Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Review – Is It Worth Using?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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ab cuts cla belly fat formula review

Losing weight is hard, especially for those who have specific problem areas where stubborn fat stakes its claim. Diet and exercise have always been the gold standard for weight loss; however, for many, this can feel ineffective or too time-consuming. Because of this, consumers are turning to supplements to help boost fat loss, such as Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula.

Weight Loss

With so many different fat burners, weight loss, and other weight reduction supplements on the market, though, how do you know if this supplement is worth using? In this Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula review, we’ll take a deeper look at this supplement to see if it can stand out from the crowd.

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About Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula

Matt Hesse, the founder, and CEO of Ab Cuts, developed this brand in Denver, Colorado in 2007. The idea was to create safe, stimulant-free, all-natural products to better support individual wellness goals. Marketed as a holistic fat burner, Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula is a dietary supplement packed full of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and other healthy oils such as omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and flaxseed oil as well as vitamin E.

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula

It is claimed to be an all-natural, side-effect-free supplement that helps to support metabolism and assist in fat reduction, specifically in the abdominal and thigh areas. 

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Benefits

Ab Cuts claims their CLA Belly Fat Formula helps to assist with fat reduction, promotes a healthy metabolism, and provides an antioxidant supply with ingredients such as CLA, omega 3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil, and vitamin E. 

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Benefits

Although these claims are not proven, taking this supplement can provide various other health benefits from its ingredients, such as heart health, possible reduction of chronic disease risk, and protection against free radicals. Let’s take a more in-depth look at Ab Cut’s CLA Belly Fat Formula ingredients and their individual benefits. 

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Ingredients

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula - Made of Omega-3 Fish Oil

CLA (1000mg from safflower oil (80% CLA))

Conjugated linoleic acid is a form of trans fatty acid most commonly found in animal products. It is not an essential fatty acid like Omega 3s; however, it has become a popular supplement due to its purported fat-burning effects. Unfortunately, most studies are small and done on animals; therefore, there remains a need for larger, human studies in order to determine its efficacy for fat loss.

CLA can also be derived from vegetable oils, such as safflower oil found in Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula; however, studies on these have had the same underwhelming results. In fact, some studies have shown adverse reactions to CLA supplementation, such as decreased HDL levels and increased inflammation.

Omega-3 Fish Oil (300mg)

While it may not be a dedicated fish oil supplement, like OmegaWell Fish Oil, with the various benefits Omega-3 fish oil provides, it’s no wonder Ab Cuts chose to include this ingredient. With many benefits ranging from heart, brain, and even skin health, omega 3 fatty acid supplements have been researched for their potential to aid in weight loss; however, the results are not definitive. Unlike CLA, omega 3 fatty acids are an essential fatty acid often found in fatty fish, nuts, and seeds.

Some studies have shown a beneficial effect on appetite with omega 3 supplementation that can help to aid in weight loss; however, these results were not universal to similar studies; in fact, some showed the opposite effect. Other studies have predicted a link between omega 3s and improved metabolism; however, once again, there is limited evidence, and further studies are needed.

Flaxseed Oil (100mg)

A rich source of omega 3s, flaxseed oil has a few small studies inquiring about its potential as a weight loss aid. Although, there are more defined benefits of flaxseed oil that have further research to back them up, such as improving cholesterol and digestion, supporting heart health, and reducing the risk of various diseases such as cancer. In short, they do best to complement a healthy diet than as a fat loss aid.

Vitamin E (13 IU)

Containing 45% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for Vitamin E, Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula touts antioxidant benefits. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant that performs many necessary functions in the body. Research on vitamin E shows potential benefits for delaying the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Most get adequate vitamin E from diet alone, and supplemental intake has not been proven to assist in fat loss or many other benefits for that matter. In fact, high intakes of vitamin E, such as in supplement form, have been linked to increased risk of insulin resistance and prostate cancer. Supplemental vitamin E can increase the risk of bleeding and interact with various other drugs. Always speak to your health care physician before considering a supplement with vitamin E.

Does Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Work?

Many Ab Cut consumers report positive effects from their CLA Belly Fat Formula; however, with a good amount of time to see results. It can be hard to say if there is significant improvement with supplementation alone as it is encouraged to be added in along with a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen, which also takes time. 

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula -Support weight loss exercise

Although there are some small studies to support their claims, a lot more research is needed to determine if this combination of ingredients is supportive of weight loss aside from a potential placebo effect on its consumers. 

Animal studies have shown CLA as an effective fat-loss aid, but studies in humans are inconsistent in their results. The current ingredients do not support appetite suppression and are not likely to take effect quickly; therefore, its true effects on fat loss are up in the air. 

Who is Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Best For?

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula may be beneficial for those who struggle to get adequate omega 3s in their diet from food alone. Because CLA is not an essential nutrient and its benefits remain questionable, it’s hard to say if one specific population might benefit over another. For those looking to boost weight loss who are otherwise healthy, active, and free of chronic conditions may find benefit from this supplement. 

Claims vs. Reality

Claimed to be America’s #1 CLA Fat Loss Brand, Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula, combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan, is marketed to support abdominal and thigh area fat reduction and healthy body composition without the use of stimulants like many other fat burners

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula - In Hand

Further research is needed on CLA and its potential as a fat-loss supplement for humans; however, their claims are not completely untrue. There are mixed results from research studies in humans, some supporting CLA as a fat-loss aid and some not. In order to know its true effects in this role, more research in humans on a larger scale is needed. For now, this supplement will likely not result in harm for healthy individuals; however, it may not be as effective as marketed.

Is Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Safe?

This product is listed as not intended for those who are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. It should also be discussed with your healthcare physician before taking it, as it could interact with other medications, specifically but not limited to anti-coagulants, anti-diabetic medications, or anti-hypertensives. You should also use caution if you are already taking over-the-counter supplements, as there is always a possibility of an interaction. 

Where to Buy Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula 

You can purchase Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula for $19.99 for an 80-capsule bottle, which will last 20 days if taken as recommended (2 capsules, twice daily.).

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Webiste

You can find Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula on; it is also widely available online at Amazon and Costco retailers, along with many others.

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