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By Leslie Waterson

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Everyone knows that the hardest part of getting fit is maintain motivation when you’re just starting out. Before you build up enough muscle to do heavier exercises, it can be depressing to struggle to achieve even basic abdomen tone.

Ab-toning belts are one possible solution. They stimulate your ab muscles over time to slowly build them up through passive contractions. It’s easy to wear the belt and do other things while getting your workout on. How do the Slendertone Connect Abs compare to others?

Overview: What is Slendertone Connect Abs?

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The Slendertone Connect Abs is a belt that uses muscle-stimulating tech to tone your abdominal region and burn away fat over time. It’s driven by an app on a smart device, so it’s easy to control and adjust compared to earlier belt models.

Advantages and Benefits of Slendertone Connect Abs

  • Improves ab strength without much effort
  • Can bolster ab growth results from workouts
  • Can improve confidence
  • Prevents ab muscles from atrophying


  • Can cause stomachaches if you’re not sued to ab workouts
  • Can feel uncomfortable if you become sweaty

Who is the Manufacturer Behind Slendertone Connect Abs?

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The Connect Abs and all other Slendertone belts are made by a medical specialist equipment company in Ireland called Bio-Medical Research Ltd, or BMR. They’ve been making ab-toning belts for quite some time and sell them in the USA and Europe as well as Japan and Australia.

While they sell similar supplementary devices, they also spend a lot of time on medical research and development. They’re much more focused on improving the lives of medical patients than many other supplement manufacturers. This is great for peace of mind; trusting in the belt is easier if you know that its makers aren’t just out to make a quick buck.

What is the Design of Slendertone Connect Abs?

The belt is designed to fit many body types, even as the size of your abs changes. The size variances of the belt normally rest between 24 and 42 inches wide, although an extra extension is available for purchase on the Slendertone site. This extension increases the overall width by 7-9 inches.

Parts included with Slendertone belt include:

  • The ab-toning belt with gel pads, which can be replaced later
  • A rechargeable belt controller at the front
  • USB charging cable for the controller
  • Proprietary application for iOS 8.0 or later

The app is downloaded from the Apple store. The belt connects to the app by switching the controller on at the front. This controller also has physical controls for most of the settings in the app in case your phone is too far away.

The gel pads and belt as a whole are comfortable enough, although it can quickly become itchy if you sweat. The belt soaks up heat relatively quickly. The biomedical tested fabric is easy to wash with warm water, however, which is a nice bonus.

How Does Slendertone Connect Abs Work?

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All ab belts work the same basic way: by sending an electrical signal from the belt to the muscles of your abdomen. This light signal causes your muscles to contract slightly, theoretically toning them over time without any conscious effort on your part.

The Connect Abs works like this, but with the inclusion of an app that requires a smart device with iOS of 8.0 or later. The belt has a few gel pads placed along the belt’s inside. These pads send the electrical signal through your entire abdominal area, so you’ll likely feel (and see) results all along your torso. The contractions you’ll experience are gentle and rhythmic.

Through the app, you can plan your own workouts and track your progress over time. This can help with motivation since you can see exactly how you’re improving or burning calories at any point by checking your phone.

You can also use five main programs: Essential Toning, Upcoming Event, Advanced Toning, Fitness, and Post Natal. These programs last for 6 weeks and provide exercise guidelines for new belt users. Each week contains five sessions, most of which are around a half-hour in length. 

As you can imagine from their names, each program is designed for a different goal or body type. You can also control the intensity level of the belt from 0 to 100.

Safety and Side Effects

The Slendertone Connect Abs has been deemed safe by the FDA. Specifically, it’s a Class II Medical Device due to its use for patients who have lost their abdominal strength and can’t safely perform other exercises. This means that the belt has been cleared for use by the public and has been constructed to ensure no electrical danger is present if used properly.

Generally, the only side-effects you can expect from consistent use of the Slendertone Connect Abs is some soreness in your torso region, particularly if you haven’t worked out beforehand. Your muscles will eventually become used to the strain and will end up feeling stronger overall after some time.

It’s not recommended that you use the Slendertone Connect Abs right after eating. Stimulating the core region could lead to a stomachache or vomiting, just as doing regular abs exercises might.

Where to Buy and Cost

You can get the Slendertone Connect Abs from the Slendertone website, as well as Amazon. Furthermore, you can find replacement gel packs for the belt (as they eventually become flat or don’t conduct charge as well as before).

The belt costs $199.99 without any additional gel pads or the size extension. 

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Slendertone Connect Abs: Is It Worth It?


Like with many exercise supplements and devices, you get out of the Slendertone Connect Abs what you put into it. It’s not a magical belt that will give you a six-pack if you wear it while you lounge on the couch all day, eating ice cream. But if you combine the belt with a good workout routine and healthy eating, you’ll be able to see better and faster abdominal results than you would otherwise.

In particular, it can be a great help if your abdominal muscles have atrophied or if you never built up much, to begin with. This belt can help you slowly build up abdominal strength through consistent contractions, allowing you to perform greater exercises in the future.

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