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Zhou Collagen Peptides Review – Is This Skin Nourishment Supplement Worth Using?

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If you want to have healthy and young-looking skin, even as you age, it is important to take care of your skin as early as possible. That can be easier said than done, though.

Skincare is more than just ensuring that you don’t have visible wrinkles and other “blemishes.” Skincare is a long-term process, just like taking care of your overall health. Much of the work that keeps your skin healthy and young-looking is not what you apply on top of it but what works beneath it – the nutrients, lifestyle, and other health factors. Simply put, if you don’t take care of your body – you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you don’t eat properly, you live a sedentary lifestyle, you are always losing sleep, etc. – then your skin will surely suffer, no matter how much cream you apply to it.

Thankfully, there are supplements out there designed to help provide the nourishment that our skin needs; more specifically, collagen supplements. Taking collagen supplements is one of the many things you can do to take care of your skin. As you will later see, collagen is very important for your skin health – collagen is considered as the “glue” of your skin! Aside from your skin, collagen also plays a role in your hair, nails, and even bone health.

That being said, as with any other supplements, not all collagen supplements are made equal. For today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at Zhou Collagen Peptides.

We will dive into the following in the rest of this Zhou Collagen Peptides review: 

  • Details about Collagen Peptides by Zhou Nutrition
  • Review the pros and cons of its ingredients 
  • Discuss consumer’s reviews
  • Share where you can purchase the product
  • Provide pricing details of Zhou Collagen Peptides
  • Give our review out of 5 stars
Zhou Collagen Peptides For Healthy Skin

About Zhou Collagen Peptides

Zhou Collagen Peptides is a collagen supplement made by Zhou Nutrition, a supplements company that is headquartered in Utah, USA. Zhou Nutrition sells a wide variety of supplements, ranging from immunity to cognitive function and even sexual wellness. In addition to Zhou Collagen Peptides, Zhou Nutrition also makes Zhou Spirulina, Hairfluence, Keto Drive, Neuro-Peak, and many other supplements.

The main benefit of Zhou Collagen Peptides is for your skin, nails, and hair health. This is because collagen plays a crucial role in these parts, just as calcium plays a crucial role for our bones. But, as mentioned earlier, aside from our skin, nails, and hair, collagen also plays a role in our bone and joint health.

Collagen Peptides by Zhou Nutrition

Now that we know the basic information about Zhou Collagen Peptides, let us look at its ingredients to know what we are exactly getting from the supplement.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Ingredients

Being a collagen supplement, Zhou Collagen Peptides’ main ingredient is collagen. That being said, let us discuss in brief detail what collagen is and how it plays a role in your health, especially skincare.

Collagen Peptides by Zhou Nutrition Supplement Facts

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that provides structure to your skin by binding up its different tissues and holding them together. It is for this reason that collagen is called the “glue” of your skin. The name collagen came from the Greek word “kólla,” which means “glue.”

Not Just For the Skin

But while collagen is mainly attributed to the skin, collagen plays for different parts of our body, such as hair, nails, bones, joints, muscles, teeth, and even blood vessels. Just like with skin, collagen plays the connective role of binding the tissues of these body parts and holding them up together.

It is worth noting that for this reason, collagen is naturally the most abundant protein in our body – it accounts for around one-third of our body’s protein.

What Collagen Can Do For Our Skin

Because collagen makes up the majority of our skin, it makes sense to say that collagen plays a major role in our skin health. In an analogy, we can say that collagen makes up our skin strong and healthy, just as calcium makes and keeps our bones and teeth strong. Aside from keeping our skin strong and healthy, collagen can also increase and maintain our skin elasticity. This makes your skin more young-looking and vibrant.

The Role of Collagen in Our Bones

Aside from skin, collagen also plays a positive role in our bones. Other than playing a binding role for our bones, perhaps the most pronounced benefit of collagen is its role in reducing our risk from joint problems. Here’s how.

In between our joints is what we call the cartilage. Cartilages are the rubber-like structural component that keeps our joints from grinding together. Being a rubber-like component, cartilage is soft, making “friction” on our joints smooth instead of grinding and painful.

One of the main building blocks of cartilage is, as you can already tell, collagen. If our collagen level decreases, our cartilages will eventually suffer. Over time, this leads to weakened cartilages, and weakened cartilages result in painful joints due to the friction they make.

Role of Collagen in Other Body Parts

Aside from skin and bones, collagen also plays a role for other body parts, especially our muscles and even the heart and blood vessels. However, while they do play an important role in binding their issues, there are not many pronounced benefits outside of that.

For example, collagen binds our muscle tissues and can even help in increasing muscle mass (after all, collagen is also a protein). However, it does not significantly boost our muscle mass. That being said, it’s still great, but if you’re aiming to build muscle mass, collagen supplements won’t be the right type of supplement for that.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Benefits

One of the things that I like about Zhou Collagen Peptides is that the supplement is simply potentially effective. After all, if the supplement is potentially effective, it should be good to go already.

That being said, how effective the supplement is would still depend on how your body would receive it. So, we cannot tell if a supplement will work the same for everyone. However, as long as the supplement is generally potent, that’s one good sign.

Also, I’d like to note that Zhou Collagen Peptides is also free from any additives such as gluten and hormones. Zhou Collagen Peptides is animal-based, and some animal-based products may contain unwanted hormones that come from the animal. For Zhou Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides, that’s not the case!

Collagen Peptides by Zhou Nutrition Supplement Powder

Is Zhou Collagen Peptides Safe?

Collagen is considered generally safe for most people. However, depending on how your body reacts to the supplement or the dosage you took, you may experience minor side effects such as diarrhea, rashes, and feeling heavy on your stomach.

Other than the side effects, I do not see any negative side with Zhou Collagen Peptides. If anything, one “con” of Zhou Collagen Peptides would be that it’s not vegan. It’s not that it’s a bad side on the part of the supplement; most collagen supplements are not vegan nor vegetarian because they are naturally animal-based. But if you are vegan or vegetarian, then Zhou Collagen Peptides is not the collagen supplement for you. There are other good vegan collagen supplement options out there, though, such as Organifi Glow.

Is Zhou Collagen Peptides Worth Trying Out?

Given the ingredients and benefits of Zhou Collagen Peptides, I would say that the supplement is worth trying out. If you want to improve your skin and bone health, adding collagen is a great option. 

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Where to Buy Zhou Collagen Peptides

If you want to try out Zhou Collagen Peptides, you can buy it on the official Zhou Nutrition website here. It costs $28 for a one-time purchase, but you can save 20% and receive free shipping if you subscribe.

Collagen Peptides by Zhou Nutrition Website

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Zhou Collagen Peptides Review
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Zhou Collagen Peptides is a hydrolyzed collagen supplement manufactured by Zhou Nutrition. This supplement powder contains hydrolyzed collagen, alanine, glutamic acid, glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, arginine, and aspartic acid all formulated to improve overall skin health and wellness. Zhou Collagen Peptides also claims to benefit nail, hair, bone, muscle, and heart health. Can this supplement really help you achieve healthy and young-looking skin? Find out in our detailed review of Zhou Collagen Peptides.

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