Plexus Bio Cleanse Review – Is This Supplement Worth Buying?

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plexus bio cleanse review

In search of a new supplement to benefit your gut health? If so, you may have come across the many, many digestion and cleansing supplements out on the market.

With so many choices, though, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth using and which are worth losing. That’s where we come in to help!

We’re going to take a closer look at one specific gut health supplement called Plexus Bio Cleanse to find out if it’s up to the task of helping your digestive health.

Does this supplement include the right ingredients? Does it provide the benefits you’re searching for? We’ll discuss all of that and more in this Plexus Bio Cleanse review. Let’s get started!

About Plexus Bio Cleanse

Plexus Bio Cleanse is a digestion supplement made and produced by Plexus Worldwide, a popular supplement company that has produced a wide variety of supplement options.

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Plexus Bio Cleanse is designed to rid your body of unwanted microbes and bacteria that may be harmful to your digestion. This digestive system cleanse helps support whole-body health, including cognition, your immune system, skin, and liver. Plexus Bio Cleanse is also rich in antioxidants and contains a high dose of Vitamin C. This supplement also helps promote bowel regularity, which can further help rid your body of unwanted toxins.

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Plexus Bio Cleanse Benefits

Promotes Bowel Regularity

This supplement contains a few essential ingredients like magnesium and vitamin C. In particular, magnesium is known to be a muscle relaxer that can also help enhance bowel movements and promote efficient elimination. This can help ensure regularity on a day-to-day basis as it allows for more relaxation within the gastrointestinal system. Magnesium also draws water into the gastrointestinal system, which causes a gentle stimulation effect.

Helps Cleanse the Gastrointestinal Tract

There are quite a few antioxidants included in this formula, including vitamin C ad a bioflavonoid complex consisting of orange and lemon peel and quince. These antioxidants help naturally rid the body of toxins and any oxidative stress that arises from those toxins. Paired with effective elimination, the body is also more readily able to absorb many of these nutrients.

Relieves Constipation and Bloating

Plexus Bio Cleanse helps promote elimination through the use of magnesium, which causes gentle stimulation of the digestive system. This elimination and bowel regularity helps reduce constipation and decrease bloating as well. This allows for more energy, a healthy gut, and even increased metabolism.

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Plexus Bio Cleanse Ingredients

One of the main ingredients in Bio Cleanse is magnesium. Magnesium helps promote the health of muscles and bones in our body and is an essential mineral required for proper health. Magnesium also helps us retain more water within the colon, helping ease bowel movements and relieve constipation. This constipation relief can help you lose weight, and can even help increase your metabolism, leading to more proper weight management.

Vitamin C is also included as an antioxidant. This water-soluble vitamin helps boost the immune system, promotes energy production, maintains the proper health of connective tissue, and even helps with the absorption of iron in the body. Vitamin C’s antioxidant potential overall helps promote healthy energy levels, acts as a toxin remover, and promotes overall health.

Sodium bicarbonate is also included in the formula, which helps neutralize any acidity in the stomach, ensuring proper health and pH within the digestive tract.

The bioflavonoid complex included in this formula consists of orange and lemon peel, quince, hypromellose, and rice flour. Orange and lemon peel are both rich in antioxidants, specifically polyhydroxy-flavonoids. Quince is also rich in phytonutrient antioxidants. This complex helps promote whole-body health, boosting immune health, detoxing the body, and can help rid your body of potentially harmful health conditions and health problems.

Does Plexus Bio Cleanse Really Work?

Bio Cleanse seems to be pretty effective at first glance and when analyzing these ingredients. The formula contains minerals and compounds that are biologically known to be beneficial for whole-body health, mostly because they are naturally produced within the body.

This product contains magnesium, which is crucial for digestion, muscular health, immune support, and detoxing. Magnesium is essential for bowel regularity and promotes enhanced absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins. Sodium bicarbonate is also included, which is great for managing the pH of your stomach, reducing acidity, and supporting overall gut health.

This proprietary blend also includes an antioxidant formula along with vitamin C, which helps boost immune health, and when paired with digestive support, is more bioavailable within the body.

Most dietary supplements, especially health products catered to detoxing, do not actually contain effective ingredients. They may help promote occasional constipation, but that is typically due to their inclusion of ingredients like senna, which is a natural laxative. The natural ingredients in Plexus Bio Cleanse are far more effective than other cleansing products on the market, so we would say Plexus is a great option when it comes to choosing a cleansing dietary supplement.

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Is Plexus Bio Cleanse Safe?

Plexus Bio Cleanse is safe for consumption, however, there are some safety concerns when it comes to excess mineral consumption. Magnesium is an ion that can be thrown off in balance and when that happens, it can cause health conditions and potential side effects. Too much magnesium can cause the following side effects that you should be aware of:

  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • upset stomach
  • stomach pain
  • headache

Other side effects of Plexus Bio Cleanse will typically be minor, but you should still consult a medical professional to find out if this product is safe for you to use.

How Does Plexus Bio Cleanse Compare?

Plexus Bio Cleanse is a great product to consider, however, some other great detox products on the market can be helpful for cleansing.

Umzo makes a popular digestive cleanse product known as zuPOO. This colon cleansing product is supposedly extremely effective for relieving occasional constipation, reducing bloating, regulating the bowel, and can even help burn fat and help you lose weight. This product contains a few active ingredients in its proprietary blend, including cascara sagrada, burdock, aloe, fennel, and senna. Although all of these natural ingredients are beneficial for digestive cleaning, senna is a natural laxative, and despite causing elimination, it can also cause bowel dependence. This can actually lead to constipation down the line, so just be cautious of that. This dietary supplement is slightly cheaper than Plexus Bio Cleanse at about $34.

Another great cleansing product is Inno Cleanse by Inno Supps. This supplement apparently promotes a whole-body cleanse and detox. It is a vegan-friendly supplement that helps you go to the bathroom, reduce bloating, promote weight management, burn fat, and help regulate your appetite. This supplement contains almost the exact ingredients as zuPOO, with the active ingredient again being senna. This ingredient is in almost every natural cleansing product, and that is due to its laxative effects on the body. Again, this can cause intense bowel dependency, which is not great for long-term gut health. This supplement is slightly more expensive at $40.

Overall, we would say that although Plexus Bio Cleanse is slightly expensive, it is cheaper than many other supplements and does not contain senna or other laxatives that may cause bowel dependency down the line. Those who started taking bio cleanse noticed a great improvement in their digestion and overall wellness, and also experienced some weight loss and other great health benefits.

Where to Purchase Plexus Bio Cleanse

Plexus Bio Cleanse is available directly from the Plexus website.

Plexus Bio Cleanse Website

A one-time 60-count purchase of Plexus Bio Cleanse is normally priced at $27.00. You can get 30% off, though, as a VIP customer, bringing the cost down to $19.

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