PhenQ Review – Does This Fat Burner Really Work?

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By Juliana Tamayo, MS, Nutritionist

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You probably have heard all about how to lose weight, whether it is a magical weight loss supplement or a diet to burn fat, the journey to weight loss can take a while. 

In your search for an easy way to achieve weight loss, you might have seen PhenQ weight loss pills. This weight loss supplement is attempting to help speed up your fat-burning process in a healthy way while helping you get rid of excess weight. 

Stay tuned for our PhenQ review to see whether these PhenQ diet pills are just that, diet pills, or much more. 

What Is PhenQ? 

PhenQ is marketed as a natural weight-loss and fat-burning supplement. Wolfson Berg Ltd is the company behind PhenQ.

This company makes about another dozen health/wellness-related supplements under various other names. According to filings in the UK, Wolfson Berg has been around since 2016, but some websites refer to it as being around for 30+ years.

They also claim to manufacture in cGMP, FDA-approved facilities but there do not seem to be any US addresses connected to them. It is difficult for the FDA to actively regulate all of the supplement manufacturer facilities in the US. Therefore, it is unlikely that a small overseas company, like Wolfson Berg, has been appropriately reviewed by the FDA.

There are a lot of fat burner and weight loss supplements out on the market, such as Slimvance and Skald. How does PhenQ compare? Let us take a more thorough look in our PhenQ review.

NOTE: We currently recommend Skald over PhenQ. Here’s why

PhenQ Ingredients

Our PhenQ review would not be complete if we did not go over the specific ingredients that make up this weight loss supplement. We will also go over whether they can actually help you lose weight, burn fat, reduce sugar cravings, and more. 



Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is traditionally used in medicine to improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It actively blocks the synthesis of cholesterol in the blood, and that is why it is used in many weight loss pills or dietary supplements.

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Niacin is not known for having potent effects on weight loss. We suspect some supplements might sometimes include niacin in their formulations to make the user “feel” something. Niacin can cause flushing, which is blood rushing to the surface of the skin. Users often report a tingling or pin-prick-like sensation on their skin when they take too much of it.

Copper (as copper sulfate)

Copper has been shown in a few studies to correlate to a healthy weight. This is because copper is a trace mineral intricately tied to metabolism.

When people become deficient in copper, it throws off the balance of their metabolism. Eventually, your body might have trouble metabolizing carbohydrates and fat. While some might argue that it can lead to fat accumulation and weight gain, this is not a verifiable fact. 

This does not mean copper will help everyone reach their weight loss goals. In fact, people interested in supplementing with copper should take caution not to consume too much. An excess in copper can result in serious side effects and impair the absorption of other important minerals.

Additionally, the copper that PhenQ uses is not of the best quality. The preferred mineral form for supplementation is something called a chelate. 

Chromium (as chromium picolinate)

Chromium picolinate is popular among fat-burning products, like LeanBean Fat Burner. It has a deep body of research supporting its use in regulating blood sugar.

All medical professionals prefer chromium picolinate when it comes to blood sugar metabolism and diabetes. It is ironic though that PhenQ lists the following study as evidence of chromium’s metabolic benefits (

The very study mentions patients were taking 600mcg of chromium picolinate whereas PhenQ contains a mere 10mcg per capsule. PhenQ users would need to take an entire 60ct bottle every day to reach the dose tested by the study they reference.

However, to some extent chromium picolinate could help you lose weight by reducing sugar cravings and utilizing stored body fat better. 

L-Carnitine Tartrate

L-carnitine is an amino acid found in plants and meat. Carnitine is involved in a process called beta-oxidation or, fat breakdown, for energy production.

Carnitine is required by a cellular mechanism called carnitine acetyltransferase. As the name implies, carnitine acetyltransferase transfers fatty acids into the site where body fat can be broken down for energy. Think of carnitine acetyltransferase as a delivery truck and carnitine as the wheels of the truck. Without wheels, the truck cannot deliver the fuel to the power plant.

While it sounds like a no-brainer to include carnitine in any weight-loss program, the research does not seem to support this thought. The data has been mixed on carnitine’s benefits for those trying to lose weight. The recommended dose for carnitine is often reported as 2g per day.

PhenQ contains a lackluster 0.15g per capsule, which makes these PhenQ weight loss pills less effective than the recommended daily dosage. The reality is that L-carnitine will likely not make or break your weight loss journey. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is the active chemical in coffee that invigorates people to start their day in the morning. Caffeine Anhydrous is in many fat burners, such as Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate.

Caffeine is studied extensively for its effects on exercise, energy, and fat metabolism. Caffeine may help aid in weight loss thanks to its thermogenic effects (raising body temperature). It may also help burn additional calories because people tend to move around more after ingesting it.

PhenQ contains approximately 2 cups of coffee worth of caffeine. The exact caffeine content is 142.5mg. Without a doubt, this is the most potent ingredient in PhenQ diet pills. Many people may experience irritability, jitters, and anxiety at this dose. More is not always better when it comes to caffeine.

However, for those that are accustomed to caffeine, this ingredient could help them lose weight and prevent weight gain by significantly increasing energy levels. 

Alpha-Lacey’s Reset

This ingredient is a patented blend of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium. Alpha-lipoic acid plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism and its breakdown for energy. The idea behind this ingredient in a weight loss supplement is that it will help you shed excess weight by using all carbohydrates you eat and increasing energy levels. 

While there is not a lot of research regarding how magnesium can help you lose weight, there is evidence that it can help regulate blood glucose levels. Some argue that this will reduce carb and sugar cravings, but there is not enough evidence of this. 

Some evidence suggests that L-cysteine is included in weight loss supplements because it can suppress appetite and reduce ghrelin levels. This is the hormone in charge of telling your body that you are hungry, leading to unwanted weight gain. 

Magnesium alone is often dosed with around 500-1000mg. Alpha-lipoic acid is typically recommended at 300mg or more per day. Cysteine is often supplemented at 300mg or more per day as well. PhenQ contains only 25mg.


Nopal is a cactus that some people may know as the prickly pear cactus. Nopal itself is not an active ingredient, it is in fact made up of numerous antioxidant compounds, minerals, and vitamins.

Together these molecules may exert benefits on inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol. However, it does not do much in the way of burning body fat or weight loss. The idea behind this ingredient is that it can aid your weight loss process by allowing you to have more fiber and remain full longer. This dietary supplement includes nopal as it has more fiber than other foods, which can help remove stored fat from your cells and ultimately lead you to experience a better fat-burning process. 

However, the data is not all there and including nopal in a dietary supplement might not be as effective, especially considering that the actual fiber is more effective in food form. 

Additionally, PhenQ does not use a standardized nopal compound, so it is difficult to assess its purity/quality. Not to mention the recommended dosing of nopal is 500-650mg per day whereas PhenQ contains 20mg. Not even 10% of the recommended dose.


Capsicum is a compound in chili peppers that gives them their unique spicy flavor. This active compound is credited with health benefits, including helping you lose fat by improving your metabolism. Capsaicin in capsicum can also act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory part of a healthy diet. 

PhenQ does not use a standardized capsicum extract, so there is no way to determine quality and purity. Common doses for capsaicin are 30-120mg, but not 8mg in PhenQ.

Piperine Extract

Piperine is the active compound found in black pepper. It is included in nearly every type of supplement on the market. This ingredient has been shown to enhance the absorption of nutrients called bioflavonoids.

By increasing absorption, companies can improve the efficacy of their products. However, very few people talk about the drawback of piperine’s use in supplements. While piperine increases the absorption of other nutrients, it can also affect blood clotting and can have a burning aftertaste. 



Our PhenQ review would not be complete if we did not go over the benefits of this weight loss supplement. Use this to compare this product with other weight loss supplements on the market. 

Helps Burn Body Fat 

The website claims that PhenQ will speed up the fat-burning process thanks to the ingredients in this weight loss supplement that boost your metabolism.

If you lose fat, you will also end up losing weight. As always, you have to accompany your dietary supplement with a healthy diet for the fat-burning process to be effective. 

Suppresses Your Appetite

Some of the ingredients in PhenQ do affect metabolism. Any fluctuation in metabolism can impact cravings and appetite, which leads to further weight loss. 

PhenQ weight loss pills include ingredients that most weight loss supplements do not with the idea of promoting a lower calorie intake and aiding in your weight loss journey. 

Blocks Fat Production

From what we have seen, none of the ingredients found in PhenQ directly slow down fat production. However, they might influence or slow fat production by impacting blood sugar.

Improves Mood and Energy Levels

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. As a result, caffeine users often report feeling more energized. Some users may also note a shift in their mood.

The idea of this supplement and other weight loss pills is that by giving you a boost of energy, you will burn fat and lose weight in the end. 

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Does PhenQ Work?

In terms of ingredients, quality, and dosing PhenQ leaves much to be desired. Very few, if any people, will notice any significant effects other than a caffeine rush and/or tingly skin from the niacin.

While some people claim that this supplement helped their weight loss journey, the true benefits might be seen in lifestyle changes by those really trying to lose weight. 

Claims vs. Reality


From what we have seen, PhenQ falls short in every claim they make. The poor formulation and ingredient quality make this product nothing more than an expensive plastic bottle.

We have not seen enough research that helps sustain the idea that PhenQ will help you lose weight. They do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes us think they trust their own formulation.

According to the reviews on their official website, people taking PhenQ are losing weight while also experiencing a fat burner effect. Still, we think this PhenQ supplement is best when accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle, as it truly does not have any weight loss benefits on its own. 

Who Is PhenQ Best For?

We have a hard time recommending PhenQ to anyone, but it is a safe supplement for adults. Since there is not enough data, we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 years old try this. 

If you happen to be pregnant or lactating, PhenQ pills are not safe for you. If you still have questions regarding this weight loss supplement, we recommend you ask your healthcare provider before you buy it. 

Safety And Side-Effects

Since this weight loss pill contains caffeine, it is not safe for everyone. Those with heart conditions should stay away from this pill.

Individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses should also check in with their doctor or healthcare provider before taking this product. 

We do not see major side effects from PhenQ, but some people might experience a racing heart from caffeine, insomnia, stomach ache, and acid reflux. 


Where To Buy Phenq

You can visit the company’s website to order PhenQ directly. The packages include one bottle for $69.95 + any shipping, 2 bottles + 1 free for $139.99 plus shipping, or 3 bottles + 2 free for $209.99 plus shipping. 

If you are not sure about this product, you might be inclined to try it thanks to their 60-day money-back guarantee. All you have to do is return the unused portion of the product within 67 days of your purchase. 

PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

PhenQ Review: Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a magic weight loss process, then you will not find it here. PhenQ does not offer any real science to make us think it will end with your stored fat, reduce the size of your fat cells, improve your mood and energy levels, or have other health benefits. 

As happens with most diet pills, the real effects are seen for those that put time and effort into their lifestyle, including diet and physical activity. For powerful weight loss pills, we need to see much more research and supporting evidence, but you can certainly use this product to boost your weight loss efforts. 

Be sure to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product but would still want to see results for yourself. 

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