NutraChamps Tribulus Review – Is This Supplement Worth The Price?

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By Scot Mills

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NutraChamps Tribulus Review

As a nutritional supplement company that’s committed to helping you throughout your journey to optimum health, NutraChamps believes in quality, trust, and community as their driving forces. They use safe, naturally-sourced ingredients, and only what’s best according to nature and science. 

So, how does NutraChamps’ T-boosting wonder-weed, Tribulus, stack up? They claim Tribulus will rev up your performance in the gym, office, bedroom, and beyond. Let’s find out if this supplement can truly live up to all the hype in this complete NutraChamps Tribulus review.

Ready to learn more and see if this supplement is worth the price? Let’s get started!

About NutraChamps Tribulus

NutraChamps Tribulus is an energy, performance, and vitality supplement from NutraChamps, the same producers as Liver Cleanse and a variety of other supplements. They aim to provide supplements you can trust with high-quality ingredients, with Tribulus being no exception.

NutraChamps Tribulus

Whether you call it puncture vine, goat head, or just a pain-in-the-innertubes to ride your bike through, there’s a rumor that Tribulus can also boost your testosterone levels. It’s a common weed found growing in many regions, including its native Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and you may have pulled a few of its nasty thorns from your bare feet or bike tires on a summer day.

But NutraChamps doesn’t just rely on sticker weeds to help you perform at your best in the gym and bedroom; they also add maca to ensure your libido, energy, and strength get some OOMPH!

And arguably—and despite the product’s main “active” ingredient being Tribulus—it’s the maca that may have the greatest effect for the purpose. 

NutraChamps Tribulus Benefits

Enhances Power, Pumps, & Performance

Okay, so the claim is that Tribulus enhances testosterone production, which in turn results in greater power, pumps, and performance. The bummer is that there is virtually NO scientific evidence of this being true, other than the possibility of a placebo effect.

But this doesn’t mean that the product isn’t effective, since studies do show some potential when it’s mixed with other compounds, which in this case would be maca root. 

And unlike Tribulus, there is at least some evidence that maca has a positive effect on stamina, energy, and endurance. 

Tribulus Benefits - Enhances Power, Pumps, & Performance

Boosts Testosterone Levels 

Though there is little to no evidence of Tribulus boosting testosterone in humans, there is evidence that maca can regulate hormones and decrease cortisol levels. In fact, despite being a cruciferous vegetable like cabbage or kale, maca works as an adaptogen to regulate your adrenal hormones.

And, since cortisol is the nemesis of androgens in your system, less cortisol means more man hormones! 

Supports Heart & Kidney Health

Though there is virtually no evidence that Tribulus boosts testosterone, what there is evidence of is its positive effects on kidney and heart health. This includes studies showing that it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as signs it can decrease the functional disturbances of the kidneys along with relieving oxidative stress and cellular damage in them. 

In other words, just because Tribulus doesn’t work as the makers of this product intended, it nonetheless has health benefits. 

NutraChamps Tribulus Ingredients

NutraChamps Tribulus’ ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Maca Root, and Black Pepper Extract. We will take a closer look at each of these ingredients below.

NutraChamps Tribulus - Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 1600 mg

Sure, we’d all love it if this were the miraculous wonder weed that can induce testosterone production in everything it touches, though it’s not. 

But what it does do is protect your cardiovascular health, your kidney health, and reduce the effects of oxidative stress. This, in turn, can also help you keep the pounds off, lower your cortisol production, and…could it be? Make way for the extra testosterone those extra pounds and cortisol were preventing you from having. 

No, this won’t cause androgens to ooze from your pores and you to warm up for the gym by tearing phone books in half, though it will help you manage an overall healthy hormone supply while lowering your risk for many chronic diseases. 

And when you consider that steroids do the opposite of all that, perhaps sticking to natural things is best despite their inability to grow hair on your knuckles. 

Maca Root 400 mg

While the product has Tribulus’ name on it, maca is really the active ingredient for the purpose, since there actually is evidence maca can boost your energy, stamina, and bedroom performance. 

That’s because it’s an adaptogen that, like other adaptogens, works by balancing your adrenal hormones so that stress hormones, estrogen, and other chemicals that get in the way of your optimum androgen supply take a back seat. This allows your body to produce the most testosterone it can for your makeup and age, though no more. 

Maca and Maca supplements, such as Epic Protein Chocolate Maca, are becoming more and more popular due to these many benefits. Plus, are you ready to get your head out of the fog and feel great about the day? Maca has been shown to reduce brain fog and improve mental outlook, all of which makes you happier, more productive, and ever-ready to hit the gym.

Black Pepper Extract 5 mg

Though it does provide some antioxidant and possible thermogenic support, the main reason black pepper extract is here is to help you absorb Tribulus’ ingredients more efficiently. 

And helping you absorb nutrients is something black pepper extract—aka piperine–does quite well, which is why you see it in so many quality supplements. 

Does NutraChamps Tribulus Work?

While Tribulus won’t necessarily boost your testosterone levels, it can keep them healthy along with giving you stamina, energy, and focus in the gym and the bedroom. 

And again, you can more credit the maca root in the product for this than you can the product’s namesake, which does have benefits—just not in producing more testosterone in humans. 

Who is NutraChamps Best For?

The good news about this product only sorta’ working is that it’s also rather safe. In fact, Nutra Champs doesn’t even put the usual “18-and-over only, no pregnant or nursing women, and check with your doctor if you’re on meds” warning on the bottle. 

NutraChamps Tribulus - Extra Strength

Plus, the product is free of synthetic stuff, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so that even if you do have a rare allergic reaction to any of Tribulus’ ingredients, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Claims vs. Reality

Okay, so while Tribulus itself may not directly boost androgens—at least, not that’s been proven in humans—this product can successfully boost your mood, power, endurance, and sex drive. 

And again, this has as much to do with maca’s contribution to the formula as anything else, and the combination of the two ingredients may also work well in unison to boost pumps, power, and stamina. 

Is NutraChamps Tribulus Safe?

With no precursors, weird animal glands, or other sketchy ingredients, Tribulus is one of the safer testosterone “boosters” out there. It has no safety warnings on the bottle, though as always, it’s a good idea to see your doctor first if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications. 

And of course, if you are sensitive or allergic to any of Tribulus’ ingredients, Nutra Champs offers a generous 100% money-back guarantee with no apparent time limit. 

Where to Buy NutraChamps Tribulus

NutraChamps Tribulus can be purchased directly from the official NutraChamps website here. NutraChamps offers multiple pricing and size options, which we will detail below.

NutraChamps Tribulus One-Time Purchase Pricing:

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Additionally, NutraChamps also offers a subscribe and save option. We will list the pricing for the subscription options below.

NutraChamps Tribulus Subscribe & Save Pricing:

NutraChamps Tribulus Website

It is worth noting that, interestingly, a one-time purchase of 6 bottles seems to be the best deal. Whatever you choose, there are savings available if you want to give NutraChamps Tribulus a go!

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