Omax Cognitive Boost Review – Can It Benefit Your Brain Health?

Omax Health has been making quality, science-backed supplements since 2008 to help you live life to the max. They do this with the belief that what you put in your body makes a big difference in your health, which is why their supplements are of the highest purity and potency. 

And that’s also why they claim to be the leading choice for physicians, professional sports teams, and discerning customers.

You may have heard of some of Omax’s other supplements, such as Omax MAX SLEEP. So, in this review, we’ll take a look at Omax Cognitive Boost, a supplement that uses pharmaceutical strength omega 3s to turn anyone into a regular Einstein. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Box And Pills

About Omax Cognitive Boost

Cognitive Boost contains only 2-ingredients, though that’s all it needs to give you increased focus, memory, and learning ability. It does this without stimulants of any kind, and instead uses potent forms of omega 3 fatty acids to increase your brain’s health. 

That’s because your brain contains around 60% fat (hey Fathead!), which, if healthy, should be mostly omega 3s. But we live in a world of grain-fed cattle and crispy fried treats, meaning we don’t always get a healthy mix of omegas. 

By using ingredients developed by scientists to ensure maximum bioavailability, Cognitive Boost is able to deliver what your diet alone can’t and do it all in a convenient capsule. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Box

Omax Cognitive Boost Benefits

Supports Optimal Brain Health

Your brain needs fat to keep it healthy, and omega 3s in particular, since they’re essential for maintaining cell membranes and communications between cells. By delivering 1000 mg of just what your brain needs in the propriety alpha & omega blend, Cognitive Boost helps you maintain a clear head, positive mood, heightened memory, and cognitive function. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Pills

High Bioavailability

No amount of anything you consume will do any good if it just passes through you, which is why Omax’s propriety blend of omega 3 fatty acids was scientifically developed for maximum uptake. 


While stimulants can improve brain function in the short-term, your long-term brain health relies on nutrition for maximum benefits. 

This also means no crash, jitters, irritability, or sleepless nights, and instead, you get to enjoy a positive mood, clear thinking, and supreme brain health. 

Supports Memory And Overall Mood

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are what keep your brain cells communicating. When your nutrition falls short in this category, not only does your brain function suffer and cause brain fog, lack of focus, and poor memory, so does your mood. 

But when you feed your brain what it needs to keep it happy, it keeps you happy—and mentally healthy—in return. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Ingredients

Alpha & Omega Propriety Blend—1000 mg Omega 3s

Eicosatetraenoic (EPA) 200 mg

EPA plays a crucial role in regulating inflammation in brain cells, and also helps cells communicate with each other. 

Along with DHA, EPA also makes up the building materials for strong, elastic, healthy cell membranes.

Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 800 mg

DHA is the most abundant form of omega 3s in the brain and plays a critical role in maintaining healthy nerve structure and function. 

Bot EPA and DHA also combine to improve blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which further enhances their ability to keep you thinking clearly and feeling great. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Supplement Facts

Does Omax Cognitive Boost Work?

The truth is, yes, Cognitive Boost works, but so does eating oily fish, grass-fed meat, nuts, and avocados. 

In fact, the only thing special about this supplement is that it’s been processed to control the amount of EPA and DHA in it, as well as to improve its uptake in the body. While this does indeed have benefits beyond what an equivalent amount of unprocessed fish oil will deliver, it only makes a true difference for those not getting enough omega 3s in their diet, to begin with. 

That said, this could be many of us, and for those it applies to, this product will work wonders for your mental acuity and wellbeing.

Omax Cognitive Boost Back Label

Still, just eat right. It’s less expensive, works just as well, and tastes better too. 

Who Is Omax Cognitive Boost Best For?

Anyone not getting enough EFA’s in their diet, as well as those needing to maximize their brain’s health, will find this product to be effective. 

EFA’s also help protect and improve your cardiovascular health, increase blood flow, and boost skin health, as well as many other benefits. 

But, those on blood thinners or other medications should check with their doctor before supplementing with fish oil since it’s an anticoagulant that can cause excessive bleeding. Some may also be allergic to fish oil.

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Claims vs. Reality

As Omax states, Cognitive Boost contains no stimulants, it’s exceptionally pure, and it boosts cognitive function and mood for those lacking EPA and DHA in their diets. 

So far as it being exceptionally bioavailable in the body? We’ll just have to take their word for it since that’s kind of hard to measure without loads of time and medical equipment. 

Is Omax Cognitive Boost Safe?

Omega 3s are anticoagulants, and the product should not be taking with other anticoagulants or blood thinners. For the same reason, you need to stick to the recommended dosage, since the anticoagulant effect—and bleeding risk–increases with the amount taken. 

You should also consult with your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking any prescription medications. 


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Where To Buy Omax Cognitive Boost

At $39.95 for a month’s worth, Cognitive Boost falls in the “fair” price range. You can also set up a monthly subscription to save an additional 20% along with free shipping, which brings your cost down to just over $1-per-day. 

Remember, though, simply adding foods high in EFAs to your diet will accomplish the same thing, and likely for much less money. Consider that even if grass-fed and wild-caught is a bit more expensive than conventional, you still need to eat, and the difference likely amounts to less than $1-per day.

Omax Cognitive Boost Website

Along with Omax Health’s site, Cognitive Boost can be purchased from Amazon, though it doesn’t appear to be available through other retailers at this time. 

Omax Cognitive Boost Review
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Omax Cognitive Boost is a brain-health supplement with a dual-action formula that combines highly-concentrated omega-3 DHA with Alpha-GPC. It aims to boost neurotransmitter activity while supporting memory, focus, concentration, and energy. Omax Cognitive Boost includes proprietary ingredient technology, developed to improve bioavailability to help achieve maximum results. Read our in-depth review of Omax Cognitive Boost to learn what this supplement can really do.

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