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are essential for your brain’s optimum function. 

By reducing inflammation and helping your brain’s neurons communicate more efficiently, you can enjoy clearer thinking, fewer symptoms of depression, and keys that seem to always be where you left them.

Sane Vitaae Capsules

Sane Vitaae Benefits

Eases Symptoms Of “Leaky Brain Syndrome”

Neurological inflammation is what causes much of the brain fog, depression, poor focus, and lost memory that many of us feel as we age. This is sometimes referred to as “leaky brain syndrome” due to its similarities with “leaky gut syndrome” in that it’s caused mainly by inflammation. 

Of course, your brain doesn’t actually leak the way your gut may, though it does need relief from inflammation to return to health. 

By easing neurological inflammation using safe, all-natural ingredients scientifically proven to benefit your brain’s health, you can experience better memory, fewer mood swings, a rosier outlook, and fewer frantic searches for lost keys and cell phones. 

Improves Energy And Mood

Not only does a healthy brain think, remember, and focus better than one that’s feeling the effects of age, it also helps you feel better. That’s because, without clear communication between neurons, it can’t function well or metabolize energy efficiently. 

Remember that your brain uses around 20% of your body’s energy needs, which the L-carnitine in Sane Vitaae’s formula helps with. Since L-carnitine helps transport fatty acids into cells to be used for energy and neurological connectivity, it also helps boost your brain’s energy and your mood. 

May Improve Weight Loss

Another benefit of L-carnitine’s ability to help your brain burn more cellular energy is that it does the same for your entire body. This helps you burn more fat so that along with reduced symptoms of depression due to your brain working better, you may also get a mental boost just by looking in the mirror. 

Guaranteed Safe

What good is a supplement if it produces negative side effects? Not only does Sane Vitaae claim to use the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing process, but their formula also contains many essential nutrients you get from foods you eat. 

Plus, they offer a generous 1-year, money-back guarantee, and while 3 of their ingredients are patented and only available through them, all are research, tested, and sourced to be the safest and most potent available according to them. 

Sane Vitaae Benefits

Sane Vitaae Ingredients

Sane Vitaae contains a variety of ingredients, including a Vitaalmind Propriety Blend. We will take a closer look at this blend and each ingredient below.

Sane Vitaae Supplement Facts

Vitamin D 125 mcg

Not only is this oil-soluble vitamin essential to those living in climates with little sunlight, but it also plays a key role in your brain’s health. It reduces inflammation and protects your central nervous system so that you experience better focus and memory, and it also helps your body produce healthy supplies of hormones such as dopamine and testosterone, both of which play roles in you maintaining a positive mental outlook. 

Plus, by reducing inflammation, it may also help guard against mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s. 

Magnafolate 667 mcg

This patented, crystalized form of L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium Salt takes supplementing with folate to a new level. It has better stability and potency along with more even particle size distribution for greater bioavailability. 

Since its key ingredient—methyltetrahydrofolate—is essential in making cells grow, maintain structure, and produce new cells, it plays an important role in keeping your brain healthy and functioning at its peak. 

Citicoline 100 mg

Citicoline is a brain chemical that is often used to improve memory, thinking ability, and to recover from strokes. It helps guard against age-related memory loss and may even play a role in eye health, along with possibly being a treatment for dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

It does this by increasing another brain chemical—phosphatidylcholine—that’s essential for brain health, as well as other chemicals that act as messengers between neurons. 

Coenzyme Q-10 50 mg

Though naturally generated in the body, you produce less of this potent antioxidant as you age. This leads to more oxidative stress and inflammation, lower energy levels, and nutritional deficiencies, all of which add up to a poor mental outlook and function. 

Plus, CQ10 not only helps return your brain’s performance to its healthy youthful levels, but it also helps protect your heart and skin while giving you more energy to exercise. 

Acetyl L-carnitine HCL & L-carnitine tartrate (Vitaalmind Propriety Blend 1800 mg)

Though both sound similar, these 2-forms of L-carnitine play different roles in the body. For instance, where Acetyl L-Carnitine is commonly used to boost mental performance and improve memory for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, its tartrate form is most often used as a fat burner and to increase exercise performance. 

Both, however, work to increase oxidation of fat for energy production, though Acetyl L-Carnitine is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to bring its energy-production and antioxidant abilities to your brain. 

Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract (Vitaalmind Propriety Blend 1800 mg)

Hey fathead! Did you know your brain is made up of around 60% triglycerides? This not only means that “fathead” isn’t really an insult, but that your brain needs enough healthy fats to operate at its best. Since the extract of this tropical shrub helps reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol while boosting levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, your brain benefits with less of the kinds of fats you don’t want upstairs while increasing the kinds you do. 

Plus, it’s been proven to reduce blood sugar, help guard against diseases such as type II diabetes, and even help you lose some weight—assuming, of course, that you have weight to lose. 

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil (7.5% EPA/DHA) (Vitaalmind Propriety Blend 1800 mg)

While your entire brain is made up of around 60% fatty acids, about 30% of your grey matter is made up of omega 3’s—or, more specifically, EPA & DHA. Since your grey matter is where the majority of your brain’s neurons reside, this is important since there may be a connection between neurodegenerative diseases and low DHA levels—not to mention EPA & DHA being crucial for your optimum mental function. 

They’re also the studies that show such results as larger hippocampal volume in middle-aged participants who increased their dietary intake of EPA & DHA, as well as up to 47% reduction in dementia risk. 

The bottom line is, being a fathead means thinking more clearly, feeling more positive, and worrying less about the onset of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s, especially when that head of yours is loaded with omega 3’s. 

Does Sane Vitaae Work?

If you’re feeling the mental effects of advancing age, or if you’re younger and want to optimize what you’ve got for healthy aging, Sane Vitaae may be what you’re looking for. It’s formulated using ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, improve signaling between neurons, and improve your ability to focus, concentrate, and remember. 

Plus, they claim their propriety ingredients are pharmaceutical grade for highest bioavailability, potency, and effectiveness, though frankly, when we hear “propriety” and “pharmaceutical grade,” we tend to envision laboratory synthesis along with questionable safety and effectiveness. 

That’s just us, though, and judging by Sane Vitaae’s generous return policy, we may well be wrong in this instance. 

Who Is Sane Vitaae Best For?

Anyone struggling with brain fog, poor focus, anxiety, and depression can possibly benefit from this supplement. Its ingredients are either all-natural or modified natural ingredients, so mostly it’s about as risky as having fish for dinner. 

This means that so long as you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, the only side effects you’re likely to experience are clearer thinking, better focus, and keys that are hard to lose. 

But, if you’re under 21, pregnant or breastfeeding, or using prescription medication, you need to check with a healthcare professional before using this product. Granted, the product was originally developed to help maximize the brain health of the founder’s pregnant wife and fetus, though nobody wants serious-looking guys in dark sunglasses showing up from the federal government, including us. 

Sane Vitaae For Focus

Claims vs. Reality

While Sane Vitaae likes to claim their product’s “proprietary-ness” sets it apart from anything else when it comes to improving and maintaining your brain’s health, the fact is that simply eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and reducing your stress can have similar effects for a far lower cost. 

But, if you want convenience while ensuring your brain gets the nutrition it needs, Sane Vitaae mostly comes through on its claims. 

Is Sane Vitaae Safe?

Unless you’re allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects with this product. 

But just in case you do, simply discontinue use and take advantage of their 365-day 100% money-back guarantee-done!

Sane Vitaae Dosage

Where To Buy Sane Vitaae

Okay, so the good news is, the product works; though the bad news is that it should make you smart enough to understand that $69.95 for an up to 15-day supply is insanely expensive. Granted, they do the whole “But we’ve knocked it down to only $46.95 just for you” thing, and you can save a further 5% by subscribing to regular deliveries, though it’s still better suited for those with piles of cash lying around they need to get rid of. 

Oh yeah, and free shipping is provided on orders of over $149, which for the price should be automatic on ALL orders. 

Sane Vitaae Website

Along with Sane Vitaae’s website, the product can be purchased on Amazon and other sites linked to Sane Vitaae and Amazon. 


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