Pro-Forta Men Review – Is This Gundry MD Supplement Worth Using?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Pro-Forta Men

Men, I get it. You want to be the strongest version of yourselves all of the time. But as you get older, there are certain problems that just become more likely to happen, even if you practice a superb diet and lifestyle.

Supplement companies have definitely taken note of this process, too, as there are many supplements out there designed to keep men healthy into old age. One such product that has the supplement market buzzing is called Pro-Forta Men. 

This Gundry MD supplement is designed to provide complete prostate support, while also promoting better mental energy and preserving muscle mass. Does it really do all it claims to, though? That’s what we’ll find out in this thorough Pro-Forta Men review. So, let’s dive right in and find out if this supplement is worth using!

Pro-Forta Men Supplement

About Pro-Forta Men

Pro-Forta Men is an all-around men’s health formula created by Gundry MD and its founder Dr. Steven Gundry. It uses clinically-researched ingredients that are supposed to help mitigate many problems that can occur in aging men. Prostate health is Pro-Forta Men’s primary proposed benefit, but it goes beyond this. 

Pro-Forta Men Benefits

Specifically, Pro-Forta Men is supposed to improve prostate health, increase mental energy, and reduce muscle aches and soreness, in addition to preserving muscle mass.

Prostate Health

There are a few herbs in Pro-Forta Men designed specifically for men’s health, especially prostate health, such as saw palmetto and nettle root. Relatedly, Pro-Forta Men is designed to slow the enlargement of the prostate gland and promote regular bathroom habits, so you don’t have to go so often and can experience less discomfort.

Mental Energy

Another claimed benefit of Pro-Forta Men is that it will improve mental energy and decrease fatigue. No more afternoon (or even mid-morning) slumps! 

Muscular Benefits

Thirdly, men are to expect a reduction in muscle soreness as well as general aches and pains when taking Pro-Forta Men. They also say it may help promote the maintenance of lean body mass. 

Alright, so we know the rundown of what’s expected. Now, let’s see if Pro-Forta Men can stand by these claims. 

Pro-Forta Men Ingredients

Below is what the line-up looks like for the ingredients in Pro-Forta Men:

(Note: Amounts are based on the serving size, which is two capsules)

  • Vitamin B6 (20mg)
  • Zinc (15mg)
  • Proprietary Blend (533mg), which contains:
    • Saw Palmetto Extract
    • Nettle Root Extract 4:1
    • Di Indole Methane (DIM)
  • Phytosterols from Glycine max L.
  • Lycopene
Pro-Forta Men Supplement Facts

Vitamin B6

Up first is vitamin B6. And they included a whopping 1,000% of the daily value of it in here. Vitamin B6, like all B-complex vitamins, is very important for energy production; it is heavily involved in metabolism and helps you turn the food you eat into usable energy. It also is involved in neurotransmitter production and oxygen transport. 

A deficiency in vitamin B6 is often associated with fatigue, weakness, tiredness, irritability, and cognitive decline. And supplementation with B-vitamins at doses well beyond the RDA is seen as necessary for optimal health, up to 100mg per day. 


Next up in Pro-Forta Men is zinc, which is a trace mineral that we all need. Zinc has many important functions, such as immune system support, metabolism function, and wound healing. Related to aging males specifically, zinc is necessary for overall hormonal support, including testosterone. 

Zinc deficiency is tightly associated with low testosterone (hypogonadism). And zinc is heavily involved in the production of testosterone and other hormones. Relatedly, zinc supplementation can increase testosterone levels back to normal, and it can also improve immune system functioning. Doses of 15 to 40mg are usually the most effective. 

Proprietary Blend

Pro-Forta Men also has its own Proprietary Blend, which includes saw palmetto extract, nettle root extract, DIM, phytosterols (beta-sitosterol) from Glycine max. L (soybean plant), and lycopene. 

Research shows that all of these ingredients are pretty similar, and they are effective ways to improve prostate health and may be effective for the treatment of clinical conditions, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer. 

All of these ingredients in some way help slow the rate of prostate cancer cell progression. They also inhibit prostate cell proliferation in general and increase prostate cell death which helps to slow the enlargement of this gland. And an enlarged prostate gland is the core feature of BPH, which often results in urinary difficulties.

Saw palmetto and stinging nettle may also help control autonomic receptors in the urinary tract, which can help with urological issues. They both also can exert effects on hormones, such as decreasing SHBG and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which may help men with low testosterone. 

Lastly, all of these ingredients offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and overall health-promoting effects. And research shows that BPH improves the most when these substances are combined together rather than alone.

Does Pro-Forta Men Work?

Pro-Forta Men will likely offer some benefits for aging men. Pro-Forta Men includes many ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver benefits for men. And the dosages of vitamin B6 and zinc should be effective based on the researched doses. 

Pro-Forta Men - source of Vitamin B6

All of the ingredients in the Proprietary Blend are shown to be effective, too, although there is some conflicting research for some of the ingredients (e.g., lycopene). Additionally, since it is a blend, it isn’t clear exactly how much of each ingredient is in there. However, since the ingredients work better together, I’m still confident that this blend will deliver at least some benefits. 

Claims vs. Reality

As a men’s health supplement, Pro-Forta Men is supposed to improve prostate health, increase mental energy, reduce muscle aches and pains, and preserve muscle mass. And based on the evidence out there, these effects should occur. 

Every ingredient in the Proprietary Blend is clinically proven to improve various aspects of prostate health. And the blend should also be effective for reducing BPH and prostate cancer risk. With BPH reduction, you should also experience some improvement in urination, including decreased pain and decreased frequency. 

Zinc, saw palmetto, and nettle may also increase testosterone levels and improve overall hormonal health.

You may get a boost in mental energy from vitamin B6, especially if you’re deficient. Even if you’re not deficient, vitamin B6 may improve your cognitive and overall mental functioning since very high doses are often needed for optimal results.

Finally, certain compounds may help to reduce aches and pains thanks to their anti-inflammatory, immune-supportive, and antioxidant effects. These include primarily zinc, saw palmetto, nettle, and other ingredients in the Proprietary Blend. Yet, I wouldn’t expect much of an effect (if any) related to muscle mass preservation. 

Who is Pro-Forta Men Best For?

After reading so far, I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to hear that Pro-Forta Men is best for middle-aged men and beyond, ideally those 50 and up. But men under this age can take it too as sort of a preventive measure.

Pro-Forta Men - Best for Middle-Age Men

Is Pro-Forta Men Safe?

Here are some of the main side effects to consider when supplementing with Pro-Forta Men:

  • Stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, vomiting, and loss of appetite
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Skin Rash

Where to Buy Pro-Forta Men

You can get your hands on Pro-Forta Men by going to the official Gundry MD website here.

Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men Website

Pro-Forta Men is available for purchase in three sizes with a reduction in price per serving as you buy higher amounts of the product. Below, we will detail the pricing and savings.

Pro-Forta Men Pricing:

Each bottle contains 30 servings, so you’ll pay anywhere from about $1.45 to $1.70 per serving, which is a pretty normal price for a product of this sort.

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Additionally, Gundry MD does offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, so there isn’t much reason to not give Pro-Forta Men a try.

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