PhenQ PM Review – Can You Benefit From This Fat Burner?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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phenq pm review

Most fat loss supplements are meant to be taken during the day. However, there’s a growing line of night time fat burners lately that are advertised to allow for 24/7 fat burning and supercharge the fat loss process.

After all, why should the fat burning effects be limited to only your waking hours? 

And that’s where PhenQ PM claims to come in to help. Keep reading this PhenQ PM review to learn all about this night time fat burner’s ingredients, how it’s designed to work, the possible benefits, and if it’s truly effective. 

About PhenQ PM

PhenQ PM is a night time fat burner made by PhenQ. This supplement is one of three fat loss products they provide; the other two in the trio are PhenQ and PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

PhenQ PM

The PhenQ PM Night Time Fat Burner has a variety of natural ingredients to target three main stages of fat burning:

  • Increasing Human Growth Hormone
  • Reducing Cortisol
  • Appetite Regulation

This nighttime fat incinerator is formulated for men and women of all ages who want to shed fat and get healthier. Chromium, theanine, B vitamins, 5-HTP, and arginine are just a few of the 12 active ingredients in PhenQ PM that are designed to stoke your metabolic fire overnight and promote optimal sleep and rejuvenation.

PhenQ PM Benefits

PhenQ PM Night Time Fat Burner claims to provide many different benefits

  • Enhanced Fat Burning During Sleep
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Reduced Cravings
  • Improved Sleep
  • Balanced Mood and Stress Response
PhenQ PM Bottle And Pills

Enhanced Fat Burning During Sleep

Many fat loss products are meant to be taken during the day. But if you’re struggling with weight loss, you may also need something else to really kick that stubborn fat out for good.

And PhenQ PM claims to enhance fat burning during sleep to give you a much higher chance of shedding the weight off. 

Their formula uses lysine and B vitamins which they say will help convert fats and carbs into energy, leading to decreased fat storage and increased fat burning.

Increased Metabolism

Truthfully, a slow metabolism really isn’t to blame for most cases of being overweight. With that said, having an increased metabolism can definitely help, especially on days when you can’t go to the gym or do other things to boost your metabolism naturally.

PhenQ PM claims to ramp up your metabolism even during sleep when it otherwise would be at rock bottom. Firstly, it has natural ingredients such as choline and B vitamins to increase metabolism.

And secondly, they say that various ingredients such as arginine will increase human growth hormone, which also leads to a natural boost in metabolism. 

Reduced Cravings

Cravings are one of the hardest things to deal with when dieting. And after so long, you might end up giving in to that giant piece of cake or slice of pizza.

What’s more, when you’re dieting, you may experience poorer sleep and increased stress. And these two things only increase cravings further, so it can be a tough cycle.

PhenQ PM is advertised to reduce cravings and support overall appetite regulation. In part, this is due to chromium and 5-HTP, which may act as natural craving regulators. Plus, theanine and other compounds are designed to enhance sleep, which leads to fewer cravings the next day. 

Improved Sleep

A lack of sleep makes weight loss much harder. This is because it throws all sorts of wrenches in the body’s natural hormonal and appetite-regulating systems, such as with cortisol, human growth hormone, testosterone, and ghrelin. Not to mention you become more likely to store calories as fat rather than using them for energy. 

But PhenQ PM claims to give you a deep sleep with natural sleep promoters such as 5-HTP, theanine, and vitamin B5. This may help you wake up feeling more refreshed, energized, and with fewer cravings, ready to take on the day.

Balanced Mood and Stress Response

Going on a diet can make a lot of people moody and extra stressed. And this leads to increased cortisol, which can make it harder to sleep well and lose weight.

PhenQ PM is promoted as a way to balance your mood and stress response, especially with 5-HTP and theanine. This may help you get into a better state of mind and to enhance sleep quality. Plus, less stress likely means fewer cravings.

All in all, you can see how these benefits are interrelated. And this surely is a great combo for anyone who needs to lose weight

But is PhenQ PM actually effective? Or are these all just bogus claims?

Keep reading to find out!

PhenQ PM Ingredients

PhenQ PM has 12 active ingredients. It’s a mix of herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Below are all of the PhenQ PM ingredients:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Lysine HCl
  • L-Theanine
  • 5-HTP
  • Chromium
  • Biotin
  • Molybdenum
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5
  • Choline
phenq pm ingredient

L-Arginine (1,200mg)

L-arginine is an amino acid with many functions in the body. It seems to help prevent fat accumulation and may also enhance sugar and fat metabolism. 

Plus, l-arginine increases growth hormone levels, which may improve lean body mass and overall body composition. 

Recent evidence shows that l-arginine supplementation may reduce body fat and waist circumference. 

L-Lysine HCl (1,200mg)

L-lysine is an essential amino acid. Among its actions, it increases carnitine levels, which is important because carnitine may increase the breakdown of fat for energy.

However, there isn’t any solid evidence supporting the use of lysine for weight loss. 

L-Theanine (200mg)

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves. It increases the brain chemicals GABA and serotonin, as well as alpha brain waves. And all of these effects are associated with improved mood, calmness, and relaxation. 

There’s a lot of research on l-theanine supplementation. And it shows that theanine reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep quality. 

Another supplement with a good dose of theanine (200mg) is Luna Gentle Sleep Aid

5-HTP (150mg)

5-HTP (which stands for 5-hydroxytryptophan) is a metabolite from the amino acid l-tryptophan. 

One of the primary effects of 5-HTP is increased serotonin production, which then leads to several possible benefits. 

For example, serotonin is a brain chemical involved in mood, mental well-being, and appetite regulation, among other things. On top of that, serotonin leads to natural melatonin production too, which also helps sleep.

Overall, 5-HTP supplements seem effective for improving sleep quality and reducing anxiety; it may also reduce appetite and food intake. We can certainly see why this one is so intriguing for night time fat burners!

Chromium (120mcg)

Chromium (in the form of chromium picolinate here) is a trace mineral. This mineral is mainly involved in blood sugar control as well as other aspects of metabolism. 

There is some evidence that chromium supplementation leads to improved body composition, especially by promoting lean body mass. But not all studies show benefits. 

You can find chromium in many other fat loss supplements too, such as Burn Lab Pro.

Biotin (120mcg)

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin (less commonly known as vitamin B7). It may improve sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity (which helps to control blood sugar levels). 

However, there isn’t any solid evidence to suggest it helps with weight loss. 

Molybdenum (100mg)

Molybdenum is an essential mineral, but since hardly anyone is ever deficient, there aren’t many benefits to supplementing with it. 

Vitamin C (80mg)

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that you probably know of for its immune-regulating and antioxidant effects. 

But you may be surprised to know that vitamin C also increases fat and sugar metabolism and decreases cortisol, which is a stress hormone.

For these reasons, vitamin C may be helpful in preventing or reducing obesity. 

Vitamin B1 (4mg)

Vitamin B1, or thiamin, is a B-complex vitamin. It is involved in food metabolism as well as the production of glucose (a type of sugar). 

Supplementing with vitamin B1 may help reduce high blood sugar levels and improve overall metabolism. It also seems to generally support stress management.

Vitamin B6 (5mg)

Vitamin B6 is another B-complex vitamin. It increases fat metabolism and is critical for overall metabolic health. You likely won’t have as much energy either if you’re deficient in it.

Research shows that very high doses of vitamin B6 may lead to fat loss. And it may also help to decrease stress and anxiety. 

Vitamin B5 (10mg)

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is a B-complex vitamin with roles in metabolism and stress management. 

There is some evidence that supplementing with vitamin B5 may reduce cortisol and overall stress responses. There aren’t any major benefits for weight loss.

Choline (40mg)

Choline is an essential nutrient that increases acetylcholine (a brain chemical) levels. This nutrient also helps break down fats and may improve satiety.

Limited evidence shows that choline supplements may aid appetite and hunger regulation, which can lead to weight loss. 

Does PhenQ PM Work?

PhenQ PM is likely to work but it may not give massive results.

We certainly see that PhenQ PM has a great line-up of clinically researched ingredients. However, with the exception of theanine, 5-HTP, and vitamin C, most of the ingredients are underdosed by quite a bit.

This isn’t as big of a deal since similar-acting ingredients are grouped in together. But it still limits the overall effectiveness.

That’s why we want you to be aware of expectations.

PhenQ PM Supplement Facts Label

Claims vs. Reality

Continuing from above, the reality is that PhenQ PM may help you lose a few more pounds over several weeks compared to if you did everything else the same but hadn’t taken PhenQ PM.

So, it’s likely not a really quick fat loss product for most people. One of the benefits most likely to occur is reduced stress and better sleep due to the inclusion of good doses of theanine and 5-HTP. 

Other than that, you may notice slight to decent improvements in metabolism, appetite regulation, and overall weight loss. 

How Does PhenQ PM Compare?

PhenQ PM Night Time Fat Burner is a relatively low-dosed product compared to other supplements. 

However, we like that it has a fully transparent label. This stands out since many nighttime fat burners use proprietary blends, which makes it impossible to gauge the potential effectiveness of the ingredients. 

One of the products we wanted to compare it to was Lean PM. Both of these supplements have the same doses of theanine (200mg) and 5-HTP (150mg). However, Lean PM has more vitamin B6. And it also has green tea extract/EGCG, which is typically a better fat burner than the specific fat burners in PhenQ PM. 

On top of that, Lean PM is available in regular (with melatonin) or melatonin-free varieties. It’s also only $34.99 for 30 servings whereas PhenQ PM is $64.99 for 30 servings.

Another night time fat burner with similar proposed benefits to PhenQ PM is Performix SST Support Lean Sleep. This product has several well-researched ingredients for fat-burning such as green tea extract and chromium. And it also has many compounds for stress reduction and sleep, such as theanine, magnesium, GABA, and lemon balm. Overall, it’s dosed more effectively than PhenQ PM too. Plus, it’s really affordable at only $24.99 for a 30-day supply. 

Who is PhenQ PM Best For?

PhenQ PM is best for adults who want a night time fat loss support product to help them relax and sleep better, while also supporting metabolism and appetite regulation.

phenq pm 1

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PhenQ PM

  • Formula includes a mix of herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
  • Ingredients are dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free
  • Benefits fat burning, metabolism, sleep, and more

How to Take PhenQ PM

PhenQ PM comes in capsule form. Take four capsules with a glass of water 30 minutes to one hour before bed. 

Is PhenQ PM Safe?

PhenQ PM Night Time Fat Burner is generally safe for most people. Possible side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach, bloating, etc.
  • Allergic reactions
PhenQ PM Pill Capsules

PhenQ PM is made in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and free from preservatives. 

Where to Buy PhenQ PM

You can buy PhenQ PM on the main PhenQ website at this link. You’ll also see two tabs right by this product which are for the other PhenQ products we mentioned earlier, if those also interest you.

phenq pm website

There are 30 servings (120 capsules) in each bottle of PhenQ PM.

The regular price for a one-month supply is $64.99 ($2.17/serving). However, you can choose the two-month supply and get one month for free, or you can pick the three-month supply and get two months free.

Below are those prices:

These are definitely some big deals for their bulk options. And since the regular price is pretty expensive, it seems the two or three-month supplies are definitely worth it if you find out that you actually benefit from this product.

Verdict: PhenQ PM Review

PhenQ PM is a pretty good night time fat burner, although it could be better. It certainly has a good selection of research-backed ingredients for appetite regulation, increased metabolism, stress reduction, and sleep support. But many of these are underdosed.

All things considered, PhenQ PM is worth looking into if you want to generally support fat burning at night. But there are also higher-dosed and likely more effective supplements too.

Overall Rating:
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