Theragun G3Pro Review – Is It Worth The Purchase?

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Myofascial release has become a hot topic with amateur athletes in recent years. Foam rollers and massage balls have found their way into gyms and homes across the country. Myofascial release is an effective therapy, but it can be slow to work. After a long workout, the last thing you want to do is to spend another half hour with the foam roller working out soreness.

Home massagers are well-known for working out kinks in muscles, too. They don’t have the punch to deliver release from the tightest knots. As with foam rollers, it can take a long time and a lot of work for a personal massager to really dig into the worst knots. Is there a better way to fix your deep muscle knots?

The Theragun G3Pro is a new deep-muscle massager meant to fix these problems. Does it really make a difference? Can it provide myofascial release faster than a foam roller? How is it different from other personal massagers? Let’s dig into the details to find out.

Theragun G3Pro Products

Overview: What is the Theragun G3Pro

Compared to most massagers, the Theragun G3Pro moves slower and deeper. Instead of vibrating, it pulses the massager head back and forth. The head oscillates at either 29 or 40 cycles per second. That seems pretty fast, but it’s slow enough that you can see the motion. It also moves much farther than most massagers – 16mm, or about two-thirds of an inch.

The deep stroke of the Theragun G3Pro lets the massage penetrate deep into your muscles. Like massage balls and foam rollers, it goes beyond the top layer of tissue to stimulate the deepest layers of muscle. Unlike static tools, it applies and releases pressure quickly to provide faster release.

Theragun G3Pro Overview


  • Pulses work deep to release knots
  • Speeds are calibrated for maximum results
  • Variety of heads for ideal massage on any muscle
  • Variable head angle makes it easy to reach any part of your body


  • Price – at almost $600, this is an expensive machine
  • Theraguns can be loud. The company has worked on the sound, but they are still loud
  • Some people find deep-tissue stimulation to be uncomfortable

About Theragun G3Pro

Theragun is a small company that only makes percussive therapy devices. They have three models; the Theragun G3Pro is their top-of-the-line tool. The company was founded by a chiropractor. He developed the first Theragun to treat himself after a motorcycle accident. Theragun is focused on selling percussive therapy devices to help people treat chronic muscle pain. 

Who makes Theragun G3Pro

How does Theragun G3Pro work?

If you haven’t heard, myofascial release is a form of massage that aims to release tension in the fascia, which is the tissue that wraps muscles up into bundles. When the fascia gets tight, muscles knot up and feel sore. Myofascial release usually takes lots of pressure. That’s why people use hard Styrofoam rollers, hard lacrosse balls, and similar items for the massages. It takes force to get deep and break up muscle tension.

High-level athletes were the first to embrace myofascial release. It is a great way to relieve soreness and improve range of motion. When you push your muscles to the limit day after day, tension builds up. Pro athletes swear by the practice. The first customers for Theragun were pro football players. 

People with chronic muscle pain also love myofascial release. When you have a condition or an old injury that causes constant nagging pain, the myofascial release makes a big difference. Foam rollers and hard balls are the name of the game here, too. 

Theragun G3Pro replaces the hard objects with a foam head that pulses back and forth. It moves enough to provide substantial pressure on the knotted muscle, then releases quickly. You can push the tissue hard with the Theragun, too. It works at up to sixty pounds of pressure. 

How does Theragun G3Pro work

Impacts Of Theragun G3Pro

By using the high-speed, high range of motion head, the Theragun G3Pro works much faster than standard myofascial release techniques. You can work out the kinks and knots in less time. If you already perform myofascial release on yourself, you will love the increased speed of the Theragun G3Pro.


Massage and myofascial release are generally considered safe. You should be careful using the Theragun if you are pregnant or taking blood thinners, though. 

Where to Buy TheraGun G3Pro

You can buy the Theragun G3Pro directly from Theragun at their website, or purchase it on Amazon. The list price is $599 at either site.

Theragun G3Pro Website

Is Theragun G3Pro Worth the Purchase?

When you are looking at a $600 massager, this is the big question. You will have to answer it for yourself. It is an extremely useful tool. If you spend a lot of time on myofascial release, the Theragun G3Pro will save you time. This device should be on the wishlist of:

  • Serious athletes who need relief regularly
  • People with chronic injuries that require myofascial release
  • Trainers and physical therapists who would like to accomplish myofascial release for clients
  • Anyone else who feels like they spend too much time on a foam roller.

It is probably not worth the money if you are just an occasional foam roller (check out our Chirp Wheel review for another option). Spending ten minutes a week on the roller doesn’t justify the high cost of this tool. 

It’s also worth noting that massage guns have come down in price, and you can get a quality massage gun like the truMedic massage gun or Reathlete massage gun for $300 or less.

Is Theragun G3Pro worth the money

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